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阅读下面短文,根据短文内容用方框内所给词语的适当形式填空,使短文语义完整, (一定要注意形式变化)

think they get too many gifts. Different people like different kinds____2_____ gifts. Gift giving is

4 like the stamps you sent to me. I have 5 them in the photo album is stored in it. My father said,"It is one of the best 3 in the world. Such a small object can store so much information. How 4 !"

Years ago, my father 5 to take lots of documents and work-related papers with him. Because he had to read them at home or on the way to work. Nice times out of ten, it is good to 6 through the notebook computer rather than 7 lots of papers. So he doesn’t need to take heavy papers with him every day. Often I put some 8 of my family in his handbag. The pictures can remind him 9 home after work. They also remind him that something 10 than work is the family.


gifts. Some old people think they get too many gifts. Different people like different kinds__2_ gifts. Gift giving is different in different__3__. In Japan, people sometimes give__4__ gifts. But they are not opened. Later, the same gift may be given__5__to someone else. Many people have enough things and don’t want too many gifts __6_. In the USA, some people ask their __7__ and friends to give money to __8__rather than buy them gifts. In Sweden, doing something for someone is the __9____ gift.


My terrible idea! It meant I speak 5 all the teachers and students of my school!

“” Then mother and I talked topics. At last I 7 the topic “

’s great love, I did well in the Those who once looked 10 on me, now all said H

Light travels at a speed(速度) which is about a million times 1 . ________ than that of sound. 2. ________ one second, light travels about 300,000 kilometers, but sound travels only 340 meters. You can get some idea of this difference by 3. ________ the start of a running match. If you

stand far away from the starter(发令员), you can see smoke 4.________ from his gun 5.________ the sound reaches your ears.

The fast speed of light produces some strange facts. The nearest star is 6. ________ far away that light which you can see from it tonight started to travel to you four years 7. ________ at a speed of nearly two million kilometers every minute. The light from some of tonight’s started on 8. ________ journey towards you even before you were born.So, if we want to be honest(诚实), we 9. ________ say , “ The

is getting worse and I even 4.________ from it in my sleep. ball. When I wake up, I’m more 7. ________than am I going to do? ”

做梦) about football. Before you fall asleep, party and someone is going to give you several million dollars.”

“ Are you crazy (疯了) ?” the man shouted, “ I’ll 10. ________ the ball !”


You may think there is nothing but sand in the desert of the world, but it is not true. In the desert we can 1._______ stones. We can see hills, too. There is a little rain in the 2.________, but it is not 3. ______ for most plants.

The animals are 4. _______ to the desert people in many ways. The desert people eat the meat and drink the milk of the animals. They use their skins to 5. ________ shoes, water bags and even tents(帐篷). They use the camels(骆驼) for 6. _______ things.

The people of the desert have to keep 7. _______ from They must always look for grass or they take down their tents, put them on the camels to 8. _______ place. The desert people are very 9. _______. No desert would ever refuse to help the people in 10._______ and them food and water.

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