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7AUnit 1 This is me 单元测试


1. 照看,照顾 ______________ 2. 晚安_____________________

3. 踢足球 ______________ 4. 擅长于___________________

5. 一些新朋友 ______________ 6. after school________________

7. tall and slim ______________ 8. in Grade 7_________________

9. wear glasses _______________ 10. come from_________________

二、音标 把下列单词按划线部分字母的发音进行归类(5分)


( )1. —Nice to meet you! —A. Good morning B How do you do?. C. Nice to meet you ,too D. How are you?

( )2.—Are you Meimei? —

A. I’m Meimei. B. My name is Jim C.Yes, she is Meimei. D. No, I’m Jim.

( )3.Now let’s our new classmates.

A. meet B. meeting C. to meet D. to meeting

( )4.My sister likes music

A. a B . an C the. D.不填

( )5.Millie likes , she often plays basketball on Sundays.

A. sport, the B. sports, / C. sport, a D. sports, the

( )6.I’m in this year.

A. grade 8 B.8 grade C. the Grade 8 D. Grade 8

( )7.Now Sam lives his family in Shanghai

A. at B. with C. of D.in

( . She is a good dancer.

A. dancing B. dancer C. dance D. dances

( )9.—Which one is different from the other three? —It’s .

A. classmate B. friend C. cousin D. e-dog

( )10.— — I’m eleven years old.

A. How are you B. How old are you C. How do you do D. How do you like it

( .

A. read B. reads C. to read D. reading

( )12.Sandy is my best friend. Her hair long.

A. am B. is C. are D. /

( )13. — I’m 13 years old. What about you? —I’m.

A. fat B. fine C. five D. in Class Five

( )14.—Are you new students? — .

A. Yes, we aren’t B. No, we are C. Yes, I am D. No, we aren’t 1

( )15. .Everyone ______ here now. Let’s ________.

A. are , begin B. are, to begin C. is , to start D. is ,start

( ) 16 . He and I _________from Tianjing.

A . is B . am C .are D . be

( )17. Mum, my teacher Miss Li.

A. She is B. That is C. This is D. this is

( )1 8. — What class are you in ? — .

A. I’m in One Class B. I’m in Class One C. Yes, I am D. No, I’m not

( )1 9. Where Andy from?

A. does, is B. does, is come C. does, come D.do, come

( )20. Miss Li has long black hair and .

A. wear glasses B. wears glasses C. wear glass D. wears glass



Zhou Xun is a famous (著名的)film star(明星) of China. She has an English name—Jue.She was born on October(十月) 18th. She comes from Zhejiang Province(省)。She is 1.60 meters tall, and she is slim and beautiful. She has black hair in two bunches(束). She likes watching VCD and sleeping. Her favourite colors are black and blue. She also loves running. Living a happy life is her wish(希望). Lots of students and young people like her.

( ) 1. Zhou xun is from

A. Shanghai B. Zhejiang C. Jiangsu D. Hunan

( ) 2. Jue is Zhou Xun’A. Chines B. family C. English D.China.

( ) 3. are Zhou Xun’s hobbies.

A. Watching TV and swimming B Watching VCD and swimming

C .Watching VCD and sleeping D . Dancing and swimming

( ) 4. Zhou Xun is

A. fat(胖) and tall B. tall and beautiful C. slim and beautiful D. thin

( ) 5. Zhou Xun’s favourite colors are .

A. red and blue B. black and white C. blue and black D. white and red


Hello! My name is Dong Qing. I’m 38. I like running and swimming. My phone number is 1381858943 Hi, everyone! I’m Li Yong, 43 years old. My phone number is 6853772-368. I like Luck 52.

’m Zhou Tao. I


Hi, I’m Zhu Jun, 47 years old. I like Art Life. I’m from Lanzhou, Gansu. My phone number is 1380100831.


) 6. Li Yong’s phone number is ________.


A. 1380100831

A. running

A. Shanghai

A. Dong Qing B. 1381858943 C. 6637558-969 D. 6853772-368 ( ) 7. Dong Qing likes ___________. B. reading and racing cars C. running and swimming D. swimming B. Anji C. Anhui D. Hunan D. Zhou Tao ( ) 8. Where is Zhou Tao from? ( ) 9. __________ is the host(主持人) of Art Life. B. Li Yong C. Zhu Jun

( ) 10. From this passage, we know ___________.

A. Dong Qing likes sport B. Zhu Jun is the oldest

C. Zhou Tao doesn’t have many books D. Li Yong is from the east of China


1. What’s ____________________(你的) name ?

2. Are you my ____________________(主人) ?

3. Nice to ___________________(遇见)you.

4. We are in (年级)7.

5. I often play f _________________after school.

6. –Is that boy Daniel ? --No ,he isn’.

7. This is our 教室) 。It is very big and nice .

8. Li Ping is good at _________________(数学).

9. They are all my new _______________(同班同学)

10. Can I borrow your dictionary ? Ok , but you can’t _________(借) it to others .

2. We must _____________________ our new books well .

3. Kitty is my good friend. She _____________ England.

4. He because his eyesight (视力) is poor .

5. I _________________ English and I often help Sally with it.

___ his classmates.

7. ----Is ________ here today? ----No, Jack is ill in hospital.

8.His mother__________to work at weekends.She stays at home.

9.This is our ____________English lesson.

10.I’m twelve __________old.


1. Is he from Shanghai ?( 同义句)


2. I don’t do well in sport.(同义句)

I ____ _____ _____ sport.

3. I am Sandy . (同义句)

______ ______ is Sandy.

4 . Daniel is in Class 1, Kitty is in Class 1 ,too.( 同义句)

Daniel and Kitty are ______________

in Beijing .(和她家人住在)

6. I (喜欢所有的功课) at school .




8. I’m in the Reading Club. (同义句转换)

I’m ______ ______ _______ the Reading Club .

9. Amy walks home after school . (同义句转换)

Amy ______ home ______ _______ after school .

10. 对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ Jacky often feel at school?

九、短文阅读 ( 根据短文内容完成下表,每空不超过3个词)(5分)

Do you know this little girl? Her name is Lin Miaoke. She is one of my good friends. She is twelve years old now. She is in Class Two, Grade Six. She is in Beijing now. She is a very famous kid star. She has many fans in China. We often see her on TV. She likes singing and dancing. And she also likes playing the piano. She hopes to be a teacher, like her mother. Her favourite subjects are music and art. She is a good student, too. She likes pears and bananas very much. She likes apples, too. She and other little children sing and dance on




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