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七年级英语下 unit 5 Why do you like pandas?


1, ---Let’s go hiking. Look, what a beautiful day!


A. Good job. B. Good idea C. That’s right

D. It doesn’t matter

2, I won’t be able to understand what you say, ___you speak too quickly.

A. if B. though C. because

3, ---___do you speak English so well? ---Because I practice it with my partner every day.

A. Why B. When C. Who

4, Tony wants ___ a job as a language teacher in China.

A. to find B. finding C. find

5, The students from Xinjiang enjoy staying in our school because everyone is ___ to them.

A. friendly B. gently C. happily

D. politely

6, 根据汉语提示完成单词。Collecting stamps is one of my ____________(爱好). 7, ---Don't forget ___ your homework, John. ---Ok. I’ll do it right now.

A. doing B. do C. to do

A. flies B. walks C. gets lost

D. says

9, I like flowers, I hope to study at a school ___many flowers and trees in it.

A. in B. with C. on

D. by

10, I can’t eat any more food, I am ___.

A. busy B. hungry C. full D. serious 能力提升

1, ---Why do you like monkeys? ---___they’re clever.

A. Because B. As D. Since

2, His mother is friendly ___ us.

A. of B. to D. at

3, The little girl is ___ shy.

A. kinds of B. all kinds of D. a kind of

4, He has a house ___ a garden.

A. has B. there is D. have

5, Don’t forget ___ the letter for me.

A. post B. posting D. to post

6, Does Tom want ___ the lions?

A. to see B. see D. sees

7, The elephants are ___ great danger in Africa.

A. of B. to C. For C. on C. kind of C. with C. posted C. seeing C. with

D. in

8, This is an ___girl.

A. eight years old B. eight-year-old C. eight-years-old D. eigth-years-olds

9, ---Where ___lions come from? ---I think they come from Africa.

A. are B. is C. does D. do

10, ___ I’m late again, ___the boss(老板) is very angry.

A. Because; / B. So; / D. /; but

11, Let him ___home to watch TV.

A. goes B. going D. go

12, ---Does’t she like playing basketball? ---___.

A. Yes, she doesn’t B. No, she does D. Yes, she is

13, I like ___, but this afternoon I don’t like ___.

A. swimming; swimming B. to swim; to swim D. to swim; swimming

14, The trees are green. Don’t ___.

A. cut down them B. cut them up D. cup up them

15, One of the boys ___ a pet. The pet is really cute.

A. have B. has C. Because; so C. to go C. No, she doesn’t C. swimming; to swim C. cut them down C. keep

D. save


There are many different kinds of animals on the earth(在地球上). We can see _16__of them in a zoo. Koalas come _17__Australia. They are quiet, friendly and cute. Children like them. They need a _18__ for a home. Penguins(企鹅)come from _19__. They are quiet and interesting, _20__they are not friendly. Giraffes come from Africa. They are interesting _21__ exciting. They need a big home. Lions _22__ also from Africa. They are exciting but scary. Tigers come from India(印度) and China. They are exciting and scary, too. Lions and tigers need a large place _23__ live in. Pandas are from China. They’re cute and friendly. They _24__need a big home. _25__are also other animals in a zoo, like bears, mondkeys, deer, camels(骆驼) and so on.

16, A. some B. any C. every

D. much

17, A. to B. from C. of

D. for

18, A. grass B. leaf C. tree

D. bed

19, A. Africa B. the South Pole(南极) C. China

D. Australis(澳大利亚)

20, A. and B. but C. or

D. so

21, A. or B. but C. and

D. then

22, A. comes B. are C. is

D. coming

23, A. at B. to C. of

D. from

24, A. can’t B. doesn’t C. don’t

D. aren’t

25, A. They B. Have C. Here

D. There


On holidays my parents often take me to the zoo in our city because I like animals. I have a lot of toy animals in my room. In the zoo I can see tighers, elephants, monkeys, pandas, bears, giraffes and many other animals. Some animals are very friendly, but some are not. Tigers, bears and lions are very dangerous. That is why they have to stay in cages. But I don’t think it’s good for animals to stay in cages. They should be free. The animals in cages can’t be happy.

Tigers usually live in forests and mountains. They can run very fast. They catch and eat small animals like rabbits and deer, but now they live in small rooms. They have nothing to do every day. So they walk in the cages, and they want to get out. When they are tired, they sleep. I feel sorry for them.

26, ___are very dangerous animals.

A. Tigers and monkeys B. Bears and elephants C. Bears and lions

D. Giraffes and rabbits

27, The writer thinks that animals should ___.

A. stay in cages B. be healthy C. live in mountains

D. be free

28, Tigers eat ___ in the forests and mountains.

A. bears B. deer C. monkeys

D. birds

29, What does the writer want to tell us?

A. Don’t get close to the dangerous animals. B. Animals are man’s best friends.

C. Animals should live in nature freely. D. We should love animals.



1—5: BCAAA


1—5: ABCCD

16---20: ABCBB

6—10: hobbiesCCBC 6—10: ADBDA 11---15: DCCCB 21—25: CBBCD 26--29: CDBC

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