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赛课unit10By the time I got outside, the bus had already left

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Fan Qin No.21 Middle School , Zigong

一、While Reading
(一)Read the story quickly and write the events in the correct order.

The correct order:
1. alarm clock didn’t go off

2. father went to bathroom
woke up late 3.___________ 4. took a shower had some breakfast 5. __________________ 6. bus left

ran to bus stop 7. _______________ 8. started walking

got a ride with a friend 9. ____________________
10. bell ringing to school 11. got ______________

12. got to class

(二)Read 3a carefully and answer the following questions. 1.Was he late for school? No, he/she wasn’t 2.How did he get to school in the end ? He got to school in Tony’s dad’s car. 3.What do you think of his morning? I think it is bad, it is also lucky.

(三)Reading up
1.自主学习,尝试写出下列短语: 1)发出响声______ go off run off to the bus stop 2)迅速跑向车站_________________ on time 3)准时______ break down 4)停止运转,出故障____________ 5)醒来,唤醒 wake ______ up 6)从旁经过__________ come by 7)让某人搭便车__________ give sb. a ride 8)按时赶到上课make ____________ it to class be late for school 9)上学迟到_______________ 10)到浴室里去_________________ go into the bathroom

Task1:细读全文,理解文中重点短语、句子,提 出疑难问题,小组讨论,互助解答。 1)…but yesterday I came very close. 2) My alarm clock didn’t go off … 3) and then ran off to the bus stop. 4) my friend Tony and his dad came by in his dad’s car and they gave me a ride. 5) I only just made it to my class. 6) Have you ever forgotten a relative’s birthday?


1) The old man has gone off by the fire. go off 还可指“离去;去世” 2) The milk has gone off.
go off 还可指(事物)变坏,(品质)变低 3)Last night, the light went off suddenly in the classroom. go off还可指(水、电等)断掉;

4) I only just made it to my class .
made it在这里表示“准时到达、赶上”的意思。 make it(to sth./ to doing sth.)

5) If you try your best, you will make it.
make it 还可以表示事业获得成功,成功做到做 到某事。

6) Let’s make it at 8:30.

7)A distant relative is not as good as a near neighbor. 远亲不如近邻。 n. 亲戚,相关物 8) All things are relative. 一切事物都是相关的。 adj. 相关的,相对的,比较而言的.

3.Reading and retelling

1.听录音并跟读,理解含有过去完成时态的句子。 2.朗读课文,根据重点词汇,尝试复述课文。(大意即可) 1)My alarm clock didn’t go off.

2)My father went into the bathroom. 3)Woke up late. 4)Took a quick shower. 5)Had some breakfast. 6)Ran off to the bus stop. 7)The bus left. 8)Started walking 9)Tony and his dad gave me a ride. 10)The bell rang. 11)Got to the school. 12)Made it to my class.

二、After reading

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