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河南省濮阳市南乐县张果屯乡中学2014年七年级英语下册 Lesson 20 Let’s write home课件 冀教版

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Lesson 20

Let’s write home

Let’s do it


Let’s do it

Learning aims:
1.Master the new words : letter ,dear ,dad ,soon,bottom , address ,stamp 2. Understand : envelope, postcard ,corner ,road 3.Try to learn to post a postcard

New words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? letter n. 信 dear adj. 亲爱的 dad n. 爸爸 soon adv. 不久;很快 envelope n. 信封 bottom n. 底部 Mr. n. 先生 postcard n. 明信片 address n. 地址 stamp n. 邮票 corner n. 角落 road n. 公路

Li Ming’s letter
? Thursday, February 4th ? Dear Dad, ? How are you? Beijing is a big city! It’s bigger than Shijianzhuang. I like the Palace Museum. It’s beautiful. ? Mum and I are fine. We are happy here. Don’t worry about us. ? See you soon. ? Love, LiMing

an envelope This is the top

a stamp

This is the left . This is the right .


This is the bottom

I’m putting the letter in an envelope

This is the top

This is the left

This is the right

This is the bottom

Jenny’s and Danny’s postcards
? Where do you write on a postcard? On the left. ? Where do you put the address? On the right. ? Where do you put the stamp? In the top, right corner of the postcard.

Thursday, February 4th Dear Mum and Dad, We are having fun in Beijing. There is a picture on the postcard. It is our hotel! It’s near Wangfujing Street. I miss you. Love. Jenny

Put the stamp here

Mr. and Mrs. Smith 522 Park Road

Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T2K 5G6

? J: What are you doing, Danny? ? D: I’m writing nine postcards to my mother. ? J: Nine?! ? D: Yes! Look! ? J: Danny!

Do you have a computer ? Do you use e-mail ? Do you have an e-mail address ? Read the e-mail and the dialogue, then answer the questions . Questions .

1.Does Danny have to pay for the e-mail ? What’s the price ?
2.Who is the e-mail to ,who is the e-mail from ?

3. When will Danny come back to Canada ?

Let’s do it

? Make a postcard. Draw a picture on it. Include a place for writing a note, for the address and for the stamp. Write to a classmate. Do you know his or her address? Ask!

? ?

How are you? 你(身体)好吗? 回答可以是:I’m fine, thank you. 我很好, 谢谢。或 Fine, thanks. 很好,谢谢。 ? 这是较为熟悉的人之间问候及应答的句式。 若为陌生人初次见面,在问候对方时应为: How do you do? 其答语也是 How do you do?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

It’s bigger than Shijiazhuang. 它比石家庄大。 bigger 是形容词 big 的比较级形式,后与 than连用, 意为 “……比……更……”。例如: His room is bigger than mine. 他的房间比我的更大。 Li Lei is shorter than Danny. 李雷比丹尼更矮。 That box is heavier than this one. 那个盒子比这个更 重。 注意:一些双音节和多音节形容词的比较级需要在 形容词前加 more, 而不是在形容词后直接加-er。例 如: more beautiful 更漂亮 mor

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