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一、听力技能(每小题1分,满分20分) ( )30.—What is he doing? —He is playing

_____soccer. Ⅰ.听对话,选择与对话内容相符的图画。 Ⅳ.笔录要点。 A.a B.the C./ 根据你所听到的短文,完成下列表格,每空不超过三个( )31. Thank you for your help.___. ’re welcome. C.That’s right

Is Bob doing homework? No, he___.He is___a letter. ’t , writing 1._______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5._______ ____do you want to go to a movie? Ⅱ.听句子,选择适当的答语. Let

’s go at 6:oo.

( )6.A.Funny. B.Interesting. C.Sunny. ____is the weather like____Changchun? ( )7.A.Windy. B.Terrible. C.Snowing. It’s cold. ( )8.A.Yes, I am. B.Yes, he is. C.Sure. B.What; in C.How; about

Do you want to have supper with me? ( )9.A.It’s a fine day. B.It’

That sounds____.I’m hungry now. C.It’s Friday. ( )10.A.They’re in the classroom. A.How B.What C.Which 三、完型填空(每小题1分。共10分) ( )23.——He is ____ TV in his B.They’re taking photos. Here are my favorite photos. 36 the first room. one, you can find it’s 37 .I’m wearing a T-shirt C.It’s raining. and sitting on the grass.The 38 one is a photo Ⅲ. 听对话,根据你所听到的内容,选出最佳答案。 ( )24.—you listening or writing? —of my family.I’m 39 computer games. My grandfather is playing erhu. My father is 40 a ( )11.How’s the weather in Beijing? ’m listening C.No,I’m not writing newspaper.My grandmother is talking about the TV A.sunny B.windy C.raining show 41 my sister.And my mother is 42 the ( )12.What is Jim doing? table. I love this photo very much.In the third one, there are two 43 .They are my friends, Tim and B.are playing C.is his brother. They are playing basketball. In the last one,I’m singing and my friends are dancing. ( )27._____is it going? ( )13.What can Linda do? 44 I see these photos, I’m very happy. They make A.How B.What C.Where me think of the happy 45 .I will keep the photos ( )28.It is_____outside. all my life. ( )14.Is Lisa reading a newspaper? A.cloud B.clouds C.cloudy ( )36.A.In B.At C.For ( )29.They often go to the zoo _____vacation. ( )37.A.day B.night C.summer A.No,she is B.Yes,she is C.No,she isn’t A.at B.in C.On ( )38.A.first B.second C.third ( )15.How was Tom’s weekend?

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( )39.A.going B.doing C.playing parents, my sister and I are all at home. My parents the playground. Some swimmers are swimming at the

( )40.A reading B.seeing C.looking at don’t have to go to work, and my sister and I don’pool. Others are warming up near the pool. Many

( )41.A.to B.with C.on t have to go to school. We are all in the yard (院students love music. The members of the school band

( )42.A.cleaning B.sitting C.buying 子). Look! My father is cleaning his bike. He often are practicing in the garden. In the chess club,

( )43.A.girls B.boys C.women goes to work by bike. The bike ride takes him about ( )44.A.When B.Where C.Why ten minutes. My mother is watering the flowers. The ( )45.A.time B.age C.hour flowers make our yard very beautiful. We all like 四、阅读技能(每小题2分,共30分) ’ (A) 57.Are all the students going home after school? Dear Mary, _______________________________________________ Thanks a lot for your letter and the great photos. What am I doing? I’m drawing. I like 58.What are the soccer players doing? I like them very much. Here are some of my photos. In the first one, I am swimming in the lake. In the It’s a nice day and we’_______________________________________________ second one, I am playing football on the playground We are very happy today! 59.Who are swimming in the pool? in our school. In the third one, you can see my ( )51.How’_______________________________________________ family at home. We’re having dinner. In the last A.It’s sunny. B.It’s C.It’s 60.Where are the students playing chess? one, I am with my little sister Beth. She’s cloudy.

_______________________________________________ watching TV and I am doing my homework. ( )52.How many people are there in the family?

Best wishes to you and you family. Please write to A.Three. B.Four. 五、写作技能(共三部分,满分25分)

me soon. C.Five. 完成对话。(每小题1分,共5分)

Jim Rick: Hello,Rick speaking.

( )46.This letter is from_____to_____. C.By bike. Steve:Hi,Rick.It’s Steve.__61__it going?

A.Mary; Jim B.Jim; Mary C.Ann;Beth Rick: Not bad,thanks.The weather’s great.What

( )47.Jim likes_____very much. __62__you doing?

A.the letter B.the beautiful photos C.A and B Steve:I’m __63__basketball with some friends at

( )48.In the first photo, Jim is _____. the park.

A.playing football B.swimming C.A and Rick: Sounds like you’re having a good time.

( )49.Jim has one______. Steve:Yeah.Is your brother__64__home?

A.sister B.brother C.friend ’t want to join the art club. Rick: Oh,he’s not here.He’s studying at his

mother often takes the dog out after dinner. friend’s home.Can I__65__a message for is______. C him?

A.watching TV; doing homework 根据短文用完整句子回答问题。 Steve:Yes.Could you just tell him to call me back?

B.doing homework; watching TV; It is five o’clock in the afternoon. The last Rick: Sure,no problem.

C.having dinner; writing a letter class is over and some students are going home and 61.______62._______63._______64.______65.______

(B) some students are going to the clubs. 翻译语篇(每小题2分,共10分)

It’s a sunny and warm Sunday morning. My The soccer players are doing some exercise on (66)Is Zhu Hui also watching the races and

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eating zongzi? Well,it's 9:00 p.m.in New York, and

it's the night before the festival. But there isn't

a Dragon Boat Festival in the US, (67)so it's like any other night for Zhu Hui and his host family.

The mother is reading a story to her young

children.(68)爸爸正在电视上看足球比赛.And(69)朱辉正在做什么呢?He's talking on the phone to his

cousin in Shenzhen.Zhu Hui misses his family and

wishes to have his mom's delicious zongzi.(70)Zhu Hui likes New York and his host family a lot,but

there's still "no place like home"














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