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7A Unit 2、3 复习卷

一、词组翻译。 (10’)

1. 喜欢踢足球_____________________ 2. 一天许多次______________________

3. 擅长游泳_______________________ 4. 看上去年轻______________________

5. 是…的一名成员_________________ 6. 放学后__________________________

7. 成为现实_______________________ 8. 在周末__________________________

9. 步行去学校_____________________ 10. 使我高兴_______________________

二、根据句意和提示填写单词的正确形式。 (15’)

1. Do you eat three _____________ (次数) a day?

2. There are five _____________ (碗) on the table.

3. ______________ (绘画) is my hobby. Do you like it? En.12999.com

4. There are two basketball_______________ (俱乐部) in Nanjing.

5. Who can play very __________(好)in the match?

6. The man is s __________ enough to carry that heavy box.

7. The book is f __________ . Don't pay money for it.

8. What e_________ do you want to say, Sandy?

9.—Are you a good student? – Yes, of c_________ .

10. My mother e___________ watching TV at home at night.

11. How many ___________ (play) are there in a football team?

12. Tom ___________(study) hard and he is a top student.

13. We usually have ___________[f?n] talking with each other.

14. Jay is one of my ___________(hero). Do you like him?

15. The young man likes watching NBA___________['m?t??z] on TV.

三、完成句子,每空一词。 (15’)

1. 让我们来谈论我们的新学校吧。 Let’s ________ ________ our new school.

2. 你想去购物吗? Do you want to ________ _______________?

3. 有许多学生在操场上。There are ________ ________ students in the playground.

4. (划线提问)________ ________ Jack ________ every day?

5. Simon is from America. (同义句) Simon ________ from America. 新 课 标 第 一 网

6. Which book do you like best? (同义句)Which is _____________ ____________ book?

7. Does he play tennis well?(同义句) Is he ________ ________ ________ tennis?

四、选择填空。 (15’)

( )1. -- Can you play ________ table tennis, Simon? -- Yes, I often play it after class.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )2. -- _______ your classmates all nice to you? – Yes, ________.

A.Do, they do B. Are, they’re C.Are, they are D. Is, he is

( )3. _________ of the students in Class 2 looks happy.

A. All B. Each C. Both D. Every

( )4. Is there______ in today’s newspaper?

A. anything else B. something else C. else something D. else anything

( )5. She wants ______ the room. Would you like_______ her?

A. clean, help B. to clean, help C. clean, to help D. to clean, to help

( )6. Jim, with his family, ______ a bus to go home every day.

A. takes B. take C. is taking D. are taking

( )7. My teacher has many books. Because he ______ reading very much.

A. wants B. would like C. loves D. wants to

( )8. -- __________the woman like listening to music?—_________.

A. Does; No, she does B. Do; No, she do

C. Does; Yes, she does D. Do; Yes, she don't

( )9. The boy often ________ a kite on Sundays in spring.

A. fly B. flying C. flies D. flew

( )10. Amy’s mother always makes her ________ English every morning.

A. read B. reads C. reading D. to read

( )11. This piece of music__________beautiful. en.12999.com

A. looks B. sounds C. tastes D. smells

( )12. ---_______ do you visit your grandparents? ---Once a month.

A. How soon B. How long C. How much D. How often

( )13. ---How are you, Andy? ---____________.

A. How are you B. I’m fine, thank you.

C. Glad to meet you, Andy. D. I’m a student from Beijing.

( )14. ---What about ___________a rest? – OK. Let’s go out and have a walk.

A. to take B. takes C. take D. taking

( )15. –Can you help me close the door?--__________. It's too cold.

A. Certainly not B. Not at all C. You're welcome D. Of course

五、完形填空。 (10’)

Jack is my classmate. He is my good friend. He is American boy. He is from He is short. He has a round face and is not black. It is blond (金黄色的). Tom likes English. He can speak a little Chinese, too. He goes to school foot.

We usually our homework at school. We clean our classroom Friday. Usually, Tom blackboard and I sweep the floor. Our favourite sport is basketball. Sometimes we in the playground. We at 4.30. We both like our teachers and classmates.

( ) 1. A./ B.the C.a D.an

( ) 2. A.Japan B.England C.America D.China

( ) 3. A.three B.two C.one D.four

( ) 4. A.head B.hair C.nose D.hand

( ) 5. A.by B.with C.on D.in

( ) 6. A.make B.do

( ) 7. A.at B./

( ) 8. A.wash B.clean

( ) 9. A. plays basketball B. plays tennis

( ) 10.A.going home B.go home

一、词组翻译(20分) C.does D.look C.on D.in C.looks at D.cleans C. play basketball D. play tennis C.go to school D.goes home

1. 欢迎来到……___________________ 2. 学校开放日

3. 在……前面_____________________ 4. 在一楼(英式)____ 5. 擅长生物 6. 和某人打招呼 7. 电话中 8. 在学校大门口9. 从……到……___________________ 10. 一切顺利二、按要求写单词(10分)

1. Most girls like to keep 2. How many _______________(build) are there in your school?

3. I have a ______________(meet) to talk about the new game at 4 O’clock.

4. Do you know Kitty’s ______________(parent) jobs?

________ (look) left, then right when you cross the road.

6. Which _____________(字母) comes after ―T‖ in the word ―twilight‖? 7. You can see many nice pictures on the 墙).

仅仅,只) has two apples. That’s not enough.


______(种类) of books in the school library.


1. 那一个学科你比较擅长啊?

2. 我住的离学校比较远。

I live 3. Millie正在领她妈妈到处参观她的新学校。

Millie is _______ her mother 4. 这本书我是从Tom那儿借来的。

I _______ the book 5. 桑迪每天步行上学。

Sandy goes to school _______ 四、单项选择(10分)

( ) 1. Thank you for me so much help.

A. give B. to give C. giving D. to giving

( name is Eddie.

A. It B. Its C. It’s D. Its’

( ) 3. ---Show me the playground, please. en.12999.com


A. This way. B. Oh, dear. C. You are welcome. D. You’re welcome.

( ) 4. ---Would you like _______ my hometown this summer?

---Yes, _________.

A. to visit; I’d like B. visit; I’d like to

C. visit; I’d like D. to visit; I’d like to

( ) 5. I have a lovely dog. _____ likes to play with _____ very much.

A. it, I B. It, me C. It, I D. it , me

( ) 6. ---Excuse me, when ______ the supermarket ________?

---Early in the morning and it _____ from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. .

A. does open, opens B. is open, is open

C. does open, is open D. does open, opens

( ) 7. ---How do you often go to to school?.


A. ride bike B. On foot C. In car D. By the car

( ) 8. Tom, bring me a birthday cake _____ your way back.

A. from B. at C. on D. in

( ) 9.Our club is very small, and we only have _____ members here.

A. little B. a few C. few D. a little

( ) 10. Which word has different pronunciation about the letters ―wh‖ ?


John is from London. He is 8 years old this year. His father is a waiter and his mother works on a farm. He is a pupil of Grade One. en.12999.com

It's Monday today. Miss King is teaching them to count from one to ten. John is working hard in class. Soon he can count them. Miss King is very glad and asks him, ― How many people are there in your family, John?‖ John stands up and says, ―Two, Miss King.‖ ―Who are they?‖ ―My father and mother.‖ ―Oh?‖ Miss King is surprised and says, ―There are three people in your family.‖ ―But now I’m not at home. I’m at school, you know!‖

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