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Bob. Speaking!

Amy. I’m calling to thank you for your present.


Amy. Very much. It is a beautiful sweater. I really like the color.

Bob. By the way, you look wonderful at the party.

Amy. Thank you ! I really enjoyed it. _____3_______ Bob. Oh, I went to the History Museum.

Amy. ____4________

Bob. Well, I saw many old inventions on show.

Amy. Wow! Are there any new inventions?

Bob. Yes, many more ! ____5_______

Amy. Sounds great.



Miss Wu:Can I help you?

Li Gang:Yes,I'd like to return this book,please.

Miss Wu:1 ______.

Li Gang:No,I couldn’t read it pages,and then I decided to give up.

Miss Wu:2 ______ Li Gang:.It was the words.They are too small for me. Miss Wu: Li Gang:.

but one with bigger words.


:Oh,Oliver Twist.This one is fine.And the words arc much bigger.Thank you very much

Miss Wu:You’re welcome.



Andrea:Hi,Mark.I want to have a class party. Will you help me organize it? Mark:Sure,andrea. So when are you going to have the party?


Mark:No,today is too early. If you going to have it today,most of the class won’t come.

Andrea:Mark:Because the students have to get ready for a test.

Andrea:Okay,let’s have it tomorrow evening.

Mark:Hmm...tomorrowis Saturday. Students will go home.

Andrea:Okay,let’Mark:But I think we need some foodand drinks.

Andrea:Right. Could you help mebuy some?

Mark:Sure,I can do it. And what do we need?


1. A. I don’t know. B. I can you.

.C. I can’t do it. D. I have it

2. A. how about the party. B.

C. how about this evening. D.

3. A. Why do you say so? B.

C. Who won’t come? ?

4. A. good idea

C. of course.

5. A. What’s the problem?

D. let’s make a list.


(L----Liming, X K b 1. C om

W. Yes ,you are right. _______3_______?

L. of course. Let’s go to the shop together. But I think I should buy a good present such as a dress for my mother. W.. ____4_____. I think that to send my mother some beautiful flowers is the best.

L.Perhaps you are right . I’ll follow you .

W. ________5_______?

L. I think carnations are the best, How do like them?

W. That’s great,! Let’s go.



A: Hi, Tom. You were not here yesterday afternoon. What was wrong?

B: 1____________

A: Sorry to hear that. _2______________?

B: Much better. The fever is gone. But I still cough and I feel weak.

A: _____3_________________?

B: Yes, I have. I went to the doctor’s yesterday afternoon. The doctor gave me some medicine and asked me to stay in bed for a few days.

A: _____4_____________?

B: Because I’m afraid I’ll miss more lessons and I’ll be left behind.

A: Don’t worry. Take care of yourself. ____5_________

B: Thank you.


M: Good morning.

W: Good morning, doctor.

W: I’M: When did it start ?

M: You should come earlier.

M: Oh, I see.

bed for two days.

W: Thank you, doctor.



A. I’B. ’A. B. ’s the first time for me to go to France.

A. Paris is a beautiful city . It has some fantastic sights ,including the Eiffel


B. No , not far .the Eiffel Tower is near my art school, so I’ll visit it first.

A. _4________________________________________?

B. Yes. I’ve learned a little French in school , so I’ll try to speak.

A. __5_______________________________________ ? 新- 课 -标- 第 -一- 网

B. If I want to eat Chinese food , I’ll cook it myself .



A: _________me, please. Could you tell me _________ to get to the East Street Hospital? B: Go _________ this street _________you _________the second traffic lights. _________right and you’ll _________ the hospital at the _________ of the road. A: How _________ is it?

B: About three kilometers. It’ll _________ you about _________an hour. But you’d _________ catch a bus.

A: _________ bus shall I take?

B: The Number 2 bus will take you _________.

A: Thanks a lot.

B: You’re _________.


A:Excuse me,sir? Where is the nearest hotel?

B.-(1)_____ _____.You may ask that policeman over there.

A:Thank you all the same.

(The man goes to the policeman)

A:Excuse me.(2) ?

C:No,there isn’t a hotel near here, A:-(3)-____ ____ __?

C:lt’s about two kilometres away.

A:(4) ?

C:You’d better take a taxi,

A: (5) .

C:You’re welcome.

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