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姓名: 分数: 初一小班测试题

一.听力 ( )1. Where are the two speakers? A. B. C.

( )2. Where did Tom go last week? A.

B. C.

( )3. What is Lily’s favorite animal?

A. B. C.

( )4. What are they going to do this Sunday?

A. B. C.

二.单选( ).1. Jim ______ to school every day. A. go B. goes C. comes

D. to go

( )2Mr Brown says the Chinese people _______ very _______..

A. is , friendly B. are, friend

C. are, friendly D. is, friend

( ) 3 I like ______ and _______.

A. sing, read B. sing, reading

C. singing, reading D. singing, read

( ) 4 ______ you study in the school? A. Are B. Is C. Do D. Does

( ) 5. Kim often help me ______ English. A. learn B. learning

C. learns D. learned

( )6. Tim ________ his homework yesterday.

A. doesn’t do B. don’t do

C. didn’t do D. didn’t did

( )7. “ Where _____ you yesterday?” “ I _____ at home.”

A. were ; were B. did ; was C. was ; was D. were ; was

( )8. “ Do they _____ TV every Sunday?” “ No. they didn’t _____ TV last Sunday.”

A. watch ; watched B. watched ; watched

( )9. Last weekend I didn’t _____ my uncle.

A. visited B. saw C. meet D. helped

( )10. Jim enjoys _____ soccer very much.

A. play B. played C. playing D. to play


The crow (乌鸦)is an ordinary(普通的) bird. It is about twenty inches(英寸) long and black all over. Crows are dirty birds because they live on old bad food. Crows eat a lot of waste food. In this way they are more useful to us than any birds. They clean up the dirty things in our streets. Crows are always hungry. They look for food all day long, and in the evening you can see them in large numbers flying back to their nests(窝) in the trees. They sleep there at night.

Crows are much noisier than other birds. Very often a large number of crows will get together on one house and talk. Sometimes they talk together, and sometimes they do it by turns like human beings(人类). It is easy to tell from(区别) crows’ sounds whether they are pleased or angry. Perhaps crows talk a lot because they are friendly birds. A pair of crows will live together all their lives, and if one of them dies, the other one becomes very sad and quiet for the rest of its life and sometimes it dies, too.

( )1. A crow is _________ inches long.

A. about twenty B. thirty C. ten D. less than twenty

( )2. Why are crows dirty?

A. They are black all over the body.

B. They like to eat dirty food.

C. They usually talk.

D. They don’t have baths.

( ) 3. Crows are always _________.

A. hungry B. pleased C. sad D. kind

( ) 4. Why are crows more useful to us than any birds?

A. They are usually noisy.

B. They are usually dirty.

C. They are flying in large numbers.

D. They eat a lot of waste food.

( ) 5. You can tell from crows’ sounds _________.

A. whether they are hungry or full

B. whether they are pleased or hungry

C. whether they are ill or healthy

D. whether they are living or dead.







五. 写作。

根据下列表格提示,以Alicia’s Saturday为题写一篇60词左右的英语短文。(用一般过去时态)




III. 阅读理解。



1.M: Can I help you ,madam?

W: I’d like to order two pieces of cake and a cup of coffee, please!

2. W: Hi, Tom. I called you last week but nobody answered. M: Oh, I went to the capital of the UK.

3. M: I like pandas best. What about you, Lily?

W: Me too. 4. W: Are you going to watch cartoons this Sunday, Sam and Jim? M: No, we plan to help our mother do the housework.

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