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一 选择题

1 _________clever girl she is! A What a B What C How a D how 2 __________interesting story it is! A What an B What a C How an D How 3 _______ children they are! A What B What a C How a D How 4 ____________flowers they are! A What beautiful B What a beautiful C How beautiful D How a beautiful 5 ___________ it is today! A How cold B What cold C How a cold D What a cold 6 ___________bad the weather is! A How B What C What a D How a 7 ______________good news it is ! A How B What a C How a D What

8 _____________the sunshine is! A What a bright B How a bright C How bright D what bright 9 ___________ he writes. A How good B How well C What good D What well 10 ____________ LiLei runs! A What fast boy B What fast C How fast D How a fast 11_______ hard he works! A How B What

12 which is true?_______ A How tall the buildings are! B What tall the buildings are!

C How tall buildings they are! D what a tall buildings they are! 13 __________ it is raining! A How heavily B What heavy C How heavy

14 ____ delicious the dish is! A. What B. How C. What a

15 ____ strange clothes he is wearing! A. What a B. What C. How a

16 ____ an interesting subject it is! A. What B. How C. What

17 ____ foggy it was yesterday! A. What B. What a C. How

18____ careless a boy you are! A. How B. What a C. What

19 _________ wonderful time we have had. A.How B.How a C.What D.What a

用What , What a , What an , How 填空.

_____________ hot the weather is ! _____________hard her father works ! _____________long way it is from Guangdong to Paris ! _____________fine day it was yesterday ! _____________beautiful your voice is ! _____________interesting picture-books ! _____________lovely baby ! _____________strong wind !

_____________ sad new he told us ! _____________happy she was last weekend ! _____________good weather ! Why not go out for a walk ! _____________nice the garden is !

_____________difficult work he did ! _____________broken the house looks ! _____________ happy life we have ! ____________well my deskmate swims ! _____________helpful girl she is ! _____________delicious mooncakes !

_____________dangerous the tigers are ! _____________tired you look !

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