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河南省濮阳市南乐县张果屯乡中学2014年七年级英语下册 Lesson 10课件 冀教版

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Think about it?
? Recite the text together. ? Check the words. ? look at the picture and answer the questions. ? What can you see? Who are they? Where ? are they? Do you know?

Read the text and look for new words
1: people,crowded,find,their,grass,woman(pl) point,village,house,something,away,thing, over there,top. 2: Find important points and difficult points. 3: Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks. Danny,Jenny, Li Ming and Mrs li get on the train. There are___people on the train.It’s___.They find ___seats,and the train leaves the station.Danny is very ___.He looks___ ___ ___at the people on the train.___he looks___ ___the window.Look !

There’s a ___brown cow!Can you see it, Jenny?Yes, I can.It’s___grass.I see a___ with a sheep.Please ___to them.There they are and There’s a small___!What;s the red thing ___ ___.This is___.

Let’s do it!
1 :Work with two partners.Write and practice a dialogue.what else do you think Jenny , Danny and Li Ming see? Present your dialog ue to your classmates. 2: Read the dialogue.

Quick quiz
单项选择: 1:There’s___with your watch because it often keeps bad time(走的不准) A nothing wrong B something wrong C wrong nothing D wrong something 2: There___some milk in the glass. A be B is C am D are 3: There is a woman ___a baby in the room. A with B to C by D about 4: Look at the two girls. They___music now A listen B listen to C are listening D are listening to 5: Is there a train in the picture? A yes, it is. B yes,it isn’t.C yes,there is.D yes,there isn’t 句型转换 1:Sometimes they make dumplings at home.(用now 替换句中的sometime 改写句子 。 They ____ ____dumplings at home now.

2: The students are cleaning the classroom (对划线部分提问) ___ ___the students___? 3: I’m having breakfast.(改为一般疑问句) ___ ___ ___breakfast? 4: I see a red car under the tree.(对划线部 分提问) ___ ___you___a red car? 5: A week has seven days.(改为同义句) ___ ___seven days___a week.

Summary and homework

1: Go over the words and important points. 2: Read the dialogue. 3:Make sentences with the words.

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