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1. Have you ever 2. It is just in Disneyland.

3. Why do you want to?

4. 5. I’llEnglish teacher rather than a tour guide.

6. Maybe you fear that you won’t foreign country.

7. You won’t rice noodle, or dumplings.

8. you like Indian food, western food, Japanese food, you’ll find it all in Singapore.

9. A lot of animals only at night. So this is t10. The temperature is almost the same .

11. So you whenever you like.

12. This is because the islandthe equator.

13. I study for a test 14.15. Having conversations with friends was .

16. Wesomething and then I


17. I’m dabout learning English.

18. I don’t have a partner .

19. I realized thatr if you don’t understand every word.

20. I in class because I thought my classmates might21. I 22. She 23. Most people speak English .

24.your English is to join an English club.

25. Most of us have 26. Sometimes people can for years about a small problems.

27. and good friendships may be lost.

28. They 29. By 30. Many students often .

31. It is our duty to try our best to in our education .

32. ha many physical problems 33. our problems.

34. I play soccer and I’m .

35. I go to s.

36. I used to watch TV or 37. I used to 38. My life .

39. Don’t worry about things so much. It will .

40. Yu Mei has changed a lot.

41. His mother 42. He and he often got trouble with the police.

43. I have tried to make my mother 44. His mother’s love helped him to f45. Sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to

46. They aren’t .

47. He doesn’t 48. I have to stay at home 49. We would 50. We should our own uniform.

51. I know weometimes, but we 52.’re too small.

53. Last summer I at the local hospital.

54. Everyone needs to have t.

55. We should be allowed to and help others.

56. These hobbies can schoolwork.

57. I think I should be allowed to .

58. We running.

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