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九年级英语上 Unit1 词汇:



read the textbook

2. 与某人交谈

have conversations with sb.

3. 大声读,朗读

read aloud

? aloud/loud/loudly

(1) aloud adv “出声地,大声地” ,指出声能让人 听见,但声音不大 read aloud 大声朗读

(2) loud adj./adv 作副词时,常speak, talk, laugh 等连用。多用于比较级,须放在动词后。

Speak louder, please. I can’t hear you clearly.

(3)loudly adv 与loud 同义,有时两者可替换使用,但往往含有令人讨厌或打扰别人的意思,

He does not talk loudly or laugh loudly in public.

Eg. What about _________________ (大声读)

to practice your spoken English?

4.Pronunciation n.读音

Pronounce v. 发音

(1).Please tell me how to ___________(pronunciation) the word.

(2). What’s the ______________ (pronounce) of the word ―text? 5造句

make a sentence

6. patient adj. 有耐心的

be patient with sb. 对某人有耐心

be patient of sth. 忍耐/ 容忍某事

be patient to do sth.做某事有耐心

n. 病人

The hospital has many ___________.

7. discover v. 发现,发觉

discoverer n. 发现者

8. secret n. 秘密,秘诀

keep a secret

in secret

the secret to…

adj. 秘密的,保密的

9. 学习语法

study grammar

10. repeat v. 重复,重做


repeat the sentence =

read / say the sentence again

11. note n. 笔记,记录

记笔记 take notes / make notes (of…)

v. 注意,指出


Please note what I said.

Section B 单词讲解

1. increase v. 增加, 增长

increase to… 增加到…

increase by… 增加了…


The population in this city willincrease头1,000,000. 这些蔬菜的价格增长了百分之十。

The price of the vegetables increased by 10%.

2. speed n. 速度

at a/the speed of…. 以…的速度

eg. 1) Please drive at a speed of sixty miles an hour. 请以每小时60英里的速度行驶。

2) 安全比速度更安全。

Safety is more important than speed.

3. ability n. 能力,才能


have the ability to do sth.


He has the ability to do the work well

4. brain n. 大脑

head n. 头

eg. A good way ______________ (训练

你的大脑)is to do some math exercises every day.

5. active adj. 活跃的,积极地


more active

take an active part in 积极参加

eg. 他积极的参加了运动会。

He took an active part in the sports meeting.

6. attention n. 注意,关注

pay attention to… 注意,关注

to 为介词

eg. 请注意你的发音。

Please pay attention to your pronunciation. 你应该注意练习朗读。

You should pay attention to reading aloud

7. connect v. 连接,与…有联系

connect… with…把…和…连接起来

eg. 一条铁路把北京和上海连接起来。

A railway connects Beijing with Shanghai

8. overnight adv. 一夜之间,在夜间

eg, 这个演员一夜成名

The actor became famous_______( overnight)

9. knowledge n. 知识, 不可数名词

know v.

knowledge n.

knowledgeable adj. 有知识的,知识渊博的 eg. 1) 知识就是力量。

Knowledge is power.

2) His _________ of French is poor.

3) He is a ______________ person

10. wisely adv. 明智地,聪明地

wise adj. 聪明的

eg. Tom is a _________ student.

He _________ decided to tell the truth

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