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Part 1


1.Windows_____ of glass.

A. be made B. is made C. are made D. been made

2. The house_____ in 2004.

A. is built B. is building C. was built D. used

3. A coat can_____ for keeping warm.

A. be used B. is used C. been used D. used

4.They play basketball in their school.(改为被动语态)

Basketball______ _______in their school by them.

5. The naughty boy broke the window.

The window ______ _______ by the naughty boy.

6. People speak English all over the world.

English ______ _______ by people all over the world.

7.I washed my clothes once a day.

8.They took Jim to the hospital.

9.Tom din’t close the shop just now.

Part 2

1.--- Do you like the cloth?--- Yes, it ___ very soft.

A. is feeling B. felt C. feels D. is felt

2. You should have put the milk in the refrigerator, now ____sour.

A it was smelled B it is smelt C it smells D it is smelling

3 The apple___very sweet. A. is tasted B. tasted C. tastes D. is tasting

4. This book A. is sold B. sell C.sells C. is selling

5. These books out

A. sells B. sell C. are sold D. selling

5. This pen well.

A. writes B. is written C. writing D. wrote

6. This article A. writes B. write C. writing D. is written

Part 3

1. —Why did you leave that position?—I ______ a better position at IBM. (2005

A. offer B. offered C. am offered D. was offered

2. —George and Lucy got married last week. Did you go to their wedding? —No, I ______. Did they have a big wedding? (2004 湖北卷) 北京卷)

A. was not invited B. have not been invited C. hadn’t been invited D. didn’t invite

3.---Do you plant trees in spring? ---Yes. Many trees_______in our city every year.(2009广东)

A. are planting B. are planted C.were planted D. is planted

4.---What should we do first if we want to develop our village?

---A lot of new roads ________, I think.(2008北京)

A. must be built B. have to build C. must build D. have built

5.Things should __________here before you enter the Great Museum.(2007广东)

A. keeps B. keep C. be kept D.are kept

6. I A. was paid B. paid C. pay D.was paying

7. She her bedroom everyday.

A. cleaned B. cleans C. is cleaned D. is cleaning

8.Today computers_________in both cities and towns.

A. were using B. are used C. were used D. are using

9. They often A. sing B. are sing C. were sang D. are sung

10. That a great idea!

A. sound B. is sounded C. sounds D. sounded

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