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河南省濮阳市南乐县张果屯乡中学2014年七年级英语下册 lesson 13 What are you doing?课件 冀教版

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Lesson 13 What are you doing?

New words

Think about it


Let’s do it


New words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? maybe adv. 可能 washroom n. 洗手间 quiet adj. 安静的 word n. 词;字 game n. 游戏 newspaper n. 报纸 join v. 加入 baby n. 婴儿 use v. & n. 使用

Think about it
? What is your favorite game? Why? ? Do you like babies? Why or why not? ? What is the baby doing? What is Danny doing?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

What is your fvourite game? 你最喜欢的游戏是 什么? favourite 的用法如下: 形容词 “特别喜爱的”。例如: My favourite colour is red. 我最喜欢的颜色是红 色。 My favourite subject is English. 我最喜欢的科 目是英语。 可作名词 “特别喜爱的人或物”。例如: Bananas are my favourite. 香蕉是我的最爱。 Jazz music is his favourite. 爵士乐事他的最爱。

? What is the baby doing? 那个婴儿正在干什么? ? be (am, is, are)+现在分词构成现在进行时,当主语是第一 人称 (I) 时用 am,主语是第三人称单数(he/she/it)时用 is, 主语是第二人称及复数人称时用 are。例如: ? I am making a kite. 我正在做风筝。 ? The girl is watching the basketball match.这个女孩正在看 篮球比赛。 ? They are planting trees over there. 他们正在那植树。

Read and find the answers
1. What’s Li Ming doing?
2.How about Jenny and Wu Li ?

3.Does Danny want to join the game? Why? 4.What does the baby doing ?

? L: Where is Wu Li, Danny? ? D: I don’t know. I can’t see her. Maybe she is going to the washroom. ? J: Wu Li is here. Shi is sitting beside me. ? L: You two are quiet. What are you doing? ? J: We’re playing a word game. You’re quiet, too. What are you doing? ? L: I am reading the newspaper. But can I join you? ? J: Sure! Do you want to join the game, too, Danny? ? D: No. I’m playing with a baby! I like to play with babies. He is laughing. I hope he doesn’t need to use the washroom!

? We are playing a word game. 我们正在做一个单词游戏。 ? play 的用法: ? 动词 “玩;装扮;演奏;演出;打(球);踢(球)”。例如: – 玩;装扮。例如: ? Children like to play. 孩子们爱玩。 ? Li Lei and his friends like to play in the wood house.李雷和他 的朋友们喜欢在木房子里玩。 – 演(弹,吹)奏。例如: ? I like playing the violin. 我喜欢拉小提琴。 ? 3)表演;上演;上映。例如: ? What’s playing at the theatre? 剧场里在表演什么节目? ? 4)打(玩,踢)球。例如: ? The boys are playing football on the playground. 孩子们正在操 场上踢足球。

? You two are quiet. 你们两个很安静。 ? quiet 是形容词 “安静的;寂静的”;反义词:noisy “嘈 杂的”。例如:

? She is a quiet girl. 她是个安静的女孩。
? a quiet evening 宁

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