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Module 1

How to learn English

Unit 1

Let’s try to speak English as much as possible

What are the good ways to learn English? There is some advice.

watch English programmes on CCTV9

look up new words in a dictionary

read English newspapers, books and magazines

watch English films

talk to foreigners

Speak English as much as possible

3 Listen to the dialogue.

Listen, and put the following advice in order A.Speak English (as much as possible) B.Spell and pronounce new words aloud every day. C.Try to find some English pen friends. D.Write down mistakes. E. listen to the radio. F.Write down the correct answers next to the mistakes. G.Listen for key words and main ideas.

4 Listen and fill in the blanks. Some advice on good ways to learn English

We should always speak English in class. _________ Let’s _____try to speak English as much as possible. Why not ______write down our mistakes ? Don’t forget to write down the correct answers. _______ It’s a good idea to _______________ spell and pronounce new words aloud. How about listening to the radio? _______ _______ Why don’t we try to find some English pen friends

Work in groups. Give the advice about learning English well.

You can use the following :
Problems I can’t… I don’t know… I am not good at… I don’t do well in… Advice 1. You should/shouldn’t do… 2. How (what) about doing…? 3. Why don’t you/why not do…? 4. Don’t forget to… 5. Try (not)to… 6.Let’s do … 7. It’s a good idea to…

——I am not good at listening, what should I do? —— Why not watch English programmers on CCTV 9?

Read the conversation and make a dialogue with your partners. 导航 M1U1

M1 How to learn English

Unit 2 You should smile at her!

Problems in learning English: ? I can’t ……
? I don’t know…… ? I am not good at…… ? I don’t like……

Read and guess the main idea.

What does the passage talk about?

Ask questions then fill in your blanks with your partner.
A: The first question is about understanding _________ and ____. Li Hao from Hubei wrote, “I like _________ and__________, but I don’t understand very much. What can I do?” A: The second question is about __________. Wang Fang from Jilin wrote, “ our school has a teacher from the US. I am shy and I am afraid to speak to her. What should I do? A: The third question is about vocabulary. Zhang lei from Anhui wrote’ “I write down new words, but I forget them quickly. How can I remember them?”

B: Watching films and listening to songs are great ways to learn English. Watch and listen several times, and guess the meaning of the new words. Each time you will learn something new. I also advise you to talk about the films or songs with your friends. B: You can say, “ Hello! How are you?” “Do you like China?” These are good ways to start a conversation. And before you begin, you should smile at her! Remember this: Do not be __

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