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初二下英语冀教版课件Lesson15 (1)

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Lesson15 The zoo is open!

Free Talk
1.What animals do you see at the zoo? 2.What animals do you think are dangerous? Why? 3.What rules should we obey at the zoo?

1. 危险;风险
2.危险的 3.主要地;首要地


mainly bamboo giraffe

5.长颈鹿 6.遵守

1. danger n. 危险;风险 反义词为 safety 安全 be in (great) danger 处于(极大)危险 out of danger 脱离危险 2. dangerous adj. 危险的,反义词为 safe 安全的

Finish Let’s Do It 1

Read and Answer

1.What day is today ? A. Saturday B. Sunday 2.Where do they go? A.The zoo . B.The park 3.What time is it when they arrive? A.11:15 a.m B.10:45 a.m 4.What do they see at the entrance? A.A photo B.A sign 5. What animals do they see? A.A bear and panda B.A bear and some giraffes

obey rules 遵守制度_________ arrive at (小地点) arrive in (大地点) 到达 ____________ go through(内部) go across(表面) 通过_____________ No Photos point out 指出 禁止拍照___________ point to(远处) point at (近处) 指向_______________ take photos/pictures 照相_______________ wake up 醒醒_______________ feed…to… 给……喂……__________ instead of 代替______________

some signs
? No Noise! = Don’t make noise! ? No Smoking!= Don’t smoke! ? No photos! = Don’t take photos!

No加名词或动名词构成表命令或警告的短语, 相当于Don’t do sth.

Language Notes:
Wake up, Mr Bear! Wake up, Jack! You are late for school. Please wake me up at six tomorrow morning.
wake up 是动副短语,意为“醒来;叫醒”。当宾 语是名词时,可以放在wake 和up之间,也可以放 在up之后;当宾语是代词时,只能放在wake和up 之间。

You can’t feed donuts to a bear! 你不能给熊喂面包! She fed milk to the baby. 他给婴儿喂了奶。 The child was feeding the monkey on/with a banana. 那孩子用香蕉喂猴子。 What do horses mainly feed on in the area? 这个地区马主要以什么为食?
feed是动词,“喂”其过去式与过去分词分别fed,fed. “feed?to?”意为“把??喂给??”; feed on sth. 意为“(动物)以??为食”; feed?on/with?意为 “用??喂??”

1.他的生命可能会有危险。 in danger His life could be _____ _____. 2.他们穿过了门口看到了一个标志。 through They go ___ _____ the entrance and see a sign. 3.你代替我去开会好不好? of me? Will you go to the meeting instead ____ ____ 4.在五点时请叫醒你妈妈。 up your mother at five. Please wake ___ ____

1.Sometimes Mr. Brown feeds his little dog ___ meat and bones. Sometimes he feeds something else ___ it. A.to;to B.on; with C. with;to D. with; for 2. She stopped the boy from ___ the tree. A. climbing B. climb C. to climb D. climbs 3. Would you like ________? A. take photos B.take photo C. to take photo D. to take photos 4. The teacher pointed ___ many mistakes in my homework. A. to

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