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根据新课程标准教科书编写 七年级下(人教版)


( )1.You can _______ music in the music room.

A. listen B.hear C. Listen to D.hear to

( )2.—_____ animals do you like?

—I like giraffes.

A.What’t B.How C.What D.Where

( )3.They are having_______now.

A.a dinner B. dinner C. an dinner D.the dinner

( )4.Please be quiet!Your sisters_______there homework.

A.is doing B.does C. do D.are doing

( )5.Please_______late for class.

A. isn’t B. don’t C.aren’t D.don’t be

( )6.It’s raining all day,so I _______stay at home.

A. Must B. Have to C. Must to D.can

( )7.Students can’t_______hats in the classroom.

A. Put on B. wear C. in D.wearing

( )8.Now many animals_______.We must save them.

A.in danger B.are in great danger C. in great danger D.be in danger

( )9.—Why do you like pandas?

—Because they are_______.

A. scary B. small C. big D.cute

( )10. —______the student ________in our school?

— Yes, he is. He is in our class.

A. Does;study B. Is;studying C. Do; studying D.Do; study


Do you like animals?There are a lot of animals in the_____.They are pandas,koalas,tigers,lions,dolphins,elephants ’can 快) and jump very high(高).They a ball.They can and walk on the 掉进)the water and up _____ 9____ swim,they may come up and 10 you.Do you like them?

( ) 1.A.home B.shop C.library D.zoo ( ) 2.A.scary B.interesting C.boring D.ugly

( ) 3.A.smart B.shy C.ugly D.lazy

( ) 4.A.run B.want C.have .D like

( ) 5.A.swim .B run C jump D walk

( ) 6.A like B play C go D speak

( ) 7.A stand B sit C go D walk

( ) 8.A clever B friendly C funny D cute

( ) 9.A can B can’t C doesn’t D are

( ) 10.A help B visit C meet D eat



We people have homes.Animals have homes,too.

someone animals live under the ground.The woodchuck(土拔鼠)live in the holes(洞穴)under the ground.His home have two doors.If someone comes in through one door, he will go out through the other door.Some birds live the holes in the trees.They come out for food during the day and go back to sleep at night.But most birds live just in the trees.It’s very interesting that turtles(海龟)usually carry their backs.Bees always work hard to make their homes.Cats,dogs and some other pets live in people’s homes.And we can see many kinds of animals in the zoo,so the zoo is also a big home for animals.

( ) 1. The woodchucks live______under the ground.

A.in the sand B.in the holes

C.in the wood D.in the grass

( ) 2.The woodchuck’s home usually has_____door(s)under the ground.

A.one B.two C.three D.four

( ) 3.According to the passage,most birds______.

A.live in the holes in the trees

B.come out for food during the day and at night

C.live just in the trees

D.live under the ground

( ) 4.The turtles’ homes are______.

A.under the sand B.in the sea

C.in the grass D.O n their backs

( ) 5.According to the passage, Which is WRONG?

A.Most animals have their own homes.

B.The woodchuck’s home often has two doors.

C. Bees,usually live in the trees.

D.Cats,dogs,and other pet animals live in the people’s home.


One Sunday morning Mr.Green and his child,Bill, are in a big shop.Mr.Green wants to buy a new blouse for Mrs.Green.Bill likes oranges,so his father buys two kilo(公斤)of oranges for him,too.Bill wants to buy some picture-books and colour pencils,too. There are many people in the shop. They are men and women,old and young.They all want to buy something there.

( ) 6. Mr.Green goes to the shop with______.

A.Mrs.Green B.his son C.his daughter D.hie father

( ) 7.Mr.Green wants to buy a new blouse for______.

A.Bill’s mother B.Bill C.his friend D.other people

( ) 8.Bill likes ______.

A.all the things B.the new blouse

C.oranges D.orange

( ) 9.Bill wants to buy______.

A.some picture-books B.some color pencils

C.clothes in the shop D.A and B

( ) 10.The shop is______.

A.empty B.close C.full of children D.full of people


五. 用方框中所给的单词的适当形式填空,使短语完整正确(每个单词限用一次)

in a bookstore . There are many kinds of__2___ in it.For example,books___3___English,history,music.You can do some___4___or borrow(借)books from it.But there are some___5___.You have to obey(遵守)them.

When you are in the the library,you have to ____6__quiet.Don’t talk loudly.You can’t__7____to music,either.You___8___take your bags or wet umbrellas into the library.___9___eat or drink in t he library.You can borrow books from the library,___10___you can’t lend(借出)them to others.If the library books are lost,you have to pay for(赔偿)them.

1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4._________ 5.________

6________ 7._______ 8.______ 9._________ 10.______



A:Hi,Vera.How was your vacation?

B:It was great.

A:Where did you go?


A:Really?Wow!What did you do there?

B:Well,we went to a lot of museums.

A:Oh,how were they?

B:They were really interesting._____2____

A:Did you go shopping?

B:Yeah,I did.


B:Oh,,they were very expensive.

A:And how were the people?_____4____

B:Yeah,the people were really friendly.My parents have some Japaneses,and we had dinner at their house.


B:It was delicious.I love Japanese food!

A.Did you meet any Japanese people?

B.How were the store?

C.I went to Tokyo with my family..

D.How was the food?

E.But they were also very crowded.



上午:去温州的动物园,看到一些海豹和鲨鱼,还有海豚表演,然后和朋友一起打篮球。游泳。 中午:在肯德基吃午饭(汉堡包。可乐。水果冰淇淋等)。


Last day off,I had a great time.____________________________________

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