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Unit 8导学案

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Unit 8 Is there a post office near here?

第一课时 Section A 1a-1c

词汇:post office, police station , hotel, restaurant , bank , hospital, street , pay phone , near

句型: —Is there a hospital near here?

—Yes, there is. It’s on Bridge Street.

Before class:

1. 邮局________ 2. police station________

3.付费电话___________ 4.near here_________

5. 在大桥街__________ 6.on Center Street__________

During class:

1. There is a hospital near here. (改为一般疑问句)

_____ _____ a hospital near here?

2. Is there a hotel on Bridge Street? ( 作肯定回答)

—____, ______ _____.

3. is, on Center Street, a hotel ,there. (连词成句)

__________________________________________ .

第二课时 Section A 2a—2d

词汇:across from, in front of, behind, town, around

句型:The pay phone is on Greet Street.

The pay phone is next to the library.

目标:掌握所学单词;学会使用方位介词说明建筑物之间的位置关系 Before class:

1, in front of __________ 2, in the front of__________ 3,在....对面___________ 4,walk with you__________ 5, 没有问题__________ 6,紧挨着_____________

During class:


There is a tree___ ____ ____ the classroom.


The bank is not too_____ _____ the hotel. You can walk there.

3,—_____ is the police station?

— It’s on South Street.

A. Where B. What C. How D.Why

第三课时 Grammar Focus— 3c


句型:—Where’s the hotel? — It’s behind the police station.

—Is there a bank near here? —Yes,there is. It’s on Center Street. 目标:掌握where 引导的特殊疑问句;there be 句型

Before class:

1,There are some apples on the tree.(改为否定句)

There ______ _______ apples on the tree.


Our school is _____ ____ the hotel.

During class:

1, Tom sits between_____ and ______.

A. you; I B. her; I C. her; me D. she ; me 2, There______ a small park and two restaurants near our office.

A. is B. are C. am D. be 3,She is short, so she sits______the classroom.

A. behind B. in front of C. beside D .in the front of

第四课时 Section B 1a—1d

词汇:go along, turn right ,turn left, crossing

句型: —Is there a supermarket near here?

— Yes, there is. Go along Bridge Street.

目标:学会描述建筑物的位置关系;there be 句型

Before class:

1.go along_______ 2. 向右转___________

3. turn left_______ 4.打扰了____________

5.第一个十字路口_________ 6.在超市对面____________

During class:

1, There is a post office near here. (改为同义句)

There is a post office ___ ___.

2, Turn right ______________________ (在第一个十字路口). 3,—______,is there a post office near here ?

—_______, I don’t know.

A. Sorry ; Sorry B. Excuse me ; Sorry

C. Sorry ; Excuse me D. Excuse me ; Excuse me

第五课时 Section B 2a—2c

词汇:neighborhood,spend time, climb, road , often, air, sunshine, free, enjoy reading, easily, money

句型:There is a zoo in my neighborhood.

There is a big park across from the supermarket.

Just go down North Road and turn left.

Before class:

1.书店 ______ 2. 超市 ________

3. look like _______ 4. enjoy reading ______

5. I often exercise at the park because I love the clean air and sunshine. ________________________________________________________

6. 在我家和服装店之间有一个邮政局。


During class:

1,Go along this street. You can find a bank ______ the park .

A. between B. under C. in the front D. in front of 2,When I ______ home , I enjoy ____TV.

A. get to; watch B. get; watching

C. arrive; to enjoy D. arrive; watching

第六课时 Section B 3a — Self Check 词汇:本单元所有单词

句型:Is /Are there...? Yes, there is/are.


Before class:

1. go shopping ________ 2. 空闲的时间_________

3. spend time _________ 4. on school days________

5.What is your favorite place in your neighborhood?


During class: 对画线部分提问) ______ your school?

2, The house is across ____ the school.

A. in B. from C. at D.of

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