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从A、B、C、D四个选项中选择可以填入空白处的最佳答案。 ( ) 1. We learned a lot ______ animals in the zoo. A.in B. with C. about D. for ( )2. —______? —They went to summer camp.

A. When did they go camping B. Where were they camping C. What did they do on vacation D. Why did they go on vacation ( ) 3. I want to know ______ to make a model plane. A.who B. where C. what D. how ( )4. —______ did you go to Beijing? —By train. A. How B. When C. Where D. Why ( ) 5. I ______ a student last year but now I ______ a teacher. A. am; am B. was; am C. am; was D. was; was ( ) 6.Uncle Mike ______here two hours ago. A.came to




( ) 7. —Were you at home ______? —No, I weren’t. A.yesterday B. every day C. next Monday D. Now ( ) 8. They can’t see ______ in the dark.

A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing ( )9. ______ the evening of Sunday, she began to learn English. A.On




( )10. Who ______ this morning?

A.woke up him B.woke him up C.wakes up him D. wakes him up ( )11. Tomorrow is Sunday.What about ______? A.go shopping

B.going shopping C.going shoping D.go shop

( ) 12. —How was Tim’s trip? —______.

A. It is OK B. He was fine C. It was great D. He had a trip ( )13. —Did he visit the museum last Sunday? —______. He played the piano. A.Yes, he did . B. No, he didn’t . C.Yes, he does D. No, he doesn’t ( )14.The boy didn’t ______the book. A.find

B.look for C.found

D.looked for

( )15. My uncle worked _____a farmer on a farm two years ago. A. for B. of C. as D. with

( )16. Mother was ______ after work, so she went to sleep early. A. lazy B. tired C. lucky D. friendly ( )17. There are seven ______ in the picture.

A. sheep B. cow C. horse D. chicken ( )18. Look! A plane ______ in the sky.

A. flies B. flew C. flying D. is flying

( )19. —Where ____you yesterday morning? —I ______ at my uncle’s home. A. were; am B. are; am C. are; was D. were; was ( )20. We saw some people ______ in the park.

A. exercising B. exercises C. to exercise D. to exercising 二、完形填空(每小题1分,共10分)


Yesterday was Sunday. The 21 was hot. “Let’s go to the beach!” Dad said to Polly. Polly was very happy because she Polly went to the When they 29 there, they saw many people on the beach. Some people swam in the water “Let’s swim!” she said to Dad.

Polly and Dad were 31 and thirsty (口渴的) after swimming. They drank some water and had a rest. Mom bought them some ice?cream. “It is 32 ! Thank you, Mom,” said Polly. Then Polly 贝壳) on the beach. When it became dark, Polly and parents decided to leave. On their way home, they went to a and had dinner there. “Today is great!” said Polly. ( )21. A. dish B. food C. weather D. soup ( )22. A. sing B. draw C. dance D. swim ( )23 A. with B. to C. for D. of ( )24. A. got B. lived C. left D. started ( )25. A. or B. if C. and D. so ( )26. A. scared B. tired C. lucky D. special

( )27. A. terrible B. cheap C. delicious D. natural ( )28. A. picked B. bought C. grew D. killed ( )29. A. his B. their C. my D. her

( )30. A. bank B. restaurant C. library D. Museum 三、阅读理解(每小题2分,满分50分) (A) 阅读下面的文章判断正(T)误(F)

Miss Grey lived in a small house. She was old and did not like noise at all, so she was very pleased when her noisy neighbor moved out. A young man moved in and Miss Grey thought the man seemed to be quiet.

But at three o’clock the next morning, the noise of a dog woke her up. She thought she had never heard a dog there before. It must be the young man’s dog. So she telephoned the young man, said something bad about the dog and then hung up the telephone before he could answer. Nothing more happened until three o’clock the next morning. Then Miss Grey’s telephone rang, and when she answered, a voice said, “You telephoned me twenty-four hours ago. Now I’ve rung you up to say that I haven’t a dog.”

( )31. Miss Grey felt sorry when her noisy neighbour moved out. ( )32. Miss Grey’s new neighbour was as noisy as the old one. ( )33. Some noise woke her up in the early morning.

( )34. She thought the new neighbour had brought a dog with him.

( )35. The young man rang up Miss Grey in the early morning, because he wanted to punish her.

(B) Dear Diary,

I am an eleven-year-old boy.I am in Class 3,Grade 7.I like math very much. I went to the bookshop to buy a math book this afternoon. It was raining on my way to the bookshop. So I stopped.I ran to my school. My classmates were there,too. I was very happy. I saw my watch. It was a quarter past three. I wanted to play games. I played ping-pong with my classmates in school’s ping-pong room. At half past four,the rain stopped. I went to the bookshop. Zhang Xin

( )36.Zhang Xin wanted to buy_____book.

A.a Chinese B.a math C.an English D.a story ( )37.What was the weather like?

A.It was sunny. B.It was windy. C.It was snowy. D.It was rainy.

( )38.Zhang Xin went to_____because it rained. A.the post office B.his school C.his home D.the shop

( )39.It was_____when Zhang Xin got to the school.

A.a quarter to three B.a quarter past three C.half past three D.twenty past three ( )40.Zhang Xin played_____with his classmates. A.chess

B.football C.basketball



Robert went to visit his friends in Paris last weekend.His friends met him at the airport on Friday afternoon and drove him to the hotel.They ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant and went to see a film after that.

Robert and his friends set out early on Saturday morning for a farm and stayed there until Sunday morning.During their stay,they played football in the field and enjoyed a big meal around a camp fire(火),singing and dancing till late into the night.

Nobody could get up early on Sunday morning.So when they got back to Paris,it was about three o'clock in the afternoon.They drove quickly to the airport because Robert didn't want to miss his plane back home.Robert only stayed in Paris for two nights but he had a great time with his friends. ( )41.Where did Robert go last weekend?

A.New York. B.London. C.Paris. D.Beijing. ( )42.What did Robert and his friends do after dinner on Friday? A.They went for a drive. B.They played football. C.They went back to hotel. D.They saw a film. ( )43.What didn't they do on the farm?

A.They sang and danced. B.They played football.

C.They rode bikes. D.They enjoyed a big meal around a camp fire. ( )44.What time did they get back to Paris?

A.About 5:00 a.m. B.About 5:00 p.m. C.About 3:00 a.m. D.About 3:00 p.m. ( )45.How long did Robert stay in Paris?

A.two nights. B.Four days. C.One day. D.Two days. (D) How did they spend their vacation?

( )46.When Alan visited Singapore,he lived in ________. A.a hotel B.many places C.his uncle's house ( )47.“It was sunny most days.”means(意思是)“________”.

A.Sometimes it was sunny B.Sometimes it rained C.It was sunny every day ( )48.In Betty's eyes,Bali was ________.

A.great B.not good or bad C.awful ( )49.Perhaps(也许) Ben stayed in the city for ________ days. A.six B.seven C.eight ( )50.Ben thought his vacation was ________. A.relaxing B.expensive C.Terrible

(E) Lisa: Hi, what’s going on?

Peter: Hey, I’m just thinking about our school trip last week.

Lisa: It was a nice trip. We enjoyed it a lot. I hope we can go on a similar (类似的) trip next year.

Peter: I also hope so. It was so great. We visited so many places. Which place did you like best?

Lisa: The Science Museum, I have to say. It was excellent. There was so much to learn about. What about you?

Peter: I liked the beach best.

Lisa: Yeah, the beach was really great. It was so relaxing to play on the beach. Peter: If someone asks me which place I would like to visit again, I will say it’s the beach.

Lisa: We can go there together. Now let’s walk fast. We are getting late for school. 根据材料内容回答下列问题。

51. When did Lisa and Peter go on their school trip?


52. What did Lisa think of the Science Museum?

__________________________________________________________________ 53. Which place did Peter like best?

__________________________________________________________________ 54. Did Lisa like to play on the beach?


55. Where are Lisa and Peter going?

__________________________________________________________________ 四、写作技能 (30’)

补全对话(每小题2分,共10分) 根据对话内容,写出所缺句子。 W: Hi, Bob!

M:Hi,Nancy! (56) __________________________________________________? W: My weekend was great.

M:(57) ___________________________________________________________? W: I went to Xi’an.

M:(58) __________________________________________________________ ? W: I took a bus there. And what did you do?

M:(59) ___________________________________________________________. W: Why did you clean your house?

M: I had a birthday party. So my house was very dirty.

W:(60)_________________________________________________________? M: Yes, I had a good time. But I was tired after the party.


共10分) out of our tent,we saw a big snake sleeping near the fire. (62)我非常害怕以至于不能动弹. (63) We shouted to our parents to let them know about the danger. My dad started to jump and down in their tent. (64)This woke the snake up and it moved can feel things moving.He also told me it was important not to go near a snake.(65)这对我来说是非常有用的一课.





65._________________________________________________________________ 写作。(10分)



2.上午去动物园,看到一些大象、考拉、长颈鹿,买了一些礼物;中午在肯德基(KFC)吃饭(汉堡包、可乐、水果、冰淇淋);下午在中山公园游玩并照相。 要求:1.60~80词;



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