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( )1.I don't have _____to do today.

A.a lot of homeworks B.many homework C.a lot of homewotk D.much homeworks

( )2.It's good_____your health _____.

A.for, to drink milk B.for,todrink a milk C.of.drink milk D.of,to drink milk

( )3.Nancy is _____because she has a good habit.A.tallB.busyC.interestingD.health

( )4.The boy is too young to_____himself.A.look at B.look after C.look up

( )5.Eating a lot of vegetable_____good for your health.A.am B.isC.areD.be

( )6.- _____ do you go shopping?-Once a week.A.How B.How longC.How often D.What

( )7. _____homework ,some students do it every day.A.As for B.With C.AsD.For

( )8.Here_____in the house.

A.is three woman teachers B.are three women teachers

C.is three women teachers D.are three woman teacher

( )9.They usually do some office work __weekends.A.in B.at C.on D.for

( )10.She _________ late to school.

A.don’t usually come B.doesn’t usually come

C.doesn’t come usually D.usually don’t come

( )11.Do you _________ lifestyle?

A.have a health B.has a health C.have a healthy D.has a healthy

( )12.My parents _________ a teacher.

A.want me be B.want I to be C.want I be D.want me to be

( )13.Give me the glasses.I can _________ read the words on the blackboard.

A.hard B.hardly C.never D.sometimes

( )14._________ it is raining,_________ he still works outside.

A.Although;but B.But;although C.Although;/ D./;although

( )15.—How is your mother now?

—She is _________ A.pretty B.well C.health D.


________ _________ will Jim return?

5.We found that he was clever.(改为同义句)We found _________ _________.

6.They often go to the movies on weekends.(对画线部分提问)


_________ _________ they often _________ on weekends?

7.My favorite sport is baseball.(就画线部分提问)_______ is _______ _________ sport?

8.He is always late for school.(改为否定句)He is _________ late for school.

9.Pam doesn’t like fruits.Pam doesn’t like vegetables.(合并为一句) Pam _________ _________ fruits _________ vegetables.




( )1.What’s _________ you,my boy?

A.the matter with B.matter with C.the matter to D.matter of

( )2.It’s important to _________.

A.stay health B.keep healthy C.keep health D.keep in health

( )3.I think you should drink _________.

A.hot tea of honey B.hot honey tea

C.hot tea with honey D.hot honey of tea

( )4.There’s _________ food.That’s _________ nice.

A.too much;too much B.much too;much too

C.much too;too much D.too much;much too

( )5.I’m sorry,Mr Wang isn’t in _________.

A.at moment B.in a moment C.at the moment D.for a moment

( )6.Why are you _________ and angry?

A.stressed out B.stress C.stress out D.stressing out

( )7.He shouldn’t eat _________ for 20 hours.

A.something B.anything C.everything D.nothing

( )8.When did you _________the medicine?A.take B.have C.has D.drink

( )9.The little girl has only ____ pen friends.

A.a little B.little C.few D.a few

( )10.—How are you?—I’m not _________A.good B.well C.nice D.right

( )11.—What’s the matter with you?

—I had _________ bad cold and had to stay in _________ bed.

A.a;/ B.a;the C.a;a D.the;the

( )12.Maybe she should _____an old dentist.

A.visits B.see C.watching D.look

( )13.You have too much yang in your life,you shouldn’t eat lots of yang food.

A.because B.so C.but D.although

( )14._________ fruits is _________ good for you.

A.Eat;too B.Eating;either C.Eat;also D.Eating;also

( )15.The food _________ beef or lamb can give _________ more energy.

A.like;you B.likes;you C.like;your D.likes;your Ⅱ.阅读理解(20分)


Mr Hunt had a bookshop near a hospital.But he never went to see a doctor when he was ill.He usually just took some medicine.One day,when Mr Hunt carried a box of books in his hands,the box fell down and hurt one of his feet.


“Go to see a doctor.”said Mrs Hunt.

“No.”he said.“I’ll wait until a doctor comes here next time.Then I’ll ask him about my foot.This way I’ll pay(支付)nothing to him.”A few days later,a doctor came into the shop and bought some books.When Mr Hunt got the books ready,he asked the doctor about his foot.The doctor answered him at once.

“Here are your books,sir,”said Mr Hunt.“You must pay two pounds for them.” “I’ll pay nothing for them.”


“I told you about your foot.I want two pounds for that.Bye.”

( )6.Mr Hunt is a _______.A.worker B.driver C.bookseller D.farmer

( )7.Mr Hunt usually just took some medicine,because _________.

A.he was also a doctor B.he didn’t know any doctors

C.he lived far from the hospital D.he wanted to pay nothing to doctors

( )8.Mr Hunt wanted to _________.

A.be friends with a doctor B.wait for a doctor coming into his shop

C.give a doctor some books D.show some books to a doctor

( )9.The doctor came into the shop to _________.

A.buy some books B.look at Mr Hunt’s foot

C.answer Mr Hunt’s question D.pay for some books

( )10.At last,_________.

A.the doctor paid two pounds for the books B.the doctor paid nothing

C.Mr Hunt paid two pounds to the doctor D.the doctor didn’t help Mr Hunt Ⅳ.用所给的单词适当形式填空(5分)

1.It’s important for us _________ (eat)a balanced diet.

2._________ (tradition)Chinese doctors believe we need a balance of yin and yang to be healthy. 3.I’m sorry _________ (hear)that.

4.I won’t leave until our teacher _________ (come) back.

5.What’s the matter with _________ (Tony)little brother? 第三单元测试 Ⅰ.单项选择(15分)

( )1.—What are you doing this weekend? —__________

A.I’m at home. B.I’m doing some cleaning.

C.I’m coming on Friday. D.I go to school every day.

( )2.At night he usually __________ videos and enjoys films.

A.forgets B.rents C.hears D.takes

( )3.—You’ll be relaxed when you return from your vacation. —__________.

A.You’re right. B.I hope so. C.All right. D.I hope not.

( )4.Can I ask you __________ questions about your job?

A.some B.any C.something D.anything

( )5.My uncle is very tired,he __________ a rest.

A.need have B.needs have C.needs to have D.need having

( )6.The result ___ he doesn’t study hard. A.hopes B.returns C.shows D.show

( )7.When you take a vacation,you must take enough money __________ you.

A.in B.from C.for D.with


( )8.—Wei Hua,I’m going to Qingdao for vacation.

A.You are right. B.That sounds nice. C.All right.D.I’m sorry I can’t.

( )9.He didn’t tell me when he __________ home yesterday.

A.got back B.got to C.got back to D.got to back

( )10.—when is he leaving for Beijing? —He’s leaving __________ the 11th.

A.in B.at C.of D.on

( )11.—John is going sightseeing this weekend.__________

—I’m visiting my grandparents.

A.What about you? B.Where are you doing?

C.That’s cool D.I will enjoy myself.

( )12.—__________ are you doing for vacation,Lucy?

—I’m going to Hong Kong for two weeks.A.When B.What C.How D.Who

( )13.—What did he think about?

—He thought about __________ to the US for vacation.

A.go B.goes C.going D.went

( )14.Please look at these two pictures carefully.Can you see __________?

A.anything different B.something different

C.different something D.different anything

( )15.The old people like ______after dinner,because it’s good for their health.

A.taking walks B.taking walk C.going for walk D.go to walks Ⅳ.用所给单词的适当形式填空(5分)

1.Lucy’s going camping on the__________ (twelve).

2.Lots of __________ (visit)come to the city at this time of year.

3.I’m going to Harbin for a week.That sounds __________ (interest).

4.Next Sunday we are going __________ (hike) in the mountains.

5.Will you please show all your __________ (photo) to me?

Unit 4 How do you get to school


( )1.Tom often goes go Japan ___________.

A.in air B.in the air C.by air D.by the air

( )2.—How do you usually come to school? —I usually come to school _________.

A.by the bike B.on foot C.walking D.by foot ( )3.How long will it _______ them to get there by bus?

A.use B.spend C.take D.cost

( )4.why ___________ come with me? A.you B.not C.don’t D.aren’t

( )5.It takes ___________ time to read newspaper.

A.too many B.too much C.a few D.quite few

( )6.We must depend ___________ ourselves.A.in B.on C.at D.from

( )7.The Smiths ___________ Guangzhou the day before yesterday.

A.came B.arrived C.arrived in D.reached to

( )8.I have ___________ home ___________ my homework.

A.to get;to do B.gets;doing C.to gets;doing D.get to;to do

( )9.—___________ did you come to school this morning? —In my father’s car

A.When B.Where C.What D.How


( )10.Lucy needs _____ more exercise A.do B.to do C.does D.doing

( )11.—Must we finish the work at 8:00? —No,you ___________.

A.mustn’t B.needn’t C.can’t D.may not

( )12.They ___________ the school bus to school every day.

A.take B.takes C.by D.took

( )13.He grows ___________ flowers.

A.a number of B.the number of C.many number of D.much number of

( )14.___________ the books is 800.

A.A number of B.The number of C.Many numbers of D.Much number of

( )15.__________ he is a child,___________ he knows a lot.

A.Although;but B.Although;/ C.Not only;but also D.Neither:nor Ⅱ.完形填空(10分)

Mr Smith lives in the country,but he works in an office in a big city.He 1 to work by train every morning and comes 2 the same way.One morning while Mr Smith was 3

his newspaper on the train,a man sitting behind him tapped(轻拍)him on the shoulder(肩膀).The man said 4 to him and began to talk to him.The man said.“Your life is interesting, 5 it? You take the same station at the same time 6 morning,and you always sit in the 7 seat and read the same newspaper.” When Mr Smith 8 this.he put his newspaper down,turned back and said to the man angrily,“ 9 do you know all that about me!”

“Well.I 10 sit in the same seat behind you.”the man answered.

( )1.A.went B.go C.goes D.going

( )2.A.family B.home C.house D.country

( )3.A.reading B.looking C.seeing D.watching

( )4.A.Goodbye B.Sorry C.Thanks D.Hello

( )5.A.is B.isn’t C.has D.hasn’t

( )6.A.this B.one C.every D.yesterday

( )7.A.another B.other C.different D.same

( )8.A.listened B.heard C.found D.felt

( )9.A.How B.What C.Where D.When

( )10.A.no longer B.almost C.always D.nearly 第五单元测试


( )1.—__________ does your party start? —__________ seven thirty.

A.When:on B.How;In C.What time;At D.Where:About

( )2.—Thank you for your __________. —That’s all right.

A.invite B.inviting C.to invite D.invitation

( )3.—______ the man over there be your Chinese teacher?

—No,it ______ be him.

A.Can;mustn’t B.May;can’t C.Must;mustn’t D.May;may not

( )4.Can you go to the movies __________ Sunday?A.in B.on C.at D.to

( )5.—Can you come to my house for supper? —__________.

A.No,I can’t. B.I think so. C.Sure,I’d love to. D.I hope I can.


( )6.It is __________ cold today.Please wear more clothes.

A.too many B.much too C.many too D.too much

( )7.Who can __________ guitar very __________ in your school?

A.plays;good B.play;well C.play the;well D.plays the;good

( )8.This one is too big.Can you show me __________ one?

A.another B.other C.the other D.others

( )9.— __________? —Yes,please.I’d like some tea.

A.Would you like some drink B.What about something to drink,tea or coffee

C.What do you think of tea D.How do you like tea

( )10.—Can Mary come to play games with us?

—No.she can’t.She has a stomachache.

—__________ A.It doesn’t matter. B.I’m sorry to hear that.

C.It sounds good. D.That’s all right.

( )11.—Hey,Dave,can you go to the movies on Saturday? —__________.

A.Sure.I’d love to. B.No,I can’t. C.I have to help my mom.

( )12.—__________ When do you study for the maths test?—__________.

A.At six o’clock B.At tomorrow C.On Monday afternoon

( )13.—Does he want to ______ Ann’s birthday party? —Sure,he’d love to.

A.coming B.to come C.come to

( )14.Please ____ quiet.I’m trying to study.A.being B.am C.keep

( )15.—Can they go to the concert? —__________.

A.They think so B.Yes,they can C.Yes.they don’t think so Ⅱ.阅读理解(20分)


6.7.She usually __________ her parents on Thursday

8.She __________ no time on Wednesday evening. ________ she wants to do her homework.

9.Eliza __________ go to school on __________ and Sunday.

10.On Friday Eliza will __________ to Susan’s __________.


1.Would you like ____ (go)shopping?2.The ____ (two)Sunday in May is Mother’s Day. 6

3.Why not __________ (have)dinner with us tonight?

4.The teacher often ask us __________ (read)English.

5.Keep _______ (quiet),the baby is sleeping.


1.Laura can go to the mall at ten o’clock tomorrow.(改为否定句)

Laura __________ go to the mall at ten o’clock tomorrow.

2.I have to go to the doctor.(改为否定句) I __________ to go to the doctor.

3.Rose is going to Beijing next Friday.(对画线部分提问)

__________ __________ Rose going to Beijing?



( )1.I’m ______outgoing than my sister. A.more B.much C.a little

( )2.There are some similarities ___________ Liu Li and Liu Ying.

A.behind B.between C.before

( )3.I think a good friend makes me _______. A.laugh B.laughs C.to laugh

( )4.Maria is good _______ sports. A.in B.at C.with

( )5.I like to have friends who are _______ me. A.as B.for C.like

( )6.We ___________ like sports,but Ruben is more athletic than me.

A.all B.both C.every

( )7.Mary’s best friend is funnier _______ she is.A.that B.this C.than

( )8.She likes to have friends who are ___________ from me.

A.different B.difference C.differences

( )9.Paul is never _____.He can’t stop talking. A.quieter B.quiet C.wilder

( )1o.We both like doing the _____ things.A.same B.some C.many

( )11.—When did you go to bed last night?

—I didn’t go to bed _________ I finished my homework.

A.until B.while C.after D.when

( )12.—What do you do? —I’m _______.

A.fine B.thirteen C.a student D.do some washing

( )13.—You are not a new member here,are you? —_____.I joined only last week.

A.Yes,I am. B.No,I am not C.No,I am. D.Yes,I am not.

( )14.Days get ______ in the spring.There are new leaves on the tree.

A.cold and long B.longer and warmer C.longer and warm D.colder and warmer

( )15.—Thanks a lot ___________ us. —Not at all.

A.of helping B.for helping C.of help D.for help


Everyone needs friends.We all like to feel close(亲近的)to someone. 1 is nice to have a friend to talk,laugh,and do things with.Certainly,sometimes we need to be alone.We don’t always want people 2 .But we would feel lonely if we 3 had a friend.

No two people are 4 .Friends 5 don’t get on well.That doesn’t mean that they no longer like each other.Most of the time they will make up and become friends again.

Sometimes friends move away.Then we feel very 6 .We miss them very much,


but we can 7 them and write to them.It could be that we would even see them again.And we can __8__ new friends.It is surprising to find out how much we like new people when we get to know them.

There’s more good news for people who have friends.They live longer than people who don’t.Why? It could be that they are 9 .Being happy helps you stay well.Or it could be just knowing that someone cares.If someone care about you,you take 1o care of yourself.

( )1.A.It B.He C.There D.Someone

( )2.A.alone B.away C.all over D.around

( )3.A.ever B.never C.just D.really

( )4.A.friendly B.kind C.just the same D.quite different

( )5.A.always B.sometimes C.often D.usually

( )6.A.angry B.sad C.happy D.lonely

( )7.A.call B.ask C.tell D.talk with

( )8.A.look for B.find C.make D.know

( )9.A.happier B.stronger C.kinder D.richer

( )1o.A.less B.better C.little D.no


1.Tom runs as ___________ (fast)as John does.2.What does the word _________ (means)?

3.They cleaned the windows just now,so the room looks much ___________ (bright).

4.Is Holly’s best friend ___________ (funny)than her?

5.Miss Green is more ___________ (serious)than Mr Black.

Unit 7 How do you make a banana milk shake?单元测试1


( )1.__________ yogurt do we need for the milk shake?

A.How many B.How much C.How D.What

( )2.Let’s __________ fruit salad. A.make B.to make C.makes D.making

( )3.—Do you like mayonnaise? —__________.

A.I don’t think so B.I think so C.Yes,I do D.Yes,I don’t

( )4.Pour the milk __________ the blender. A.in B.into C.on D.at

( )5.Here’s a recipe __a great turkey sandwich.

A.of B.for C.in D.about

( )6.Father is __________ the wood in order to make a fire.

A.cutting up B.cutting off C.cutting through D.cutting down

( )7.—__________? —Yes,please.I’d like some sandwiches.

A.Who are you B.What are you C.Can I help you D.Can you help me

( )8.Without your help,I don’t know _________ to do it.

A.what B.which C.how D.whom

( )9.—__________ are the mushrooms? —Two yuan a kilo.

A.How much B.How many C.What D.How

( )1o.Don’t forget to __________ the lights before you leave the room.

A.turn on B.turn off C.turn down D.turn up

( )11.__________ uncountable nouns are there in Unit Seven?

A.What many B.How many C.How much D.Which words


( )12.________ cut up two apples,then put them into the blender.Finally turn

on the blender.A.And B.Next C.First D.Then

( )13.You __________ get up so early.But you must go to work on time.

A.needn’t to B.don’t have to C.may not D.mustn’t

( )14.This is __________ onion and that is __________ beef.

A.an;a B.an;/ C.a;an D.a;/

( )15.The piece of meat is too large,let’s cut __________.

A.them up B.it up C.up them D.up it Ⅱ.完形填空(1o分)

Food is very important.Everyone need to 1 well if he or she wants to have a strong body.Our minds also need a kind of food.This kind of food is 2 .We begin to get knowledge even when we are very young.Small children are 3 in everything around them.They learn 4 while they are watching and listening.When they are getting older,they begin to 5 story books,science books?anything they like.When they find something new,they love to ask questions and 6 to find out the answers. What is the best 7 to get knowledge?If we learn 8 ourselves,we will get the most knowledge.If we are 9 getting answers from others and do not ask why,we will never learn well.When we study in the right way,we will learn more and understand 1o .

( )1.A.sleep B.read C.drink D.eat

( )2.A.sport B.exercise C.knowledge D.meat

( )3.A.interested B.interesting C.weak D.better

( )4.A.everything B.something C.nothing D.anything

( )5.A.lend B.read C.learn D.write

( )6.A.try B.have C.think D.wait

( )7.A.library B.school C.way D.road

( )8.A.on B.with C.to D.by

( )9.A.often B.always C.usually D.sometimes

( )1o.A.harder B.much C.better D.well 第八单元测试


( )1.__________ you have a bowl of rice lunch yesterday?

A.Do;at B.Do;with C.Did;for D.Did;with

( )2.The whole class __________ a dolphin show three days ago.

A.watched B.looked C.found D.saw

( )3.—__________ does it take you to get to school?

—It usually takes twenty minutes.But yesterday it _______ me half an hour.

A.How far;takes B.How long;took

C.How long;takes D.How often:took

( )4.—When did Liu Fang take these photos? —__________.

A.Next Wednesday B.Now C.Last weekend D.Tomorrow

( )5.Jane __________ a new dress every month when she was in Shanghai.

A.wears B.is wearing C.wore D.was wear


( )6.He __________ to school about an hour ___________.

A.go;before B.goes;before C.went;before D.went;ago

( )7.We had __________ yesterday.

A.a lot fun B.a lots fun C.a lot funs D.a lot of fun

( )8.He wanted Lucy __________ yesterday.A.came B.come C.comes D.to come

( )9.How did everything __________?A.going B.go C.come D.came

( )10.It __________ all day the day before yesterday.

A.rains B.raining C.to rain D.rained

( )11.What did you do __________ your last school trip?A.on B.in C.at D.of

( )12.Thanks for __________ me the good news. A.tell B.tells C.telling D.told

( )13.__________ it rained all day,__________ we didn’t have a yard sale.

A.Because;so B./;/ C./;because D.Because;/

( )14.Oh,you’ve finished your homework.When __________ you __________ it?

A.are;do B.were;do C.did;do D.do:do

( )15.How was your day __________? A.of B.off C.for D.on



Mike and Dick work in the same office.They don’t like the cold weather.And one day they decided to take their holiday in Australia.Their plane arrived in Sydney at nine in the morning they rented a car in the city and began their travel.A few hours later the sun was shining in the sky and there were no shade trees beside the road.It was so hot that they could hardly go on driving.They had to stop to look around.Mike found a river was about half a kilometer away from them.They were both very happy and drove the car quickly.Soon they got to the river.Before they jumped into the water,Dick saw a boy playing under a big tree.He asked,“Are there any sharks in the river,boy?”

“No.there aren’t.”answered the boy.

So they began to swim in the river.After a while,Dick felt something hit against his leg.He told Mike about it.They were afraid and stopped swimming.Dick asked loudly,“Is it true that there aren’t any sharks in the river?”

“Yes.sir,”said the boy,“There’re a lot of crocodiles in the water.All the sharks have swum away!”

( )1.Mike and Dick went to Australia __________.

A.by air B.by car C.by train D.by motorbike

( )2.The two young men went to Australia to __________.

A.swim in the river B.study to drive

C.make a travel D.find some work

( )3.Mike and Dick couldn’t drive any longer because __________.

A.the sun was shining in the sky

B.there were no shade trees beside the road

C.the weather.was very hot D.they were too tired

( )4.Dick became afraid because __________.

A.he saw a shark in the water

B.he thought that maybe a shark had hit against his leg


C.he saw the boy laughing at them under the big tree

D.he had been told there were some sharks in the river

( )5.Having heard the boy,the two young men began to __________.

A.catch the crocodiles in the water B.look for the crocodiles there

C.run to beat the Australian boy D.come out of the river at once Ⅳ.用所给动词的适当形式填空(10分)

1.There ____________ (be)some really smart seals yesterday.

2.____________ you ____________ (go)to the zoo last week?

3.Jim________ (get)Jack’s gift last night.4.He _________ (buy)that hat last time.

5.I ____________ (see)many sharks at the aquarium.

6.No one ____________ (come)to the sale because the weather ____________ (be)bad.

7.I _________(go)to the aquarium last year.8.She ________ (take)photos every year.

9.That ____________ (sound)fun.10.I often ____________ (eat)some ice cream. Ⅴ.句型转换(5分)

1.My mother did the housework yesterday.(改为否定句)

My mother ____________ ____________ the housework yesterday.

2.Who wants a go?(改为同义句) Who wants____________ ____________ ____________ try?

3.There was a big rain last night?(改为同义句) It _________ _________ last night.

4.They saw some sharks at the aquarium.(改为一般疑问句)

____________ they ____________ ____________ sharks at the aquarium?

5.I went to the beach last summer.(对画线部分提问)

____________ ____________ you ____________ to the beach? 第九单元测试


C.5o meter tall D.5o-meter-tall

( )14.Tom started to learn ____________ the piano when he was a child.

A.play B.plays C.played D.to play

( )15.Spain is famous _______ its churches.A.in B.to C.for D.on Ⅱ.完形填空(1o分)

Young people today may not know Zhu Mingying,But she was very famous more than twenty years 1 .She was a dancer at first.But one day she thought that she could also sing 2 .So she went to visit a music teacher.The teacher 3 her to sing a few songs and then said that she would not be successful in singing, 4 she didn’t have a good voice. 5 Zhu Mingying didn’t give up.She spent a lot of time 6 to music lessons.She had 7 time to rest.She didn’t have much money to buy 8 delicious food.Life was really hard for her at that time.But Zhu Mingying felt happy,because she proved she herself could be a good singer at last 9 she practiced singing for many years.

If you want to do something,just 10 .You’ll be successful in the end!

( )1.A.ago B.before C.later D.after

( )2.A.good B.better C.best D.well

( )3.A.asking B.tells C.asked D.teach

( )4.A.so B.but C.because D.why

( )5.A.And B.So C.But D.When

( )6.A.going B.to go C.on going D.go

( )7.A.a little B.few C.a few D.little

( )8.A.herself B.hers C.him D.the teacher

( )9.A.before B.after C.and D.so

( )10.A.have music lesson B.try your best C.find a teacher D.spend little money Ⅴ.用所给词的正确形式填空(1o分)

1.I ____________ (have)an exciting party last weekend.

2.—____________ she __________ (play)her guitar yesterday?—No,she ____________.

3.What ____________ Tom ____________ (do)on Saturday evening?

He ____________ (watch)TV and ____________ (read)an interesting book.

4.They all ____________ (go)to the mountains yesterday morning.

5.She ________ (not visit)her aunt last weekend.She _______ (stay)at home and _________ (do)some cleaning.

6.—When ________ you ________ (start)singing? —I _______ (start)it last year.

7.My friend _________ (be)born in 1962.And he ____________ (stop)smoking last night.

8.—______ Mr Li ______ (do)the project on Monday morning?—Yes,he ____________.

9.—How ____________ (be)Jim’s weekend? —It _______ (be not)bad.

1o.—_________ (be)your mother a sales assistant last year? —No,she ____________.



( )1.—____________ are you going to be an actor?

—I’m going to take ____________ lessons.

A.What;singing B.How;piano C.How;acting D.Why;action

( )2.Next week they are going to move ____ New York.A.in B.at C.to D.on


( )3.I can do ____________ I want to do when I finish my homework.

A.that B.this C.what D.it

( )4.Mum gave me 15 yuan and I’m going to buy a dictionary _________ the money.

A.by B.in C.for D.with

( )5.They ____________ a new car next year.

A.are going to buy B.buy C.buys D.bought

( )6.What is John going to be when he __________ up?

A.grow B.is going to grow C.grows D.to grow


1.He is going to be a doctor when he grows up.(对画线部分提问)

____________ he ____________ to be when he grows up?

2.We got over 100 letters from the readers yesterday.(改为同义句)

We ____________ more than 100 letters from the readers yesterday.

3.I found that he is interested in science.(改为同义句)

I found ____________ ____________ in science.

4.Maybe he is in the classroom.(改为同义句)

He ____________ ____________ in the classroom.

5.I’m going to find a job for a year or two.(改为同义句)

I ____________ to find a job for ____________ or two ____________. Ⅲ.阅读理解(20分)


Jack and Hob are going to high school now.Jack wants to be an engineer.He is going to build roads,bridges and houses.Hob is interested in math and science,but he is going to study medicine.He wants to be a doctor.

Kate is good at music.She wants to be an artist.She is going to sing and dance for people.Joan wants to be a woman astronaut.She says,“I am going to explore space some day.”“What do you want to be,Alice?”Joan asks me.“Oh,I want to be a teacher.When I grow up,I’m going to teach in countryside.”

Each of us is doing his or her best at school.I am sure we will do something good for our country.

( )1.__________ students are talking. A.Two B.Three C.Four D.Five

( )2.Who wants to be an artist? A.Joan. B.Jack. C.Kate.D.Alice.

( )3.Three students are interested in ____________.

A.medicine B.music C.space D.science

( )4.What does Joan want to be?

A.An astronaut. B.A teacher. C.A doctor. D.An engineer.

( )5.Where does Alice want to teach?

A.On a farm.B.In the countryside.C.At home.D.Abroad.

Unit 11 Could you please clean your room


( )1.—___________ do you clean your room? —Every day.

A.How often B.How long C.How soon D.How far

( )2.—___________ will he come back? —In a week.

A.How long B.How soon C.How far D.How often


( )3.Could you please ___________ the dishes A.do B.to do C.doing D.did

( )4.I don’t like making ___________ bed but I like making ___________ tea.

A./;the B.the;the C.the;/ D./;/

( )5.Thanks very much for ___________ me such a beautiful present.

A.give B.to give C.giving D.gives

( )6.Don’t forget ___________ the door when you leave.

A.to shut B.shut C.shutting D.shuts

( )7.I forget ___________ him the news.In fact I have told him.

A.to tell B.telling C.told D.tell

( )8.She has fun __________ English. A.speak B.speakingC.say D.saying

( )9.He often borrows money __________ others but he doesn’t lend anything

__________ anybody.A.from;from B.to;from C.from;to D.to;to

( )10.I’ve invited him __________ our school.

A.to visit B.visited C.visiting D.visits

( )11.Could I buy __________ drinks and snacks?

There aren’t __________ in the fridge.

A.some;any B.some;some C.any;any D.any;some

( )12.You are late again.Why __________ a little earlier?

A.not you come B.do you come C.don’t you come D.you don’t come

( )13.—What about having a cup of tea? —___________.

A.I want it B.Help yourself C.Good idea D.Me,too

( )14.It’s __________ boating in the river in spring.

A.a fun doing B.a fun to go C.fun to go D.fun go to

( )15.—Happy birthday to you. —___________.

A.The same to you B.Congratulations C.Thank you D.That’s OK


Mr Evans worked in Seattle,but then he changed his job.He and his wife moved to 1 town.They didn’t have many 2 there, 3 they soon met many interesting people. 4 a few weeks they often went to dinner or to 5 at other people’s homes.

One day Mr and Mrs Evans also had a party at home.They 6 their friends to come.They and their friends all had a good time.They sang and danced 7 and didn’t 8 even it was very late.At 9 a policeman came and asked them 10 their party because they made so much noise.

( )1.A.other B.the other C.another

( )2.A.friends B.children C.jobs

( )3.A.and B.but C.so

( )4.A.After B.Before C.About

( )5.A.meetings B.picnic C.parties

( )6.A.shouted B.invited C.sent

( )7.A.quickly B.badly C.happily

( )8.A.leave B.begin C.come

( )9.A.breakfast B.once C.midnight

( )10.A.begin B.to stop C.go on with



1.As a __________ (teen),I should work hard at my lesson.

2.Could you do __________ (shop)with me? 4.You should take care of __________ (you).

3.He spoke first at the __________ (meet)yesterday.

5.It’s tiring __________ (sweep)all the rooms by myself.

Unit 12 What's the best radio station


( )1.It has ___________ seat in town.

A.comfortable B.more comfortable

C.the most comfortable D.comfortablest

( )2.Jasper’s has ___________ quality than Trendy Teens.

A.good B.gooder C.better D.best

( )3.Xiao Li is the ___ of them two.A.tall B.taller C.tallest D.more tall

( )4.Tai Wan is ___ the southeast of China.A.in B.to C.on D.beside

( )5.He has no room ___________ money.He is very poor.

A.and B.or C.with D.and a

( )6.In Harbin,tourists need ___________ warm clothes in winter.

A.wear B.to wearing C.to wear D.to put on

( )7.She is ___________ than any other girl in her class.

A.funny B.funnier C.funniest D.more funny

( )8.—There are _________ seats in Town Cinema. —Yes,you can sit ther________.

A.comfortable;comfortable B.comfortably;comfortably

C.comfortably;comfortable D.comfortable;comfortably

( )9.—What do you think of his teaching? —No one teaches ___________.

A.good B.well C.better D.the best

( )10.—How often does it snow in your hometown? —___________.

A.Seldom B.Quite C.Very D.Still

( )11.—That coat has _____ quality and is than that one. —I don’t think so.

A.good;cheap B.better;more expensiveC.bad;cheapD.worse;more expensive

( )12.—Who ___________ is the best performer? —John Smith.

A.do you knows B.do you think C.you hope D.you think

( )13.That boy is not ___________ to go to school.

- He is only three years old.

A.young enough B.old enough C.enough young D.enough old

( )14.—Don’t ___________ the window in class. Tom.

—I’m sorry.sir. A.look at B.look likeC.look out of D.look the same

( )15.What ___________ the price ___________ these things?

A.is;for B.are;of C.are;for D.is;of


1.He has ___________ (bad)clothes than Jim’s.

2.This hotel has ___________ (friendly)service in our city.

3.We do _______(well)than they do.4.It was ___________ (terrible)cold this morning.

5.In the end all the children went home ___________ (safe).


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