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I. 短语

玩吉他________ the _________ 下棋________ chess 打篮球________ basketball 擅长于 be good __________ 跟…说talk_______ 和…处得好be good_______ 结交朋友make___________ 在…方面帮助某人help sb.______sth.

在周末________ weekends 想弹钢琴want______ play the piano

加入游泳俱乐部______ the ______club 加入美术俱乐部______ the______ club 说英语________ English 一个运动俱乐部a _______ club

给你讲故事______you ______ 给我们打…电话call us _______

说英语的学生_________ students 需要你帮助游泳need you _____ help with ________ 放学后________school 教他们英语 _______ ________ English


II. 句型

1. 我会唱歌. I ________ _________.

2. 他会拉小提琴. He ______ _______ the violin.

3. 你想加入什么俱乐部? ________ club do you want ______ ________?

4. 我也会唱歌. I can sing, ________.= I can __________ sing.

5. 我不会唱歌跳舞. I ________ sing _______ dance.

6. 你是一个学生还是一个老师? Are you a student ________ a teacher?


I. 单项选择

( )1. Jessie can ______Chinese very ______.

A.speak; well B.speak; good C. tell;well D.talk;good

( )2.--______can you play? --Soccer.

A.What club B. What sports C. When D. How

( )3. We need some players _____our soccer team.

A.in B.to C.for D.of

( )4. On weekends, I often go swimming _____ my friends.

A. for B. with C. at D. of

( )5. I can sing the song, but he ______.

A. can B. does C. can’t D. doesn’t

( )6. I can’t sing ____dance, but I can swim____play chess.

A. and;and B. or;or C. or;and D.and;or

( )7.--Do you know where the school is?


--Yes. Follow(跟着) me and I can_______you.

A.call B.give C.show D.find

( )8. --Are you free in July or August? --________.

A.Yes, I am. B. No, I am. C. I am free in July. D. I am free.

( )9. --- I don’t like to _____, but I like to _____stories?

A.speak,say B.speak,tell C.say,speak D.say, say

( )10. --_____do you want to join the art club? --Because I like drawing.

A.What B. When C. How D. Why

( )11. Wang Hao likes playing ______ guitar but I like playing _____ chess.

A.the; / B. the; the C. /; the D. /;/

( )12. I can’t play the guitar. It's too _____.

A.difficult B. easy C. interesting D. fun

( )13. —____________? —Yes, I want some fruit.

A.Can I help you B. What do you want

C. What do you want to buy D. What can I do for you

( )14.Jim can draw well, and he can join______club.

A.music B.art C.chess D.PE

( )15. --Who wants __________ the swimming club? --Peter does.

A. to joins B. join C. to join D. joining

( )16. My mother is a teacher , she ______in NO.1 Middle School.

A. teachs B.teaches C. study D. make

( )17. I want to join you,_____my mother ask me to play the piano.

A.and B.but C.or D.so

( )18. They help me _______ English.

A. in B. with C. on D. from

( )19. --Can you swim? --Yes, I ______.

A. am B. do C. can D. can’t

( )20. Are you good _____ kids(小孩)?

A. with B. at C. for D. in


1.He can't ______(play)the piano, but he ______(play)basketball very well.

2. Some people _______(want)to join the chess club.

3.I like _____(talk)and ____(play)games with people.

4.You can join a club and make ______(friend) with them.

5.Please come and show_____(we).

6.Our school needs two _______(music)

7.Some boys in our school are good at ______(tell) stories.

8.Can I join the _______(swim) club?


9.Miss Yang teaches ______(they) English.


1.John plays the piano very well.(用can改写句子)

John ______ _______ the piano very well. 划线部分提问)

______ ______ Bill ______ ? 划线部分提问)

______ club ______you want to join?

4. He wants to join the music club .(变为一般疑问句)

______ he _______ to join the music club?

5. I can swim ,too.(同义句)

I can____swim.

6. She can sing and dance.(改为否定句)

She ____sing _____dance.

7. Can you play the piano ?(用violin改为选择疑问句)

Can you play the piano_____the violin?

8. Can Jack and his brother speak Chinese?(做否定回答)

No, ______ ______.

IV. 完形填空

Actors(演员For Our School Show

We want for our school show. you want to be our school show? kung fu 如果) you can, please come and us. You can call David ( )1. A. wants B. want C. wanted D. want to

( )2. A. an B. some C. one D. a

( )3. A. Can B. Do C. Does D.Are

( )4. A. in B. for C. on D. about

( )5. A. Does B. Do C. Can D.Are

( )6. A. drums B. the drums C. a drum D.drum

( )7. A. play B. does C.plays D.do

( )8. A. but B. or C. and D. so

( )9. A. call B. speak C. show D.give

( )10. A .to B. or C.for D. at


David and Dick are good friends. They are good with people. They want to find a summer job(假期工作). David tells Dick Students’ Center needs help with sports, music and computer. They want to join it.David can play soccer and basketball, and he can swim,too. Dick can play 3

Can they join the Students’ Center ?

( )1.David and Dick want to______.

A.play soccer B.be good with people

C.find a friend D.join the Students’ Center

( )2.The Students’ Center needs help with______.

A.drawing B.sports, music and computer

C.reading D.buying food

( )3.David can ______.

A.play soccer B.music C.swim D.AandC

( )4.What does the word “ A.乐器 B.音乐 C.器材 D.乐章

( )5.Dick and David like______.

A.soccer B. computer C.swimming D.sports


1. 我们需要你在体育方面帮助说英语的学生。

We ____ you to help with sports ______ _______students.

2. 你能和他们交谈并且和他们做游戏吗?

Can you ______ ______ them and play games with them.

3. 你在周末有时间吗?

Do you have time _____ ______ _______.


I want to join the ______ ______ club.


My __1__is Peter. I am __2___English boy. I can ___3___English. I like telling stores and I like playing the piano,___4___. I __5__a good friend.__6__name is Lisa. She likes having bread and milk __7__breakfast. We have time __8___weekends. Now we are in China, but our Chinese isn’t __9__, so we want to ___10__ a Chinese club to learn Chinese. Can you help me and my friend ?

1._____ 2._____ 3._____ 4._____ 5._____

6._____ 7._____ 8._____ 9._____ 10._____


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