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附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习

Units 1-5易错题

姓名:_____________ 班级:______________

一、选用a,an,the 或/填空。

1. This is orange. orange is green.

2. My sister doesn’t have breakfast in the morning.

3. Do you want to join English club?

4. Let’s play ______ basketball.

5. She can play ____ chess, but she can’t play _______ guitar.


1. We help the old people the old people’s home.2.Please come my home atter school.

3.I like basket ball.And I am the sports club.

4. He is very good _____ playing basketball.

He is a good teacher. He is a good _____ his students.

5. He likes to talk _____ children.


.(join) 2. She is good at (speak) English.

(talk) and play games with people.


(钢琴).He can join the music club.

A.a B .an C.the Unit 1

A.join B.joins C.to join

3.— Let’s play basketball after school,Tom!

— A.You sound good.

4. —What can you to?

—I can Chinese kung fu.

A.play B.tell C.do D.find B.Sound good. C.It sounds good

5.We cant students the school show.

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习

A.on B.for C.in

6.—Can your sister_________?

—Yes.Here are some of her pictures.

A.swim B.write C.draw







3. His sister can speak English.(改为一般疑问句)

his sister English? 对画线部分提问)

your brother like?

5.She often helps me learn(学习)English.(改为同义句)

She often help me 6. Liu Ci can speak English.(改为一般疑问句)

Liu Xi English? (对画线部分提问)


8.Wang Pan can sing.(用dance改为选择疑问句)

Wang pan sing 五、根据汉语意思完成下列句子


— the computer club!

— 11.我姐姐非常擅长讲故事。

My sister is 按要求完成句子

B.in,at C.on,in

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习


the students 3.请把这些照片给所有学生看。

Please the pictures all the students.


I like to you.




Mr Green is 7.周末我总是踢足球。



Unit 2


1. Usually I don’t have much time ____ breakfast.

3. I am never late _____ work. 2. Scott works ____ a radio station. seven fifteen.

eight thirty half an hour.

7. Eating vegetables is good _____ our health.



2.We (not go) to school on weekends.

3.Jenny has a (fun)job.

(good)friend,Rick,Jim or Tony?

5. She eats a ______ (quick) breakfast. She eats ________ (quick)


1.—What time is it?

—It’s seven thirty.We often have breakfast

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习

A./,/ B.at,/ C./,at

2.Tony get up early. A.don’t like B.doesn’t like C.doesn’t like to

B.at,on C.at,at 3.The student usually does his homework 9:00 night. A.in,on

4. My mother usually 5. your father a shower ?

6. Either you or he

A.get to B.gets C.gets to A. does, take B. does, takes C. do, take A. is B. am B. in an C. Are C. for an 7. I play soccer ____ hour every day.

四、句型转换 A. for a

1.He works at a radio station.(改为否定句) (对画线部分提问) _______ takes a walk for an hour?

3. I go to school at 6:50 every morning.(改为一般疑问句)

_____ you ______ to school at 6:50 every morning? (对划线部分提问)

________ __________ your mother always go shopping?

5. They usually eat dinner at seven forty-five.(同义句)

They usually eat dinner at ________ ________ to eight. 就划线部分提问)


一 用适当的介词填空

1. I usually go to school _______ foot.

3. My home is not far _______ his house.

5. He is like a father _____ me. 2.He usually gets to school _______ bike. 4._______ many students, it’s easy to get to school. 6. Thank you _______ your e-mail. _______ _______ ______ you go to work? _____ _______ ______ ______ eat lunch? Unit 3


1. Katrina usually (go) to school at 6:00 in the morning.

2. It ____ (take) me ten minutes ______ (go) to school by bike

3. It is their dream (have) a bridge.

4. He loves _____ (play) with the classmates.

5. It is nice of Andy ______ (help) me with my math.


1.— does it take from your home to the park?

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习

—About an hour by bus.

A.How old B.How long C.How far Dhow much

2.— does your father usually go to work?

—He takes the subway.

A.What B.How C.When

3.—Do you take the school bus to get to school?

—,I walk.

A. Yes B.No C.Excuse me

to the bus stop every day.

A.ride bikes B.by bike C.ride my bike

5.— do you —Very interesting.

A.that,like B.What,think of C.How,think of

6.It Wang lin ten minutes home.

A.take,to walk B.takes,walking C.takes,to walk

7.I want to know .

A.where oes she live B.where she does live

A .Thank B .Thanks C .Thanks you C.where she lives

9. It’s nice A for B of C with

—No,it’s too late.You must take 10.— bus?

A.a,the B./,a C./,/

11. .It’s twoand thirty meters from her home to my home.

A.hundred B.hundreds of C.hundreds

to the bus stop every day . A . ride bikes B . by bike C . ride my bike

13. the book ? —Very interesting .

A . What , like B . What , think of

四、句型转换 (对画线部分提句)

2 .They go to Changsha by train.(改为同义句) They to Changsha. C . How , think of

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习

3. It usually takes about ten minutes. (对划线部分提问) ________ ________ does it usually take?

4. The school is about two kilometers from my home. (对划线部分提问)

_______ __________ is the school from your home?

5. Maria takes the train to Kunming. (改为同义句)

Maria _______ to Kunming _____ train. Unit 4


1.He arrives late ____ class.

2.We can’t bring music players ____ school. 4. ____ the evening, I have to do a lot of homework. 6.What do you think ____ this movie?-It’s interesting. 3.I can’t watch TV ____ school nights. 5. My parents are strict ____ me.

7. He is thinking ______ this problem.


1. I have too much ________ (homework). 2.There are so many _______ (rules).

3. He has to ______ (read) a book before she can ________ (watch) TV.

4. Please remember _______ (bring) the book to me!


1.Don’t eat in the class ____________ the library.

2.Tom, please______ the classroom now.

3Let’s_____ on time for classes. A. or B. and C. of 5. I learn ________ (speak) English. A. clean A. be B. to clean C. cleans B. be not

B. keep

B. to play C. doing. C. leave 4.At school, we boys must _________ our hair short. A. take 5.Her mother wants him to learn _________ the piano.A. play C .plays

6.The students can’t go out ________ school nights, but they can _________ weekends.

A. in, at B. on, on C. on, in D. in, on

7.You ________ wear the school uniform today.

A. aren’t have to B. don’t have C. don’t have to D. doesn’t have to

8.What do you usually do after _______ school?

A. a B. the C. an D. /

9.In my home I have _____ rules?

A. too many B. too much C. many too D. much too

10.Sorry, you ______ play basketball in the classroom.

A. can’t B. don’t C. don’t have to

11.I usually __________the bus stop at 7:30 in the morning.

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习

A. arrive B. arrive at C. arrive in

---______________,but we can eat in the dinning hall.

C. Yes, we can’t D. No, we can’t 12.---Can you eat in the classroom? A. Yes, you can B. No, you can’t

13. I usually arrive _____ the bus stop at 7:30 in the morining.

A. arrive


1.You can’t eat food in class.(改为祈使句)______________________________________________

2.You must walk to school today. .(改为祈使句) ______________________________________________

3.You can’t leave the dirty dishes in the kitchen. (改为祈使句) _____ ______ the dirty dishes in the kitchen.

4.I’m not happy 对划线部分提问)

________ _______ _______ not happy?

5. Do your homework at school. (改为否定句) ________ __________ your homework at school.

6. Jack has to play the piano every weekend? (改为一般疑问句)

______ Jack _______ _______ play the piano every weekend?

7. 对划线部分提问) _____ does he _______ _______ ________?

Unit 5

一 .用适当的介词填空

1. The dog can walk _____two legs. 2. Thank you_____ your coming.

4. The elephant is a symbol ____ good luck. B. arrive at C. arrive in 3. Tom and Paul usually watch TV _____ weekends.

5. Elephants are ____ great danger.

7. Lazy is a good name ____ her.


1.Jenny has two_______(宠物) 6. We must save the trees and not buy things made ____ ivory. 2.Look!The dog has only three______(腿)。

3. Mr Lee usually_______ (relax) 30 minutes in the afternoon.

4. Larry wants to eat some_______ (chicken) for lunch.

6. You can see a lot of red 5. Please remember________ (bring) the book to me! 7. I can draw very 8. We must save the trees and not buy things _____ (make) of ivory.

9. Why_____ Julia________ (want) to see tigers?


1.-Is that ____ elephant?-No, it’s _____ lion. A. an, a

B.a, an B. kind C. A, a C. a kind of 10. Please help me .I need some______(water) 2. I don’t like maths. It’s _________ difficult for me. A. kind of

附中博才实验中学 七年级下 英语期末复习

3. ---______she so happy?

A. Why does ----Because she sees her old friend. C. Why do D. Why B. Why is

4. ----Where______ lions_____ from?

A. are, come -----They are from South Africa. C .do,/ D. does, come B. are, /

5. Elephants can remember places ________food and water.

A. with B. of

C. for 6. ----Is she ______to you? ----Yes, we are_______.

A, friend, friendly B. friends, friendly C. friendly, friends

7. -Why _____ you like maths?

A. not -Because it’s really difficult. C. do D. don’t B. aren’t

8. -Isn’t she beautiful?

A. Yes, she is -__________. C. No, she is.

B. made of C. makes of

B. is C. are B. Yes, she isn’t. 9. We mustn’t buy the cups __________ trees. A. make of 10. One of the animals ________ from Thailand. A. come

四. 句型转换

1. I like koalas.(改为一般疑问句)

2. Where is Jim from?(改为同义句) __________________________________. Where______ Jim ______ ________? 对划线部分提问)_____________________________________?

4. Is the animal big?(否定回答) _______,_______ ________. 对划线部分提问) ______ ______ Peter _______ _______? 对划线部分提问)


Jenny: Your dog is really cute, Peter!

Peter: He is my new pet, Dingding. He is very smart.Jenny: Really?___________________?

Peter: He can walk on two legs. He can ________________ (也会跳舞).

Jenny: Wow! Does your family have a pet?

Jenny: My mom has a big cat, _____ I don't like her.

Peter: _________________________?

Jenny: Well, because she is kind of boring. She _______ all day and her name is Lazy.

Peter: Haha, then that's a good name for her!

_______ _______ _______ like pandas?

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