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1. (1) ---Have you finished your homework?

--- Yes, I have just finished it.

(2)--- Have you found your lost key yet?

---No, I haven’t found it yet.

(3) I have been away my hometown for 10 years.

(4) He has just comeback from Australia.

(5) I have never travelled by plane before.


2. 基本结构___________________

3. 用法

(1) 表示过去发生的或已经完成的某一动作对现在造成的影响和结果。

(2) 表示动作或状态在过去已经开始,一直持续到现在,并由可能一直持


4. 关键词

since: 自从……, 后接时间点或从句,从句用一般过去时


already:已经,常放have done之间。或句尾。用于肯定句


ever,已经,常放疑问句或否定句中,have done之间。

never…before 以前从未……

5. Have been to… 去了已回

Have gone to…说话时不在说话地

6. 当肯定句中完成时态表状态时,动词要用延续性动词。常见延续性动词和非


1. ---I’d like to introduce my best friend to you, Peter?

---Thank you, Lucy. But we ____________(meet) already.

2. ---Excuse me, where is Mr. Brown’s office?

---Sorry, I don’t know. I ______________(work) here for only a few days.

3. Joe, my close friend, moved to Beijing years ago, and I ________(see) him since then.

4. Don’t return the video to Peter. I ______________(watch) it.

5. A number of tourists ______________Yangzhou many times because it is such a beautiful city.

A. have been to B. have gone to C. has been to D. has gone to

6. ---How long has Robert___________?

---Since 2004.

A. been to Beijing B. become a policeman C. joined the art club D. studied in this school

7. I _______________(not hear from) Mr. Smith since he moved to Shanghai.

8. My aunt is a writer. She ______________________(write) more than ten books since 1980

9. My grandmother _________________(see) a lot of changes in Tianjin since she came here.

10. I _______________my hometown _________a long time. I really miss it!

A. left; since B. went away from; since

C. have left; for D. have been away from; for

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