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被动语态 和情态动词

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被动语态 和情态动词

? ? ? ? 据说,据报道,据推测 形式主语it+be+过去分词+that从句 主语+be+过去分词+不定式结构 这两种结构一般可以互换

? It is said that a new high school will be set up in our town ? A new high school is said to be set … ? It is reported that a computer fair will be held next month ? A computer fair is reported to be held …..

? ? ? ? ? ? 据推测 众所周知 必须指出 有人建议 谣传说 有人怀疑 it is supposed that.. it is well known that it must be pointed out that it is suggested that it is rumored that it is suspected that

? 被动语态一般是BE+过去分词,但是 Get/become等连系动词有时可以替代BE 构成被动 ? Our dormitories are getting painted ? I ‘ll get these dishes washed ? Finally the truth became known

? ? ? ? We’re just about to leave= We will leave very soon I’ll just finish this I ‘llfinish this very soon

? This dress washes well ? This model of cars is selling very well ? Your pen writes smoothly

? 被动语态表示的是动作,句子的主语是动作 的对象,(动作的承受者);系表结构说明 主语的特点和所处的状态,过去分此在这里 起形容词的作用 ? 被动语态可以有多种时态,系表结构通常只 有一般时和完成时

? 系表,说明购物中心的现状 the shopping Mall is closed now ? 被动,关门的时间it is usually closed at 10:00 ? The window is broken ? The window was broken yesterday ? The book is well written ? The book was written by Mark Twain in 1890s

? 助动词:用来帮助其他V构成谓语的V 后接动词的原形 常见的be have do ? Be: be –is-am –are-was-were-beingbeen ? have:have-has-had-having ? Do:do-does-did ? Shall should will would 是助动词也是情 态动词

? BE+现在分词 构成各种进行时态 ? He is reading ? They were playing football when it began to rain ? He will be having a meeting at 9:00 ? It has been raining for several hours

? Smoking is not allowed in the school ? The meeting has been cancelled ? A new hospital is being built across the street

Be to do sth计划好将要发生的动作
? The new highway is to be open to traffic tomorrow ? He told us that the sports meeting was to be held tomorrow

助动词Have的主要用法 分词构成各种完成时态



? He has visited the Great Wall ? Have you been to Beijing ? Having won the gold medals, the athletes were warmly welcomed at the airport

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 帮助谓语动词构成疑问句和否定句 Do you alway

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