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( )1. Peter doesn’t like apples, chicken ______ mutton. A. and B. with C. or D. Of ( )2.—Is there a library near here? —Yes, ______. A. here is

B. they are

C. it is

D. there is

( )3. I don’t know your English teacher. Is she short or _____? A. cute

B. thin

C. tall

D. Fat

( )4. We need ______onion and two tomatoes for dinner. A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 ( )5.— ____is the pay phone? —It’s next to the post office. A. When

B. Who

C. Where

D. Why

( )6.The library is______the post office and the supermarket. A. among

B. between

C. on D. Across

( )7. —Do you know the girl over there?—Yes. She always _____a pair of glasses. A. put on

B. wear

C. puts on

D. wears

( )8.John is a new student from Hong Kong.Nobody _____him. A. knows

B. know

C.knowing D. to know

( )9.We all like listening to music and_____games. A. playing

B. play

C. to play

D. Plays

( )10.—What ______ bowl of noodles would you like? — Large, please. A. price B. kind C. size D. Color

( )11..She is good-looking _____long black hair. She is _____ a red dress. A. has; has B. with; on

C.has; wears D. with; wearing

( )12.I don’t like the shirt. Please give me_____. A. other

B. the other

C. another D. One

( )13.— May I have your order?— ______.

A. No, you can’t B. Have a good time C. You, too D. I’d like some rice, please ( )14. — ______? — Beef noodles.

A. How much are the beef noodles D. What size would you like B. How about beef noodles C. What kind of noodles would you like

( )15. — Would you like some dumplings? — ______.

A. Yes, please B. It’s interesting C. You’re welcome D.No problem


Mr. White works in a middle school. He 16 English. He is friendly to his and they also like him. He spends time on his work. He often does some reading and writing. When he’s , he is also very busy. So he can’t help his wife do any 20 .The woman is always angry with him.

It’s Saturday. Their daughter Kate is 21 her homework in her bedroom. Mrs. White finds her is out. She hopes her daughter will say she’s than her husband. She gives an apple to Kate and asks,“ 24 is cleverer, your father or I?” Can you guess what the girl’s 25 is?

“I’m the cleverest in our family!”Kate says without thinking. ( )16. A. studies B. watches C. teaches D. reads ( )17. A. friends B. students C. workers D. drivers ( )18. A. many

B. little

C. some

D. much

( )19. A. at home B. at work C. in bed D.in the classroom

( )20. A. washing B. cooking C. cleaning D. housework ( )21. A. making B. doing

C. finding D. looking

( )22. A. mother B. brother C. husband D. teacher ( )23. A. good B. better

C. bad

D. worse ( )24. A. Who B. Whose C. Why D. What

( )25. A. play

B. sing

C. answer D. Think

三、阅读理解(每小题2分,共40分) (A)

Carmen is a twelve?year?old girl. She has a sister and her name is Kara. Kara is ten years old.

Tonight, Carmen and Kara want to make dinner for the family.

They want to make pizza because all their family like it. They need to buy the ingredients (原料) for the pizza. So, their dad drives them to the supermarket.

When they get to the supermarket, Carmen and Kara look for the ingredients. Soon they get all of them and go to pay for them. They are 30 dollars. They put the ingredients in the car. Their dad drives them home.

When they get home, Carmen and Kara take the ingredients out of the car. They take them to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, they clean the vegetables. Then, they cut the vegetables. Next, they take out the crust (面包皮). They put the ingredients on top of the crust. Finally they put the pizza in the oven (烤箱).

They take the pizza out of the oven in thirty minutes. “The pizza smells good!” says their mother. “We think so!” say Carmen and Kara.

The family are happy, and they eat the pizza for dinner. 根据材料内容判断正(T)误(F)。 ( )26. Carmen and Kara are the same age.

( )27. Carmen and Kara like eating pizza, but their parents don’t. ( )28. Carmen and Kara go to the supermarket by bus.

( )29. Carmen and Kara pay 30 dollars for the ingredients for the pizza. ( )30. Carmen and Kara cook the pizza for half an hour in the oven. (B)


( )31.Walk up the street and turn left at the first crossing. Then turn left again at the next crossing. The_____is a few meters on your left. A. bank

B. college

C. post office

D. shop

( )32. Walk up the street only a few meters. Take the first turning on the right. The _____is on your left. A. post office B. bank

C. house

D. restaurant

( )33. Walk up the street and take the second turning on the right. The_____is on your right half-way down this street. A. cinema

B. bus stop

C. mosque house

D. chemist’s

( )34. Take the first turning on the right. Then take the next left and walk up the street. The_____is on the right just after the second crossing. A. house

B. bank C. butcher’s

D. cinema

( )35. Turn right first. Then turn left. Walk up this street and turn left at the third crossing. The_____is half-way down the street on the left. A. shop

B. bank

C. cinema

D. House

(C) Mrs. Brown is very fat (胖).

“Don’t eat meat or cakes,”her doctor says to her.

“I’m going to stop her eating them, doctor,” her husband (丈夫) says.

The next morning, Mrs. Brown makes a nice cake, and her husband eats half of it. After he goes out, Mrs. Brown cuts (切) a very small piece of the cake and eats it. It is very good. She cuts a bigger piece and eats it. In a few minutes she finishes the cake.“My husband is going to be very angry (生气),”she says.“What am I going to do?” She makes another cake very quickly, eats half of that, and leaves half on the table. Her husband comes back later. He sees the half of the cake on the table and he is very happy.

( )36. The doctor tells Mrs. Brown not to eat meat or cakes because_____. A. Mrs. Brown likes them B. meat and cakes can make her fatter C. Mr. Brown tells the doctor to say so D. meat and cakes are not good food

( )37. The next morning Mrs. Brown makes a cake for_____. A. her husband B. her children

C. her sister

D. the doctor

38. Mr. Brown eats_____that morning.

A. one cake B. half cakes C. half a cake D.

many cakes

( )39. Mrs. Brown makes another cake because_____. A. she is good at making cakes B. her husband likes cakes

C. she wants to eat more cakes

D. if her husband knows she eats the half of the cake, he will be angry ( )40. Why is Mr. Brown very happy when he sees the half of the cake

on the table? Because_____.

A. he is angry B. he thinks Mrs. Brown begins to stop eating cakes

C. Mrs. Brown likes cakes very much D. the cake is nice and delicious

(D) My sister,Luisa,is twenty years old.She is a singer at a TV station.She is tall and thin.She has long curly brown hair and she wears glasses.My brother's name is Antonio.He's twelve years old.He studies in YuCai Middle School.He's short and of medium build.He has short straight blonde hair.My father's name is Mario.He is forty-three years old.He is a captain of a tennis team.He's of medium height and he's kind of heavy.He has short black hair and he has a beard(胡子). 41. How old is Lisa ?

_______________________________________________________ 42. What does Lisa look like ?

_______________________________________________________ 43. Where is Antonio study ?


44. Who is Mario ?

_______________________________________________________ 45. Does Mario have short black hair ?

_______________________________________________________ 四、写作技能。(共三部分,满分30分) 完成对话。(每小题2分,共10分)

Henry:Sam,I want to go out to play basketball.Would you like to go with me? Sam:46.____Just wait for one minute.(But Henry opens the door,he stops.) Sam:What's the matter?

Henry:47.____How can we play basketball in the rain? Sam:Right.48.____

Henry:Going to the movies?But we still need to go out. Sam:Then49.____

Henry:I think the TV show is so boring.Let's cook a nice meal at home.There is a lot of food in the fridge. Sam:50.____Let's begin.

A . What about going to the movies? B.That sounds good.

C.Yes,I'd love to. D.No,I don't want to go out. E.It is sunny today! F.It is raining. G.what about watching TV at home? 翻译语篇。(每小题2分,共10分)

this job is sometimes difficult. (52).Many people don't always see things the same way so they may describe the same person difficultly.also,they don't always remember well.“The criminal is of medium build and young. (53)他有着又长又直的棕色头发和大眼睛” says one woman.Another woman says,“He is tall and thin,and he has curly blond hair. (54)他大约三十岁.“(55) In the end,the real criminal is a short and heavy old man,and he has short black hair!

51._____________________________________________________________________ 52._____________________________________________________________________



55._____________________________________________________________________ 作文。(满分10分)



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