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河南省濮阳市南乐县张果屯乡中学2014年七年级英语下册 Lesson 25课件 冀教版

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Unit 4

Lesson 25 Good-bye, Beijing

New words Think about it


Let’s do it

New words
? airport n. 飞机场
? begin (began, begun) v. 开始 ? never adv. 从不

? every adj. 每个的


Think about it
? Have you ever said good-bye to a good friend? Where? When? How did you feel? ? What makes Danny sad? What makes him happy?

It is time for everyone to go home. Danny and jenny will go back to Canada by plane. Li Ming and Mr. Li will go back to Shijianzhuang by train. They take a taxi to the airport. L: Thank you for coming, Danny and Jenny. I hope to see you again. J: I hope so, too! I’ll miss you, Li Ming. (Danny is sad. He begins to cry.) D: Oh, no, Li Ming! I’ll never see you again! What will I do? I’ll have no friends. J: Danny! What about Steven? What about your family? (Danny becomes happy.) D: You’re right, Jenny. You are my friend, too. And I can eat donuts everyday at home! ML: Time to leave! L: Good-bye, Danny and Jenny! J: No, Li Ming, don’t say good-bye. Say “ See you later.”

Let’s do it

? I a small group, make up a dialogue. You are at the station or airport. One friend is leaving. The others are saying


? ?
? ? ? ? ?

It’s time for everyone to go home. 每个人都该回家了。 到了(做)某事的时间了。可以用 It’s time for sb. 或 It’s time to do sth. 表示。例如: It’s time for class. (It’s time to have class.) 到了上课的时 间了。 It’s time for lunch. (It’s time to have lunch.) 该吃午饭了。 还可在 It’s time 后加 for +sb. 表示对某人而言该做某事 了。 It’s time for me to leave. 我该走了。 It’s time for Danny to do his homework. 丹尼该做作业了。

? ?

? ? ?

Danny and Jenny will go back to Canada by plane. 丹尼和詹妮 要乘飞机回加拿大。 go…by + 交通工具,乘(坐)……去……。介词 by 后直接加 交通工具,表示交通工具的名词不能用复数,也不需加冠词、 定语等来修饰。例如: Li Ming goes to school by bike every day. 李明每天骑自行车上 学。 Does your father go to work by train or by bus? 你爸爸上班乘 火车还是公共汽车? go…by plane 乘飞机去…….,可直接用 fly… (飞往……) 表示。 例句可改写为: Danny and Jenny will fly back to Canada.


? ? ? ? ?


Thank you for coming, Danny and Jenny. 丹尼,詹妮,谢 谢你们的到来。 Thank you for… 或 Thanks for… 意思都是“因某事(物) 对别人表示感谢”。 注意:for 为介词,后跟名词、代词或动名词。例如: Thank you for your bike. 谢谢你的自行车。 Thanks for the dictionary. 谢谢你的辞典。 若 for 后面跟一件事、一个动作,则必须将其改为动名词 形式。 Thank you for your help. (=Thank you for helping me.) 谢 谢你的帮助。(多谢你帮我。) Thanks for asking me. 谢谢你邀请我。

? I’

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