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Unit 3 Exx

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Unit 3 Exx

1.He met a snake, so he was s_____. 2.Where is the cat? It’s c____a tree. 3.The cat is j_____down from the tree. 4.Linda couldn’t see Davy a____. 5.What h____while Linda was on the telephone? 6. What was Davy doing when Linda f____saw him? 7. Davy met another dog o____the station.

1.当那个贼想逃跑时, 一个警官跳了下来。 When the thief wanted to ____ ____, a police officer ___ ____. 2.昨天汤姆看见一只猫在树上。 Tom ___ a cat ____ the tree yeterday. 3.上个星期天我去车站接我姑姑,车站太挤了。 I went to the station to ___ my aunt last Sunday. The station was too____. 4.他太害怕不敢从房间里出来。 He was too ___ to__ ___ ___the room. 5.让他进来,挨着你坐下。Let him__ __and __ __ __you.

1. Is it strange?(改为否定句) 2.I was cleaning windows at home at 8:00 yesterday. 3.The food tasted so delicious.(该为感叹句) 4.Mary was trying it tell the story in English. 5.To his surprise, he found the lovly dog dead. 改为同义句 He___ ___ to ___the lovely dog dead. 6.You were studing English at seven yesterday morning,___ ____?

1.There are some beautiful trees___our classroom. A.on the front of B. on the front of C. in the front of D.in front of 2.Isn’t it __to see a UFO landing in the front of me? ? amamed B. surprised C.amazing D. excited 3.We must huury up, and the plane will__ in five minutes. A. leave B. go C. take off D. land on

4.Ted__while he __his bicycle and hurt himself. A. fell; was riding B.had fallen;rode C. fell;were riding D.had fallen;was riding 5.The reporter said that the UFo___from east to west when he saw it. A.was traveling B.traveled C.had been traveling D. has traveled 6.When he__home, his mother was cooking . A.arrived in B. got C.got to D. reaching

7.When the alien__out of the restaurant, Tom__the pizza. A.came; was eating B.come; was eating C.comes; ate D.was coming ; ate 8.—What did the teacher say just now? ---Sorry. I didn’t catch it. I __something else. A.think B. will think C. was thinking D. had thought 9.The boy was playing with a cat __a UFO landed before him. A. that B. while C. when D. because

10.When we call “10086”,we always hear sweet voice___the phone. A. in B. on C. through D. by 11.We shouldn’t __here for there is a sign saying”No photos.” A.buy photos B. see a photos C.drwa a photo D. take photos 12.There is a bird___the tree. A.in B. on C. in front D. over

13.When my teacher got to my home, my famliy__dinner. A.was having B. were having C. is having D. are having 14.The hall is crowded___people. A.at B. in C. with D. of 15.The room was full___smoke after a big fire. A. of B. with C. in D. for

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