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八年级上册 Reading1

Unit 2

Study Aims: 1.学会运用各种阅读方式,读懂文章,了解英美国

家中学生的学校生活。 2.运用不同技巧阅读John和Nancy的文章。了解他 们的学校生活,读熟这两篇文章。

Guide 1 :Please read the words and remember them.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? *mixed [m?kst] adj.男女混合的;混合的(20) a mixed school speak French French [frent?]n.法语 (20) foreign [’f?rin] adj.外国的(20) language [’l??gw?d?] n.语言 (20) foreign languages during [’dj??r??]prep.在…期间(20) during a Reading Week discuss [d?'sk?s] vt.讨论,议论(20) discuss sth with sb in class[in klɑ:s]在课堂上(20) *guy [ɡa?] n.<口>家伙 (20)复数: guys 复数buddies *buddy [‘b?d?]n.<口>好朋友;搭档 (20) offer ['?f?(r)] vt.主动提出,自愿给予 (20) offer sth to sb \ offer sb sth 以……结束end with end [end] vi. & vt.结束 (20) play baseball baseball ['be?sb?:l] n.棒球(20) win [w?n] vt. & vi.赢得;赢,获胜(20) 过去式:
Page 2

? 1 What after-school activities do you have? ? 2 Have you joined a club?
?What do you think western school lives would be like?

life in a British school

life in an American school
Page 3

Guide2 Read , listen and answer
? 1.Read silently the passage,find out the words that they don’t read,and solve them in groups. ? 2.listen to the tape,then answer the questions: ? a. Who wrote the first passage?

? b. What activity does the school have every year

? c. What do the students do in the Buddy Club?
Older students help new students learn more about the school.

A Reading Week.



? Discussion ? 1.Ask the students to compare the life in a British school with the life in an American school, discuss it in groups. ? 你对John’s School 和 Nancy’s School 分别了解多少?请归类。 ? A a mixed school B Learn French C listen to one’s problems D discuss the books with classmates E have different classes every day F play baseball G go to a buddy club ? H a Reading Week I bring in books and magazines John:________________________________________________________ __________________ ? Nancy:_______________________________________________________ __________________



? 2.What does John think of his school life? And what about Nancy? ? (找出文中表达喜爱校园生活的词、句) ? 例如:My favourite subject is… I love our reading week. ? I read the most books in my class. I enjoy this a lot. ? We always have a great time talking to each other.



? 1.Read the passage again,finishB3. ? 2. Read the passage silently: Daniel found some pictures of Nancy’s and John’s schools. First, help him complete the description of each picture. Then put an N in the box if the picture sho

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