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附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习

Units 6-10易错题

姓名:_____________ 班级:______________

Unit 6


1.I want to go to the ______ to buy some vegetables. 2.Lucy is______ books in the library at school now. 3.Jack usually swims in a ______. 4.---Is the _____ exercising? 二、单项选择

1.---Is the woman listening to a CD?

A.Yes, she is. 2.---_______?

---______.She likes listening to music.

C. Yes, she does C. What’s the time C. to ,on C. playing C. listening C. on

----It’s six o’ clock pm.

B. No, she isn’t

---Yes, he is.

A. What the time. A. on , to A. play A. making A. of

B. What time is it. B. on ,for B .to play

B. studying B. for

3.Cindy is talking _____ the phone______ her grandmother. 4. Let’s go and _____ basketball. 5. ---Is Jack ______ English?

---No , he isn’t.

6. This is a photo ______ her family. 7. ---What are you doing?

---______.It is too dirty.

B. I’m doing my homework

A. I’m cleaning the room.

C. I’m playing comeputer games

8.He only likes pandas. He doesn’ like any other _______.

A. animal A. all are A. This is 三、填空

1.Tony,a good student, is ________ (学习) in Tsinghua University now. 2. Celion is a great ________(America) musician.

3. I want to buy a new h______ .But I don’t have much money. 4. Do you like d________ tea , Steve? 5. Do you want _______(go) to the zoo? 6.Let’s meet _____ my home first 四、完成对话 A: Hello!

B. animals B. all B.I am

C. the animal C. are all C. It is

9. We _______ at home and making Zongzi. 10. ---Hello ! ______ Peter.

---Hi! Peter. It’s Cindy here .

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习 B: Hello!______ is Bob. May I speak to Peter please?

A: Peter Speaking.

B: Hi, Peter. Are you free now?

A: Yes, I’m __________TV. What are you doing?

B: I’m __________ comeputer games. It’s boring , do you want to go to the movies with me?

A: Good idea! Can I ask Laura to go ________ us?

B. Sure.

A.When do you want to go?

B._________ two o’clock.


一. 填空

1. My mother is ______ in the kitchen now.

2. ---Can you help me? ---Sure, no________.

3. I wish he can call me______ in the afternoon.

4. Mrs. Yang isn’t at home. Can I take a______ for you?

5. Do you want to go to the ______ (公园)with me, Jane?

6. It’s _____(wind) today.

7. Look! What_____ your friends_____ (do)?

8. We can’t go out now. It’s______(rain) so hard.

9. The girl _________(not eat) dinner now.

10. How is it_____(go)?

二. 单项选择

1. ---Do you like _______?

---No, I don’t.

A. rainy weather B. a rainy weather

2. ______ the weather______ in Beijing?

A. How’s, like B. What’s, /

3. ---Are you from Canada?

---Yes, I live in ______.

A. Toronto B. Moscow

4. Look at the_______. It’s _______ heavily now.

A. rain, raining B. rainy, rain

5. ---_______?

--- Not bad.

A. What’s it going B. Where’s it going

6. ---Hello! _______ Jeff. Is that Mary speaking ?

---No, she isn’t in.

A. I am B. This is

7. ---Is Kate______?

---No, ________. C. rainy day C. What’s, like C. Shanghai C. rain, rainy C. How’s it going C. That is

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习

A. study, she isn’t

C. studies, she is B. studying, she isn’t D. studying, she is

8. ---_______you _______ English every morning?

---Yes, but now I’m reading Chinese.

A. Do, read

A. at B. Are, read B. in

B. rains, raining

D. rains, rainy C. Are, reading C. by 9. Jack usually takes a walk _______ the pool after dinner. 10. It often ______ here in summer. Look! It’s _____ again. A. rain, raining C. rain, rainy


(1) 1.他们正在欧洲玩得很开心。

They ________ ______ a great time in _______.










6. What’s the weather like today? (改为同义句)

_________ the weather today?

7. It’s cloudy in NanJing today.(对‘cloudy’提问)

____ _____ _______ in NanJing today?


_______ the ________ in ChangSha?


_______ _______ today.


_______ _______ in GuiYang now.

11. 我不喜欢刮风的日子。

I don’t like __________ __________.


( )1. How’s it going ?

( ) 2.What’s your brother doing ?

( ) 3. Can you play computer games?

( )4. How is the weather in Guiyang?

( )5.Are the children watching TV?

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习

A. It is snowing.

B. No, they aren’t.

C. He’s doing his homework.

D. Not bad.

E. Yes, I can.

Unit 8

一. 用所给词的适当形式填空.

1. -_______ (be) there any books in the bag?

-No, there ________(be).

2. There_________(be) an apple and two books on the desk.

3. There _________(be) some food in the kitchen.

4. I love to watch the students _____________(play) basketball on the playground.

5. The girl enjoys__________(read) in the morning.

6. You can get to the hotel _________(easy).

7. Mary often walks ________(穿过) a park on her way to school.

二. 选择题.

8. I live _________ school, so I must get up early every morning.

A. near B. far C. far from

9. Look! There is a tall tree __________ the restaurant.

A. in the front of B. in front of C. in front

10. There aren’t ________ bananas on the table.

A. some B. any C. much

11. Turn left ____ the first crossing and the park is on your left.

A. at B. to C. in

12. Just go along and turn ________, the school is ______________.

A. left, on the right B. the left, on the left C. to left, left

13. ______________ healthy, he exercises every morning.

A. To keep B. Keep C. Keeps

14. It’s good to help children _________ the road.

A. across B. cross C. crossing

15. My father often ________ 15 minutes ________ newspapers every night.

A. spend, read B. spends, reading C. spends, reads

16. It’s relaxing ________ TV on weekends.

A. watch B. to watch C. Watching

17. Next to the hotel ________ a small house.

A. is B. have C. has

18. I ______ a new desk, __________ some books on it.

A. has, there are B. have, there is C. have, there are

三. 根据要求完成句子.

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习

19. There is a pay phone on Center Street. (改为否定句)

There ______ a pay phone on Center Street.

20. 银行在超市附近.(翻译句子)

The bank __________ ___________ the ________________.

21. 为了到达公园,你必须穿过中心大姐.

_________ ____________ to the park, you have to _________ Center Street.

22. 周末我喜欢在那儿度过.

I like _________ ___________ time there on weekends.

23. 我妹妹喜欢在那读书.

My sister ________ __________ there.

24. 我们有时候看邻居家的猫爬树.

We sometimes watch the ____________ cat __________ the trees.

四. 根据图片内容及提示词, 用正确的方位介词(词组)回答下列为题.


post office supermarket restaurant


25. Q: Where’s the hotel? (Center Street) A:_____________________________________

26. Q: Where’s the supermarket?(the post office, the restaurant)

A: ______________________________________________

27. Q: Where’s the bank? (the restaurant) A:____________________________________

28. Q: Where’s the post office? (the library) A:____________________________________

29. Q: Where’s the library? (the post office) A:____________________________________

Unit 9


1. ________ you ______(go) shopping with me this afternoon?

2. The man always wears a pair of ________(glass)

3. Wang Lin ______________(not have ) curly brown hair.

4. Look! The _________(人) is of medium height.She has very long hair.

5. I want to be _______(a/ an) actor so I often take art lessons.

6. There are many ___________(people) on the road.

7. We can see anything with our ________________(眼睛).

8. They look the same, but do things _______________(different)

9. They _______ like the ______________Chinese food.

10. He wants ______________(draw) a picture of the criminal.

二、用be 或have的适当形式填空。

11. Lucy and Lily _______ big eyes.

12. His sister __________ long straight hair.

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习

13. Nancy ________ of medium build.

14. Kate _______ short and __________ brown hair.

15. Does Tom __________ blonde hair?

16. Bob’s parents __________ of medium height.


17. He _______ tall and he ________ of medium build.

A. has, is B. is, has C. is, is

18. Lily looks ________ her father and she ______________ red.

A. like, likes B. like, like C. likes, like

19. Why does she have ___________?

A. hair long B. long hair C. long hairs

20. The girl _________ long curly hair is Mary.

A. in B. with C. Has

21. He is tall, but he looks ___________ thin.

A. a little B. a little of C. a lot of

22. _________ he is in the library now.

A. May B. Maybe C. May be

23. Who has _____________________ hair?

A. long black hair B. long straight hair C. black long hair

24. The coat is too long. Can you show me _________one?

A. the other B. another C. other

25. He only has ___________ money, he can’t buy a new house.

A. a lot of B. many C. a little

26. My mother doesn’t like reading. But my sister _________.

A. do B. does C. is

27. Tom _________ his father and his father _________ young.

A. looks, looks like B. looks like, looks C. looks, is like

28. He has _________.

A. two big eyes B. big two eyes C. two big eyes

29. - I can’t find Mike. Could you tell me _____________?

- He is in the library.

A. what he is B. how he is C. where he is


30. She has short hair.(改为同义句)

Her hair _________ _____________.

31. His sister has long straight hair.(改为一般疑问句)

________ his sister _________ long straight hair?

32. 今晚你去看电影吗?

Are you _________ _______ _____ __________ tonight?

33. 他有棕色的头发, 戴着眼镜。

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习 He has brown hair and _______ ___________.

34. 我们将在七点见面。

We _________ ____________ at seven o’clock.

35. 他想为每个犯罪画幅好的图片。

He wants ________ ___________ a good picture of _______ criminal.

36. What is your mother look like?(改错) __________________________________________

37. His brother is a medium height.(改错) __________________________________________

38. Liu Mei has black hair and wear glasses. (改错) __________________________________

39. wears, today, she , a, T-shirt, new (.) (连词成句) __________________________________

40. does, have short, hair, straight, not, he (.) (连词成句) _______________________________

Unit 10


1. There __________(be) some _________(beef )and __________(egg) in the noodles. 2. There_________(be) some onions and ______________(mutton) in the bowl.

3. I would like you _____________(come) to my house. 4. Look, they __________(buy) fruit and vegetables in the market. 5. Would you like some juice _____________(drink)? 6. She _______(have) an egg, a small bowl of _________(chicken) noodles and two

_________ (potato)every day.

7. I like ___________(listen) to the pop music and ___________(watch) TV. 8. They would like _________(see) the __________(animal) in the zoo. 9.Would you like to drink __________(apple) or _________(orange) juice? 10. There are some ________(tomato) and _______ (porridge) on the table.

11.He is _________ (like) his father.


12.Chinese is getting more and more _______(普及的).

13.The fish in this restaurant is very _______(特别的).

14. If you can _______ _______ (吹灭) all the candles in one go, your wish will_______ ________(实现).

15. May I take your _________(点菜/命令)?

16. _______ people have _________ ideas.(不同的) 三.句型转换

1. He’d like a对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ bowl of porridge _______ he _________?

2. The boy is writing a letter. __________ _________ the boy ____________ ?

3. Can I help you?(同义句)________ can I ________ ________ you?

4. She wants to eat dumplings. (同义句) She ______ ______ to eat dumplings.

5. I’d like ______ ______ noodles ______ you like?

对划线部分提问) _______ ______ you _______?

7. The large bowl of noodles is (对划线部分提问) ______ _______ ______ the large bowl of

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习 noodles?

8. I like rice and fish. (否定句) I _____ ______ rice ______ fish.

9. He wants to have beef for lunch.(同义句) He _______ _______ to ______ beef for lunch.

10. He and I go to see the movie. (同义句) He ______ to see the movie______ me.

四. 单选

( ) 1. Jim doesn’t like tomatoes,potatoes ___ cabbages.

A. and

A. A. has

B. with C.or ( ) 2. There ________ some food on the table. B. are

C. is

C. Sorry C. to order C. a little C. any, will C. For C. have; for ( ) 3.---Would you like a cup of tea? --- __________. A. I’d love A. ordering A. many B. Yes,please B. order B. much ( ) 4. It’s 11 o’clock. Please ________ our lunch. ( ) 6.There are ________ tomatoes on the table. ( ) 7. --Would you like _____tea with ice in it? -- Yes, _____ A. any, please A. is B. some, please B. are ( ) 8. The noodles with orange juice ______ only $1.5. ( ) 9. My family usually ______ bread,eggs and milk _____ breakfast. A. has; for B. eat; for

五. 完成对话

A: Good afternoon, __________________________________?

B: Yes, please. I’d like some noodles.

A: ________________________________?

B: I’d like beef and tomato noodles.

A: ________________________________?

B: A large bowl please.

A: Wait a moment.

B: ________________________________

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