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U3BCould you please tell me where the restrooms are

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? U3B Could you please tell me where the restrooms are? ? Could You Please ...? ? When you visit a foreign country, it is important to know how to ask for help politely. For example, “Where are the restrooms?” or “Could you please tell me where the restrooms are? ”are similar requests for directions to a place. Both are correct English, but the first one sounds less

polite. That is because it is a very direct question. It is not enough to just ask a question correctly. We also need to learn how to be polite by being less direct — or more indirect — when we ask for help.

Good speakers of English change the way they talk when they speak with different people in different situations. The expressions you use might depend on whom they are speaking to or how well they know each other. it is all right to ask direct questions in some situations, like with your classmates. However ,If you say to your teacher, “When is the school trip?”, this might sound impolite. But if you say, “Excuse me, Mr. West. Do you know when the school trip is?”, this will sound much more polite.

Usually polite questions are longer and include more language such as “Could you please ...?” or “Can I ask ...?” It sounds more polite to say, “Peter, could you please tell me your e-mail address?” than “Peter, tell me your e-mail address.” Sometimes we even need to spend time leading in to a request. For example, with a stranger on the street, we might first say,“Excuse me, I wonder if you can help me” or “I’m sorry to trouble you, but ...” before asking for help.

It might seem more difficult to speak politely than be direct. However, it is important to learn how to use proper language. This will also help you become better at English , or any other language you wish to speak.

convenient方便的,便利的 convenient形容词,意为“方便的;便利的”, 常用于句型“It’s convenient for sb. to do sth.”中,意为“对于某人来说做某事是方 便的”。 It’s convenient for us to do that.那样做对我们 来说是很方便的。

? For example,“Where are the restrooms?” or“Could you please tell me where the restrooms are?”are similar requests for directions to a place.例如,“洗手间在哪里?”或“请你告 诉我洗手间在哪里好吗?”是去一个地方怎么 走(direction方向)的类似请求。 1.request可数名词,意为“要求;请求”,其后 常接for+n.,意为“要求/请求……”。 We should make a request for help.我们应该请求 帮助。 request sth.(from sb.)意为“(向某人)请求某事 /某物”

2.request sb. to do sth.意为“请求某人做某 事”。 She requested me to stop to listen to her. 她请求我停下来听她讲。 3.request+that从句(从句用虚拟语气: should+动词原形,should可以省略)意为 “请求……” I request that she(should) come an hour earlier. 我请求她早一个

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