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2014七年级英语下 unit 5 Section B 1

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friendly adj. 友好的

shy adj. 羞怯的

Match the description 1. smart ___ d 1a words with the animals. 2. friendly __ f
3. beautiful __ b 4. cute ___ e 5. lazy ___ fd 6. scary ___ ac 7. small ___ f 8. shy ___ e

Describe the animals in the pictures. I like … because … I like pandas because they’re kind of shy.
I like elephants because they’re kind of smart. I like giraffes because they’re kind of beautiful.

I (don’t) like … because … I don’t like koalas because they’re really lazy. I don’t like tigers because they’re very scary. I don’t like lions because they’re really scary.

Listen and circle the description 1b words you hear in 1a. 1. smart 3. beautiful 5. lazy 7. small

2. friendly 4. cute

6. scary

8. shy

Listen again. What words do


they use to describe the animals? Fill in the chart.


Mary’s words

Tony’s words

elephants interesting, smart pandas


beautiful, shy


What animals do you like? Why?

Talk about the animals you know with your partner.

I like elephants. Because they are cute. What animals do you like?

I like dogs because they’re friendly and smart.

What animal do you like?

I like giraffes. They’re funny. What about you?

I like cats. Because they’re clean.


flag n. 旗

water n. 水

tree n. 树

ivory n. 象牙 cut v. 切

danger n. 危险

symbol n. 象征

kill v. 杀死

save v. 救

place n. 地点

forget v. 忘记


Check (√) the animals you think are in great danger. √ pandas ___ ___ tigers

___ lions ___ elephants ___ giraffes ___ koalas

I think pandas are in great danger.


Read this website article and check (√) the best title for it.

What Is an Elephant? Come to Thailand Let’s Save the Elephants √ Elephants Are Good Pets

Read the article again then answer the questions below.
1. Where are the students from? _________________________ They’re from Thailand. 2. Are elephants smart animals? __________________________ Yes, they are.

3. Why are elephants in great danger? Because people cut down many trees ________________________________

and they kill elephants for their ivory. ________________________________
4. When is Thai Elephant Day? ________________________________ It’s on March 13th.


Read the article again and complete the mind map.
Facts and figures people ____ many trees people kill them for ___ today there are _____ (over _______ before)

Importance in Thailand first flag had ______ symbol of ________

Abilities can play _____ can also _____ well can ______ places with food and water

How to save them don’t cut down so many ___ don’t _____ things made of ivory. _____ is Thai Elephant Day.

1. 通读全文,掌握文章的大意。 2. 读题目要求。第一方框为“大象的重要性”; 第二方框为“有关大象的一些实事及其特 征”;第三方框为“大象的能力”;第四方 框为“如何挽救大象”。根据这几方面的内 容再

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