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Ellen Parker nwasworried about her health

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Ellen Parker nwasworried about her health. She could not walk very quickly and it was difficult for her to climb stairs. She was soon out of breath.①“I suppose I had better go to the doctor.”she thought. She went to the doctor and told him her problem. “I'm not at all surprised.” he said,“I know what your problem is.”He examined her and then gave her some advice.“

If you don't do what I say, Mrs Parker,”he said, “You wil have a heart attack (心脏病发作).It could kill you.”Ellen was very worried as she left the doctors. She knew that she had to take his advice but that it would not be easy and it would take time. The next day she went shopping. The first shop she went into was a butcher shop (肉铺).“I'd like ten pounds of steak (牛排), please” she said.“Certainly, madam.”the butcher replied and went into the cold room and found

a large piece of steak. He brought the huge piece of meat back into the shop and

placed it on the scale (称). “That's just ten pounds.he said. “That's big enough.”Mrs Parker said. The butcher worked out the price.

At S

4.99 a pound that will be S

49.90, please. Would you like me to cut

it up into smaller pieces for you?

Oh, I don't want to buy the meat.

Mrs Parker said.
















me to get it for you?

My doctor told me that I am too heavy and have to lose ten pounds. I wanted to see what ten pounds of meat looked like.


1. Why did Ellen Parker visit the doctor?

A. She had a heart attack.

B. She had a problem with her health.

C. She was unhappy about her weight.

D. She could not sleep well.

2. Why did Ellen Parker ask for ten pounds of steak?

A. She wanted to buy some for dinner.

B. She wanted to lose weight.

C. Her doctor had told her to eat steak.

D. She wanted to see what ten pounds of meat looked like.

3. What was Ellen Parker's real problem?

A. She ate too much steak.

B. She weighed too much.

C. She was often out of breath.

D. She could not walk very quickly

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