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Test for Unit 1

一. 词组翻译(30分)

1.犯错,出错 ______________ 2. 结束 _____________ 3. 根本不 _____________

4. 以后,随后 ____________ 5. 害怕去做 ______________

6. 嘲笑 _______________ 7. 做笔记 _______________ 8. 查阅 _____________

9. 编造 ______________ 10. 处理 ______________ 11. 生…… 的气 __________

12. (指时间)过去,消逝 ________________ 13. 尽力做…… _____________

14. 突然中止,中断 _________________ 15. 没关系 ________________


( )1.---- How do you study ______ a test?

---- I study ______ working with a group.

A: for by B: by in C: for from ( )2.Have you ever ______ with a group?

A: study B: studying C: studied

( )3.My sister said she studied by ________ English-language videos.

A: watch B: watching C: watched

( )4.What about _______ the textbook?

A: reading B: read C: to read

( )5.It improves my _______ skills

A: spoken B: speak C: speaking

( )6.I have trouble ________ the new words.

A: memorize B: memorizing C: to memorize ( )7.I don’t know how ________ commas.

A: use B: to used C: used

( )8.Miss Li regards all his students _______ his children.

A: as B: for C: to

( )9.If you don’t know how to spell new words, look them _____ in a dictionary.

A: up B: for C: after

( )10.The small boys decided ________ to each other.

A: not talk B: not talking C: not to talk

三.完形填空 (10分)

I like English very much. I think English is very important and . Here are my


opinions of English well.

I think there are many ways learn English. For example, asking the teacher help is very helpful. One of my good said he had trouble English. His English is very poor. So he reads aloud every morning. Now he can speak English very well. Watching English shows on TV can also be helpful. You can learn many words them. Remember “Where there is a , there is a way.” Believe you can do it .

( )1.A: useful B: use C: used

( )2.A: learn B: learns C: learning

( )3.A: to B: for C: of

( )4.A: to B: for C: of

( )5.A: friend B: a friend C: friends

( )6.A: learn B: learning C: to learn

( )7.A: speak B: spoken C: speaking

( )8.A: by B: in C: from

( )9.A: shall B: can C: will

( )10.A: well B: good C: bad



This week we asked students at New Star High School about the best ways to learn more English. Many said they learnt by using English. Some students had more specific suggestions. Lillian Li, for example, said the best way to learn new words was by reading English magazines. She said that memorizing the words of pop songs also helped a little. When we asked about studying grammar, she said, “I never study grammar. It’s too boring.”

Wei Ming feels differently. He’s been learning English for six years and really loves it. He thinks studying grammar is a great way to learn a language. He also thinks that watching English movies isn’t a bad way because he can watch the actors say the words. Sometimes, however, he finds watching movies frustrating because the people speak too quickly.

Liu Chang said that joining the English club at school was the best way to improve her English. Students get lots of practice and they also have fun. She added that having conversations with friends was not helpful at all. “We get excited about something and then end up speaking in Chinese,” she said.

阅读文章,判断下列句子是否正确,正确的写 “T”,错误的写 “F”

( )1.Lilian Li thought the best way to learn new words was by memorizing them. ( )2.Lilian Li never studied grammar.

( )3.Wei Ming has learned English for seventy-two months.

( )4.Joining the English club at school was Liu Chang’s best way to improve her English. ( )5.Liu Chang thought having conversations with friends was helpful.




( )1. What activity does the Community Center have on Tuesday?

A: Chess Club Meeting B: Bing go C: Movie ( )2. When is the sewing class?

A: on Monday B: On Friday C: On Wednesday ( )3. What time does the movie start on January 9?

A: 9 pm B: 8 pm C. 10-11 pm ( )4. If you want to go to Shopping Trip, when can you go?

A: On Jan 11 B: On Tuesday 7-9 pm C. On Jan 27 ( )5. What is happening on Jan 20?

A: Dance Class B: Dinner and Dancing C: Shopping Trip


1.I study by reading the textbook.

______________________________________________________________. 2.I can’t pronounce some of the new words.

_______________________________________________________________. 3.It wasn’t easy for me to understand the teacher when she talked.



4.He thinks making flashcards is a good way to learn English.


5.Tom said studying grammar is not helpful at all.




My uncle often ________ me _________ my study.


He said the best _______ _______ learn the new words was _______ reading English magazines.


________ _______ _________ is a good way to study English.


They ______ ______ ________ in Chinese.




1. make mistakes 2. end up 3. not at all

4. later on 5. be afraid to 6. laugh at

7. take notes 8. look up 9. make up

10. deal with 11. be angry with 12. go by

13. try one’s best 14. break off 15. it doesn’t matter


1---5 A C B A C 6—10 B B A A C

三.完形填空 (10分)

1—5 A C A B C 6—10 B B C C A


1----5 F T T T F 1---5 B C B C B




1. asks about 2. way to

3. listening to tapes 4. end up



5 by speaking

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