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( ) 1. Tom is taller than ___________ student in his class.

A. any B. the other C. any other D. other any

( ) 2. —What’s ___________ mountain in the world?

—Qomolangma. It’s 8,844.43 meters high.

A. highest B. the highest C. higher D the higher

( ) 3.—Which one do you like_________?— Neither, thanks.

A. better B. the better C. best D. the best

( ) 4. A panda can live _________ 20 to 30years.

A. on to B. at least C. up to D. for to

( ) 5. Tom’s uncle drives the truck ______________ in his factory.

A. most careful B. the most careful C. more carefully D. most carefully

( ) 6.Yao Ming is one of________ most popular ________ in China.

A. a,players B. the, players C. a, player D. the, player

( ) 7. China has the _____________population in the world.

A. most B. smallest C. biggest D. largest

( ) 8. __________is the population of the UK?

A. How many B. How much C. How about D. What

( ) 9. The Sahara is about 9,6000,000 ______________ in size.

A. square kilometer .B. square kilometers C. squares kilometer D. squares kilometers

( ) 10. — How ______ is the Caspian Sea? — I’ve no idea, but I know it’s the deepest salt lake.

A. wide B. deep C. long D. wide

( ) 11.—No ocean in the world is __________the Pacific Ocean. —That’s right! It’s the biggest ocean in the world.

A. big than B. biggest than C. as big as D. as bigger as

( ) 12. ---Let’s go shopping at the new mall. ---Why not shop online? It’s ____________.

A. expensive B. more expensive C. less expensive D. the most expensive

( ) 13. The children ran ________ laughing and dancing.

A. over B. through C. about D. away

( ) 14 .Many trees ___________ after the heavy storm.

A. cut down B. fell over C. went over D. looked over

( ) 15. The road was too dark. Mary nearly _____________a tree on the roadside.

A. walked into B. looked into C. took into D. got into

( ) 16. It’s also very hard to ___________air as you get near the top.

A. take out B. takeaway C. taken D. take down

( ) 17. __________I know,the computer can never take the place of the human brain.

A. As for B. As long as C. As soon as D. As far as

( ) 18. If you need help with anything, please feel free __________ me.

A. to ask B. asking C. to asking D. ask

( ) 19. We are all amazed _______ his success.

A. to B. with C. at D. for

( ) 20. He is wearing sunglasses to __________his eyes from the strong sunlight.

A. help B. protect C. want D. make

( ) 21. It’s about 8,850 kilometers long. This makes ________ the longest wall in the world.

A. it B. this C. that D. its

( ) 22. He will never achieve ___________if he doesn’t work harder.

A. success B. successful C. successfully D. succeed

( ) 23. All the people on the plane ofMH370 died, __________ more than 100 Chinese people.

A. with B. and C. without D. including

( ) 24. Finally the boy succeeded __________the math problem.

A. to solving B. in solving C. solve D. solved

( ) 25. ---What's the ________ of the fish?--- It __________ about 3 kilos.

A. weight, weigh B. weight, weighs C. weigh, weight D.

weigh ,weighs

( ) 26. Tigers are __________ animals. You are right, some of them are in __________.

A. dangerous, endangered B. endangered, danger

C. endangered, dangerous D. danger, endangered

( ) 27.

He bought me a gift with the________ money.

A. remaining B. left C. all D. A and B

( ) 28. It’s time for school. He is still _________. Go and _________ him up.

A. wake, awake B. awake, wake C. asleep, wake D. asleep, awake

( ) 29. We will finish the work in three weeks ________ .

A. about B. around C. or so D. so far

( ) 30. The Olympic Games (奥运会) are held ________________ .

A. every four year B. every other year C. every other years D. every four years

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