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河南省濮阳市南乐县张果屯乡中学2014年七年级英语下册 Lesson 17课件 冀教版

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Unit 3

Lesson 17 A Taxi to the Hotel
New words Think about it Dialogue Let’s do it


New words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? driver n. 司机 translate v. 翻译 surprise v. 感到惊讶的 drive v. 驱赶 hey int. 嗨 quickly adv. 快;迅速 0aonther adj. 另外的 pron. 另一个 ? slowly adv. 慢慢地

Think about it
? Do you like to take taxies? Why or
why not? ? Have you ever stayed in a hotel?

When? Where?
? Why is Danny scared?

? ? ? ? ? ML: Okay, everyone. Let’s go to our hotel. Danny: Okay! Let’s walk. J: Danny! It’s too far! D: Oh! L: Let’s take a taxi. There is one. You can speak Chinese with the driver, Danny. ? D: (He speaks in Chinese.) Ni hao, driver! ? Dr: Ni hao! ? D: See? I speak good Chinese.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

J: Please speak more Chinese, Danny! D: Hao de. Beijing Hotel, Please. L: Beijing bin guan, shi fu. D: Li Ming, don’t translate for me! L: Sorry, Danny! J: There are so many bicycles, cars and buses here. And so many people! Dr: Yes. And many interesting places. D: (He is surprised.) Hey, driver! You speak English! Please don’t drive so quickly! There is a bicycle! There is another car! Please drive slowly. I’m scared! D: Okay. J: The cars are quick. They go quickly. the bicycles are slow, they go slowly.

Let’s do it
? Work in a small group. Imagine you are a tour guide. Your group members are tourist on a trip to Beijing. Where do they want to go? Where do you take


? ? ? ?

? ? ? ?

Let’s walk. 咱们步行吧。 walk 的用法: 动词,“步行;走路”。例如: Miss Gao walks to school every day. 高小姐每天 步行上学。 He’s five years old but can’t walk yet. 他五岁了, 但还不会走路。 He walks and reads English in the zoo every morning. 他每天早上都到动物园散步并朗读英 语。 名词,“散步”。例如: have/take a walk 去散步 go out for a walk 出去散步

? ? ? ?

Let’s take a taxi. 咱们打的(乘出租车)吧。 take a taxi to… 乘出租车去…… (=go to…by taxi). 例如: He takes a taxi to his office. =He goes to his office by taxi. 他 乘出租车去他的办公室。 拓展:

? ?

take a train to… 乘火车去…… (=go to…by train)
take a bus to… 乘公共汽车去……(=go to…by bus) take a plane to… 乘飞机去……(=go to…by plane)

? You can speak Chinese with the driver, Danny. 丹 尼,你可以同司机讲汉语。 ? speak 的用法: ? 不及物动词,“说话;谈话”。例如: ? I will speak to him about the matter. 我将和他谈 这件事。 ? You speak too quickly, and I can’t see you. 你说得 太快了,我听不明白。 ? 及物动词,“说(某种语言)”。例如: ? Can you speak English? 你会说英语吗? ? The boy speaks Chinese very well. 这个男孩说英 语说得很棒。

? ? ? ?

Li Ming, d

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