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1.He has________ friends than I. A. much more B. many more C. very more D. too more 2. Which is the _________ country, Japan or Australia? A. more developed B. more developing C. most developed D. most developing 3. There were _______ shops in the city in 1982 than in 1990. A. little B. few C. fewer D. less 4. If you are not free today, come another day __________. A. too B. so C. instead D. yet 5. The Huang River is the second __________ river in our country. A. long B. longer C. longest D. the longest 6. How beautifully she sings! I have never heard _______ voice. A. the best B. a best C. the better D. a better 7.Shanghai is larger than ____ city in New Zealand. A. any other B. other C. all other D. any 8. Which is ____, the moon or the earth? A. big B. bigger C. biggest D. the biggest 9.—Junk food is bad for your health. —Yes,the ____you eat,the healthier you will be. A.little B.few C.less D.more .同义句转换。 1) Japanese is not so popular as English. Japanese is ______ popular _______ English. 2) Jim runs faster than any other student in his class. Jim runs ______ _______ all the students in his class. ______ runs ________ than Jim in his class. _____ runs ____ fast ___ Jim in his class. 3)He has more story-books than I. I haven't ________ many story-books _______ he.

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