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Lesson44 Volunteering in Summer

出题人 杨秋侠

学习目标:1.掌握单词:care,pet,alone,field 2.掌握短语:take care of,move away,leave… alone,wake the dog

3.对志愿者工作有进一步了解。 教学过程:

1. 词汇学习:学生领读单词,在黑板上展示单词。

2. 任务阅读:小组内翻译课文并讨论完成课本p117 Let’s do it!Part1.

3. 小组合作讲解知识点并展示。 4. 做练习。 课文讲解:

1. ARG takes care of pets without a home. ARG帮助无家可归的宠物。

take care of:照看,照顾,同义词组还有look after

2. Sometimes,people move away and they can’t take their pets with them.有的时候,人们搬走了,却不能带走他们的宠物。

move away:搬走,离开

3. His family left him alone in a filed.他的家人把它单独留在了田野上。leave alone:不管,撇下……一个人eg:They leave their daughter alone in the house on weekends.他们周末把女儿留在了家里。

4. wake the dog:遛狗 help …with….帮助

5. four times a week:一周四次,表示频率,用how often提问

6. be nice to sb.:对某人友好 随堂练习:

词语运用:1.His parents left him_____(独自)at home. 2.____(幸运的),she caught the early bus. 3.She likes to feed the p____.

4.The plays are running across the soccer f______.

5.The country need lots of v_______ during the Olympics. 单选。1.-----What will she do?-----She will_____the dogs. A. walks Bwalk C.walk with D.have a walk with 2.We should be nice_____the old people. A.at B.on C.to D.with 练习册P65

作业:写作What are you going to do in summer?

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