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八年级上册 Unit 2 Comic strip and Welcome to the unit
Study Aims: 1. Remember

the words in the part. 2. Recite the dialogue on P18 and P19. 3.掌握相同概念在英国英语和美国英语 中的不同表达法。

Guide One Please read the words and remember them.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
fewer advertisements *advertisement [?d’v?:t?sm?nt]n.(=ad)广告(18) British English British [’br?t??] adj.英国的(19) biscuit [’b?sk?t]n.<英>饼干 (19) lotties *lorry[’l?ri] n.<英>运货汽车 (19) rubber [’r?b?(r)]n.<英>橡皮 (19) American [?’mer?k?n]adj.美国的 (19) American English eraser [?’re?s?] n.<美>橡皮 (19) an eraser play soccer *soccer [’s?k?(r)] n.<美>英式足球 (19) cookie ['k?k?]n.<美>饼干(19) vacation[v?'ke??n] n.<美>假期 (19) fall [f?:l]n.<美>秋天(19) in the fall=in autumn store [st?:(r)]n.<美>商店 (19) truck [tr?k] n. <美>卡车(19) yard [jɑ:d] n. <美>院子 (19) movie [’mu:vi] n. <美>电影(19) can’t wait 迫不及待(19) can’t wait for+n= I can’t wait for the holiday. can’t wait to do
Page 2

Guide Two:LearnP19 by themselves
? Finsh P19A,check the answers in groups ? British English American English
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.biscuit 2.autumn 3.lorry 4.film 5.football 6.holiday 7.garden 8.rubber 9.shop a.eraser b.soccer c.vacation d.cookie e.fall f.store g.truck h.yard i.movie

Please read and remember them.



Play a game:Find a friend
? 1.Play this game in class. ? 2.Write the correct words under the pictures below.(have a match among groups)

garden film movie football soccer yard

lorry rubber truck eraser
Page 4

Guide Three:Practise PartB
truck store

? ? ? ? ? ?

Daniel:Hi,Simon. Where are you going? Simon:I’m going to buy a toy lorry for my cousin in the shop near our school. Daniel:I’ll go with you.I’d like to buy some biscuit. cookie Simon:Do you have any plans for the weekend? movie Daniel:I want to see a film.Shall we go together? Simon:I’d love to,but the school football team will practise this Saturday.We have an important match this autumn. soccer ? 抢答对话中的英式英语或美式英语。 ? 组内讨论解决语言不懂内容。 fall



Talk about:围绕下列问题讨论

a. What’s this ? b. What is your school like? c. Why do you come to school? d. We know every child should go to school. But do dogs go to school? e. Why don’t dogs go to school?



? Listen to the tape and answer the questions: ? 1.What does Eddie think school is like? It’s like watching TV. ? 2.Why does Eddie think dogs don’t go to school?
Because he thinks they’re cleverer than people.

? 3.Is school really like watching TV?
Yes.But fewer advertisements



? Talk about the pictures on P18 in groups: Say sev

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