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Unit12 短语

1.做我的作业 do my homework 2.去电影院 go to the cinema 3.去划船 go boating

4.在湖边野营 camp by the lake 5.去海滩 go to the beach 6.打羽毛球 play badminton

7.为数学考试而学习 study for the math test 8.喂羊 feed sheep 9.一支羊 a sheep 10. 两只羊 two sheep

11. 做某工作 work as + a 职业 12. 我在自然历史博物馆里做导游的工作。

I worked as a guide at the Natural History Museum. 13. 多么有趣啊! How interesting!

14. How + 形容词或副词 + (主语 + 谓语)! 15. 那本书太有趣了!How interesting the book is!

16. 熬夜;深夜不眠 stay up late 17. 不要熬夜,这对你的健康不好。 Don’t stay up late. It’s bad for your health. 18. 生活习惯 living habits 19. 告诉某人某事 tell sb about sth 20. 蝴蝶的房子 butterfly house

21. mouse 意为“老鼠”,复数形式为“mice”。


They saw two mice. 22. language 意为“语言”,是可数名词。 英语、汉语、法语是三种不同的语言。

English, Chinese and French are three different languages. 23. shout at 大声喊叫;后面要跟人或事物 不要朝孩子们大声喊叫。Don’t shout at the children 24.老鼠的一家a family of mice 25.跟某人一起 go with sb 26.跟某人一起玩 play with sb


27.丢失 lose 过去式 lost 28.对…大声喊叫 shout to 29.冲…大声叫嚷 shout at 30.放风筝 fly a kite 31.中学high school 32.举起put up 33.吃惊get a surprise 34.上上下下 up and down 35.把…弄醒 wake up 36.跑开 run away 37.互相 each other 38.入睡 go to sleep 39.向…外看 look out of… 40.移进… move into…. 41.生火 make a fire

42.如此…以至于… so …that 43.第二天早上 the next morning

44.我很开心! I have so much fun! 45.做…很重要 it’s important to do sth 46.到…上面 onto

爬上他父亲的背climb onto his father’s back 47.到…里面 into 搬进森林里面move into the forest 48.两个星期前two weeks ago

49. 200多种蝴蝶 over 200 kinds of butterflies 1.上个周末你做什么了?

What did you do last weekend?

2.我做了我的家庭作业。I did my homework. 3.我们去划船了。We went boating.

4.谁去探望了她的奶奶? Who visited her grandma? 是蓓基?Becky did.

5.上个周末她去了哪里?Where did she go last weekend? 6. 她去了农场。She went to the farm. 7. 她和谁一起去的?Who did she go with?

8. 她和她的同学们一起去的。She went with her classmates. 2


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