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The First Lesson
Welcome to our school
I’m happy, lucky to help you learn the most interesting



2.Demands and rules for an English class.

To learn English well, you must learn
1. International phonetic symbols(音 标) 2. Words and expressions

3. Sentence patterns
4. Grammar rules

What am I going to do for you?
To give you some directions, help you learn, check your schoolwork. What are you going to do in and after class? 1.To be active (in class activities). 2.To be brave (to speak, ask and answer). 3.To be careful (with your work).

Shall we have some class rules in our English lessons?
1.Don’t be late for school or class. 2.Don’t use mobile phone in class.

3.No eating or drinking in class.
4.No laughing when someone makes a mistake.

5.No talking when someone is speaking.
6.No sleeping in class. 7. No fighting in class. 8.Hand in your homework on time……

* Be on time. Be quiet when the teacher comes.
* Take your textbook, a notebook, a black pen and a red pen.

* Listen carefully in class.
* Always put up your hand before you

want to say something.

1.预习26个英文字母的书写笔顺,格式 和读音(见S3) 2.默写26个英文字母大小写(作业本)

The Alphabet


International Phonetic symbols(国际音标)

? the system or pattern of speech sounds used in a particular language
语音最小单位是音素。语言的语音 都是由四十八个不同的音素相互组 合而成的。

What are phonetic symbols?

48 phonetic symbols
Vowel sounds



[i:] [e] [?:] [ ?] [?:] [u:]

How many phonetic symbols are there?
[i] [? ] [?] [α:] [? ] [u]

Voiceless C.

Voiced C.

[p] [t]

[ei] [?u] [ai] [au] [?i] [i?] [??] [u?]

[k] [f] [s] [?] [?] [?] [tr] [?] [h]

[b] [g] [z] [?] [dr] [r] [m] [ [w]

元音 vowels (20个) 1. 前元音 [ i:] – e, ee, ea, ie, ei, eo… he see, read, piece, ceiling, people A: Tea or coffee? B: Tea for Lee and coffee for me, please. is, English, busy, money [ i ] – i, e, y, ey… His little sister is sitting in the middle. [ e ] – e, ea, ai … red, then, head, again Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Till good is better. And better best. [? ]–a hat, bag, can, apple Cat, cat! Catch that black rat!

1. it--eat 3. fill—feel 5. tree—trip 7. sheep—ship 9. live—leave 11. pea—pit 13. street—strict


2. live—leave 4. seat—sit 6. bit—bee 8. deed—did 10. feed—fit 12. rid—read 14. sleep—slip

1.bet--bat 3. bag—beg 5. neck--lack 7. bad—bed 2. pat—pet 4. sat—set 6. sad—said 8. dad—dead

9. lad—led

10. fad—fed

中元音 ? [ ? ] – er, a, e clever, ruler, panda, open ? The farmer’s sister is a doctor. ? [ ?:] – ir, ur or girl, shirt, purple, work ? The early bird catches the worm first. love, colour, us, duck ? [Λ] – o, u ? Come to the front on the double.

Read the words

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