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八年级上英语期末 复习

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八年级上英语期末 复习

一. 选择填空

1. The radio is too noisy.Could you please ______________a little?

A.turn it off B.turn it on

C.turn it down D.turn it up

2.The performance was very ______________.





3.Put in ________________

A.two yogurts

B.two yogurt

C.two cups of yogurts

D.two cups of yogurt

4.Please tell me __________________

A.where does he live

B.where he lives

C.where does he live in

D.where he lives in

5.I didn’t do well in last exam.This time I did even ________________

A.bad B.badly

C.more badly D.worse

6.You _______________to wear school uniform today.

A.don’t need B.needn’t

C.mustn’t D.needs

7.Nobody in our class______________ to go to the cinema. A,think B.thinks

C.want D.wants

8.—Could you please _________________-me some money?

--- Sorry,I ___________my money______________my neighbor just now.

A. lend,lent….to

B. borrow,lent…to

C. borrow,borrowed….from

D. lend,borrow…from

9.We didn’t stop___________although we were very tired.

A.to rest B.resting

C.to work D.rest

10.I use a pen_______________

A.to write B.writing

C.wrote D.writes

11.The Greens______________watching TV now.

A.is B.are C.was D.were

12.Why don’t you come_____________earlier?

A.a little B.little C.more D.very

13.Mom told me ___________________in the street.

A.don’t play B.not to play

C.not play D.doesn’t olay

14.I often help mom ___________________chores.

A.doing B.to do

C.does D.did

15.The Reads _________________lunch when I got to their house.

A.were having B.was having

C.are having D.is having

16.How did you make the child ____________while he was crying?

A.smile B.to smile

C.smiles D.opened

17.Would you mind my ___________the window?

A.opening B.open

C.to open D.opened

18.When did you ________________the army?

A.join B.join in C.attend D.take part in

19.You must tell us what you _____________at ten yesterday evening.

A.did B.was doing C.were done D.were doing

20.They had great _________________in the waves last summer.

A.fun to play B.fun doing

C.funny play D.funning playing

21.The weather was cool today,so we _________play____________after school.

A.dicided to ,football

B.dicided for,the football

C.decide to ,a football

D.decide with,football

22.--_____________your vacation,Amy?

--It was pretty good.

A.What was B.How is

C.Where were D.How was

23.She practices speaking___________English ____________.

A.everyday,every day

B.every day,everyday

C.every day,every day


24.Go________it,Andy.You will be the winner.

A.at. B.to C.for D.about

25.Let me __________you how _____________to our school

A,to tell,to get B.tell,to get

C.to tell,arrive D.tell,arrive

26.What_________you______________when I rang you up yesterday?

A.are,doing B.were,doing

C.do,do D.have,done

27._____________do you eat vegetables?


A.How often B.How long

C.How much D.How many

28.Mark __________to be an actor when he grows up.

A.wanted B,want

C.wants D.is want

29.My work is going to be _____________interesting than before.

A.very B.much C.too D.more

30.____________the weather like in Hainan?

A.What’s B.Where’s C.How’s D.who’s

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