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-- 初二下册期末考试模拟题


1.--What do you think of the movie “Remember Me Forever”?


A Yes, I do

B.It’s interesting .I like it very much

C No,it isn’t

D Certainly not

2.I don’t have any close friends here.I feel______from time to time.

A alone B happy C lonely D proud

3.--Do you have any________?

--Yes,I like chess and drama best.

A jobs B duties C hobbies D problems


---Bye,Sally!Don’t forget to write.

A Stay in touch B Just wait and see C Sounds great D Come this way

5.He is very young ,_______he can sing.

A until B but C because D since

6.--Look at my stamps.

----They are beautiful!You’ve got a wonderful________.

A instruction B description C collection D expression

7.--I don’t know if we can have a picnic tomorrow.

---It ______the weather.

A depends on B according to C counts down D depends

8.I won’t spend so much time______the computer games.

A play B to play C playing D not play

9.Today is Kate’s birthday.Her parents buy a present _____her.

A for B of C with D at

10.It’s very nice______you to give me the chance.

A of B for C to D at

11.Mother asks me______computer games before finishing my homework.

A not play B to play C not to play D to not play

12.This question is ______more difficult than that one.

A little B a little C few D a few

13.Could you please give some _____to the______teachers?

A advice; man B advices;men C suggestion; man D suggestions;men

14.Don’t shout at him.He is just a _____child.

A six year--old B six years’ olds C six--year--old D six---years--old

15.--Remember _______to my daughter’s dance show next Friday.

--Of course I will .I’ll never forget _____her dance for the first time last year.

A to come;to see B coming;to see C to come;seeing D coming;seeing


A) 根据句意及所给汉语提示完成单词。

1.My professional _____(技能)is teaching volleyball.

2.He left a________(口信)to me and went to Shanghai.

3.Wang Xiaoliang has made great _________(进步)this term.

4.Do you know the man who Betty has just __________(提及)?

5.Don’t try to ________(解释)the reason for your being late.Our manager is very angry.


1.---What’s the secret of your ________(success)?

---Work hard.

2.My grandfather has a wonderful _________(collect)of famous paintings and writings.

3.Tom refused __________( answer) the stranger’s question.

4.The little boy tried to avoid _________(clean)the classroom and he went home early.

5.It began to rain and the students stopped ________(play)games and went back into the classroom.



All living things_______ __the Sun for their growth.


Henry_______ _______ _______ with his friends by email last year.


Surfing the Internet ______ ______most of the boy’s time.


Parents _____ ____ _____ ______ their children.


When he _____ ______ ,his mother had left.


When many people from other countries come to America for the first time,they meet many difficulties.They can’t speak much English,and they don’t know much a______America. Sometimes,they make mistakes.

Sally c____ to America from Korea years ago.Because her English wasn’t good,she was afraid to ask the ways.So she usually c______find the places in America.Then she hoped she could see something that she knew, b_______ she couldn’t. Then she began to cry and miss her own country because she n______ had this kind of problems in Korea.She could find the places easily in K_______.

Little Henry came to America from Thailand with his parents.He didn’t know h______ to put the money into an American bank at first.When he grew o_______and knew more English,he finally put the money into an American bank successfully(成功地)

There a______many other things about America,and the people from other c______ can’t understand those things when they come to America for the first time.They need to learn more.


丰富多彩暑假生活即将开始了,快约上几个好朋友一起去旅游吧。假设你是李琳,请你通过E-mail的方式向你的LiTao 发出邀请,组织好这次旅行。



3, 提醒他需要准备的东西;



6 开头和结尾已给出,不包括在所要求的词数内。

Hi,Li Tao!

I hope all is going well.What’s your plan for the coming summer holiday?

Some of my classmates would like to go crying.Will you come with us?

We are planning to ride to the mountains around our town.We hope to get away from our school life and get near to nature and breathe the fresh air.We hope in that way we can relax ourselves thoroughly.

We’ll start at 8:00 next Sunday morning.If you can come,please let me know and we’ll wait for you at 7:50 in front of our school.

What’s more,get everything ready for the outing,such as your sunglasses,hat,food,and drinks.We hope to have a picnic in the mountains.

Be sure to come and I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful time.

Hope to see you soon!

Sincerely yours, Li Lin

答案:一。单选 1-5 BCCAB 6-10 CACAA 11-15 CBDCC

二、A)1,skill 2, message 3,progress 4, mentioned 5,explain

B) 1,success 2, collection 3,to answer 4, cleaning 5. Playing

三 1,depend on 2,stayed in touch 3,takes up 4,are always proud of 5,woke up

四 ,1—10

about came couldn’t but never Korea how older are countries

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