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河南省濮阳市南乐县张果屯乡中学2014年七年级英语下册 Lesson 19 The Palace Museum课件 冀教版

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Lesson 19 The Palace Museum

Learning Aims:


New words: sky, film, camera, picture, smile, careful, fall, break, tail Phrases: put … in…, take a picture, help sb. (to) do sth. Useful expressions: May I take a picture for you? / May I take your picture? This is hard. This is easy. Be careful.

Think and answer
? Have you ever been to the Palace Museum? If yes, when?


What do you know about the Palace Museum?

? Do you want to live there? Why or why not?

This is a picture of the Palace Museum.

Today Li Ming and his friends go to the Palace Museum. Look at the sky. It is blue, so the weather is fine. The palace is red and yellow. It’s beautiful. They take some pictures there.

Now let’s join them!!!

pictur e I can take a picture with the camera and film. camera film
First , Second, Third, Finally, put the film in the camera. stand beside something. smile. it is OK.

Now let ’s take pictures with the camera !!!
It’s time to play!!!

Understand and learn
? I can take a picture with the camera and film.
? ?

take a picture= take pictures 照相

May I take your picture? / May I take a picture for you? I want to take a picture. May I have
这两个句子是 your camera? 同义句

? May I help you take pictures?
want to do sth. 想干某事

help sb. do sth.= help sb. to do sth. 帮助某人干某事

Listen and answer
? 1) What happens to Jenny?
? 2) What’s wrong with Danny’s nose? ? 3) What do they do for Danny’s nose? ? 4) What’s wrong with Danny’s tail?

? In a small group, write a dialogue about taking pictures. Where are you taking pictures? What funny things happen?

? Please use as much vocabulary from this unit as possible
(camera, picture, easy, hard, help, hurt, loudly, quietly, many, everyone, men, women, children, people, quickly, slowly)

Let’s Do It !!!

? 根据首字母完成下列单词
1.Can you sing? Yes, it’s e_______ .(容易)

2.Working out the problem is h______ . (难)
3.He b______ that glass , look! He is crying. (打坏) 4.Don’t w______ , the classmates all help you. (着急) ails 5.Bad luck! He f______ off his bike. (掉下来)

6.Now Tom is putting the f____ in his c____ . (装胶卷)

It ’s time to relax !!! Bye-bye!

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