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8B Unit1重点词组、句型及语法复习提纲

A)1. trip.

3. (不幸的是), his leg was badly hurt last Saturday.

4. Do you know what causes the air 污染)?

5. China has more powerful.

6. I suddenly (意识) I met him before.


7. The owner of the old car is Jim. He has already it for three years.

(悲伤) at his words. What happened to her?

9. I’ve______(刚刚) known it. Sorry to hear that.

_________ space (a large area without buildings) in our school.

11. -What’s on TV?

-Chairman Hu Jintao is having an i________ with President Obama.


B) 17

’t they?

25. I 二、单项选择(15分)

( ) 1. He has two apples, much juice and three wonderful films.

A. ate, drinked, saw B. eaten, drunk, seen

2 C. eaten, drank, watched D. ate, drank, watched

( ) 2. Tom’s never been to America, ( ( (

A. isn’t he

B. is he

C. hasn’t he D. has he

)3. Lily’s grandpa has lived here A. 10 years ago B. almost 10 years C. since 1994 D. for long time ) 4. You can play football before. A. as soon as B. as quick as A. ever A. a bit

B. just

C. as often as D. as good as

)5. He has been that city before. It’s his first time to travel there.

C. never D. already

D. a bit of

( ) 6. I’m afraid that your article is long for our newspaper.

B. a lot

C. much

( ) 7 He had no friends in the world so he often felt very .

A. true, alone

B. true, lonely

C. good, tired ( )8.-Why not go to see the film with me?

- A. saw, don’t go B have seen, C. saw, haven’t gone D. have seen, don’t go

( ) 9. My grandma (

) 10-A. How long

C. How soon

D. How far

days later?

A. finished C. didn’t finish D. hasn’t finished

( C. marry with

( ) 12. B. to read

( (

C. reading

D. have read

D. were

B. have been

C. was

A.has passed, taught


B. have passed, has taught D. have past, has taught

C.has past, taught

A.another 三、句型转换,每格一词( 10分)

1. Simon lent his cousin some CDs last week.(同义句)

Simon’s cousin _________ some CDs ________ him last week.


D. get married

) 15.It’s so dirty here that they plan to move to _______ area in Beijing.

B.the other C. other D. others

2. Many changes have taken place in this place.( 同义句)

This place _________ __________ a lot.

3. Father usually bought some stationery for me in the past.( 同义句)

Father ________ ________ buy some stationery for me.

4. I interviewed Mr Chen three days ago.( 同义句)

I ______ ________ _________ ________ Mr Chen three days ago.

5.They want to play computer games,but it’s possible. ( 同义句)

_________ _________ for them ________ _________ computer games.

四、根据对话内容,在下面横线上写出对话中所缺的单词。( 20分)

you go last night?


A: What film did you see?

B: “Titanic.”

A: People said it’s a good film, but I’of the story?

B: It’s sad. It’ A: I remember



no assistant will t want. You may try 带) you there and a very useful it was too expensive for him to buy. He couldn’t get it from the library, at a time. One day, however, he couldn’t find the book from its usual place and was when he saw an assistant signing(示意) to him. to the book in the corner,“I put it there so as not to be sold out.”said the assistant. Then he ( ) 1. A. good B. bad

4 C. cheap D. expensive D. can’t ( ) 2. A. mustn’t B. shouldn’t C. needn’t

( ) 3. A. what

B. which C. where

C. took C. or

D. when

D. follow you D. found D. so D. buying D. threw

( ) 4. A. keep watching B. go away ( ) 5. A. bought ( ) 6. A. but ( ) 7. A. little

B. read B. and

C. talk to you

B. a little C. few B. coming B. saw

D. a few

( ) 8. A. leaving ( ) 9. A. reached ( )10. A. left

C. reading C. helped

B. preferred C. pointed

D. taught


you feel good about yourself.

1) Look in the mirror and say to yourself,“’s no one in the world like me. I can do anything!”3) Smile! Be friendly to people you meet. Look things in your friends and family.

to swim? Go for it! New challenges(挑战you have finished.

想象) fly! Write down 6) Stay with your We all need our family time. Talk with your Mum or Dad or (


B. be sure

C. a magazine D. school rules

D. be remembered

( C. feel nice

( “a sense of accomplishment”mean?


C.挫折感 D.信任感

( ) 4. Which of the following should you say“NO”to when you are unhappy?

A. You should always look for the good things of others. B. Stay alone at home as much as possible.

C. Learn something new and go for it! D. Keep a diary to express your feelings.

( )5. The best title(标题) for the passage is ______.

A. Do Your Best

B. Six Ways to Feel Good about Yourself


C. It’s Never too Late to Learn D. Always Smile to Your Life


8B Unit l Past and Present达标检测卷

满分:100分 时间:90分钟 得分:_________


( )1.—Do your parents have the same hobby?

—No.My father likes playing________ chess while my mother enjoys playing piano.

A./;the B./;/ C.the;/ D.the;the

( )2.I was born there and have known that old museum________ I was very young.

A.for B.since C.because D.so

( )3.Noise pollution was a serious problem here_________.

A.since then B.in the future C.once a week D.( )4.There are about live__________ young trees on the hill.

A.hundred B.hundreds C. hundreds of

( )5.We can’t find Zhang Hong. A.does;go B.does;gone C.did; D.has;gone

( )6.(2009苏州.

A.put out B.put up C. D.put away

( )7.—_______have you known each other? .

A.How far B.How often How long D.How soon

( )8.My grandfather lives in a village________,but he never feels_________.



( .

C.get D.go

.So one ,If I don’t agree,my friend may not be .’and Mr Li got on the plane. .After a minute or two he opened them,looked out of the window of the plane,and said to his friend,‘down there.蚂蚁),don’t they?’

‘Those are ants,’answered his friend.‘We are still on the ground.’

( )1.A.excited B.pleased C.worried D.glad

( )2.A.him B.himself C.he D.his

( )3.A.And B.For C.So D.But

( )4.A.Finally B.First C.Last D.Slowly


( )5.A.interesting B.safe C.comfortable D.dangerous

( )6.A.began B.carried C.moved D.started

( )7.A.airport B.town C.station D.garden

( )8.A.opened B.closed C.with D.looked

( )9.A.up B.over C.at D.after

( )10.A.slow B.big C.strange D.small



Three people were walking along the street,first a big man,then a pretty womanan old gentleman.The first two went around the corner.paper on the ground.He picked it up.It was fire pounds.A few seconds later,came back.She was crying.‘I have lost five pounds,’she said.

‘Don’t cry,’said the gentleman.‘Here it is.’away.After a few seconds,the big man came back..Suddenly a window opened and a short man looked out.‘,’he said,‘but that man gave it to a young woman.’.The gentleman was frightened and gave him another five pounds.,the young ,and the short man came out to get his.

( )1.The short man said________.

A. B. C. D.( )2..

A. B.The pretty woman

C. D.The old gentleman

( )3.期骗)?

B.Five. C.Four. D.Three.

( .


C.was very kind but not brave

D.had plenty of money

( )5.The young woman only get_________ at last.

A.seven pounds

B.five pounds and ten pence

C.ten pounds

D.one pound and sixty-seven pence



Waste can be seen everywhere in the school.Some students ask for more food than they can eat and others often forget to turn off the lights when they leave the classroom.They say they can afford these things.But I don’t agree with them.

Waste can bring a lot of problems.Although China is rich in some resources(资源),we are short of others,for example,fresh water.It is reported that we will have no coal or oil to use in 100 years.So if we go on wasting our resources,what can we use in the future and where can we move? Think about it. Everybody should stop wasting as soon as possible.

In our everyday life,we can do many things to prevent waste from happening,turn off the water taps when we finish washing,,try not to order more food than we need,and so on.Little by little,.


1.List the wastes mentioned in the first paragraph.2.What problems can waste bring?(within 20 words)




2.The all foreign players with the best during the 2008 Olympic Games

3..It’s not real.




1.Your cousin_______(not come)here yet.

2.Kitty_________(learn)English since she came to England.

3.It’s__________(luck)for you to miss such an exciting football match.

4.—Come and have some meat.

—Thanks.I_______ just________(have)my lunch.

5.Most people think life is_________(good)now than before.



1.Jill has already finished his homework.(改为一般疑问句)

_________Jill finished his homework_________?

2.The problem is difficult for me to work out.(同义句转换)

It is difficult for me_________ __________out the problem.

3.They have married.(用for two years改写句子)

They_________ _________married for two years.


__________ __________have you known each other?



_____________________________________so far?


It’s very necessary______________________________.


We____________________________________ yet.

4.这是我见过的最漂亮的画. It’.

5 When I was at primary school,my father______________________.

分,共12分) Young persons everyone in the .

are deeply .It is h 1.________ 2._________ 3.________ 4.________ 5._________6.________

7._________ 8.________ 9.________ 10.________ 11._________ 12._________



一、1~5.ABDAD 6~9.ACDA

二、1~5.CBDAB 6~10.DABCD

三、1~5.ADBCD 6~10.CCABD 11~15.BAIRD

四、1.Ask for more food,forget to turn off the lights. 2.(1)We’ll be short of resources. (2)We’ll have nothing to use and nowhere to move.

3.我认为我们应该对那些天天浪费东西的学生说不.4.如果我们都尽力的话,将来有一天浪费就不会发生了. 5.Stop wasting/No more wasting

五、A.1.environment 2.service 3.model 4.unhealthy 5.married

B.1.hasn’t come 2.has learnt/has learned 3.unlucky 4.have;better

C.1.Has;yet 2.to work 3.have been 4.How long

六、1.How many English films have you watched 2. 3.haven’t played this game 4.have ever seen 5.七、1.written 2.interest 3.under 4.population 5. think 7.opinions

8.making 9.especially 10.fair 11.hard 12.trouble

八、One possible version:

Mr Chen has lived in Nanjing since he was born.over the past years.,but now they have built a new airport.In the past,people could only take the bus.You can take the bus,it is clean and beautiful.You can also take the subway,taxi and so on.These changes have brought a lot of to Nanjing.Mr Chen is very pleased to see the changes.


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