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英语人称代词、物主代词、反身代词讲解和习题练习 2

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I teach him Chinese. He teaches me English.

This is my bag, that one is yours.


I brought some story books for them. They are talking about me.

Most of us like learning English. 人称代词在动词be之后常用宾格: Who is it?-It’s me.

If I were him, I would not do that thing.



Is this your book?

No,it isn’t, it’s hers.(her book)

These are my books. These books are mine. This is my cup. Yours is the blue one.

My husband’s father is a doctor. Mine is a lawyer. ★名词性物主代词可用于“双重所有格”结构:

My sister makes friends wherever she goes. Jack is just a friend of hers. ★ Yours 常常写在信末:

Yours faithfully, yours truly, yours sincerely, yours, yours ever




This is my book. 这是我的书。

We love our motherland. 我们热爱我们的祖国。


Look at the two pencils. The red one is yours and the blue one is mine.


He likes my pen. He doesn't like hers.





1.He is_________(our/ours) English teacher. _________name is Sam(男人名).

2. Jane (女人名) is my friend. She has got long hair. _______hair is yellow. But_________(my/mine) is black.

3._________(mine/my) dog is white .But_________(her/hers) is black.

4.--Whose computer is it ? Is it your father’s ? --No,it’s not________.

It’s my mother’s. -- Oh, it’s__________. (it’s =___ ___)

5. -- Look ! _________car is it ? Is it__________(your/yours) ?

-- No,_________(our/ours) car is old (旧的).

-- It’s_________(their/theirs) car .__________is new.


1.--Are these___________(you) pencils?--Yes ,they are_________(our).

2. –Whose pencil is this ?—It’s_________( I ).

3.She is__________( I ) friend.

照顾)_________(she) brother.

5.—Are these_________(they) bags ?

--No,they aren’t ________(their). They are______(we) . (aren’t =______ ______)

6.This bike is my sister’s . It is________(she). 7.This isn’t_______( I ) book . ________(my) is in the bag. (is’t =____ _____)


1. This isn’t_______knife. ________is green. (she)

2. These are your books, Kate. Put______in de desk,please. (they)

3. ______must look after (照顾)_______things. (you )

4. Wei Fang, is that_______ruler ? Yes, it’s . (you)

5. ) a football . Give_______the green one. Please. (they)

6. It’s Lin Tao’s bag . Give it to________. (he)

7. Is this pencil-box Li Lei’s ? No,_______is very(非常) new.(he)

8. This box is too heavy(很重). I can’t carry(携带)_____.(it) (can’t =_____ _____)

Don’t worry ,Let_______( I ) help_______. (you)


9. ______is a boy. ______name is Mike(男人名). Mike’s friends like_____very much(非常). (he)

10. My sister is in______room. _______is a teacher. (she)

11. Jane is a little girl . _____mother is a nurse(护士). (she)

12. We are in______classroom. ______classroom is bag. (we)

13. My father and mother are teachers. ______are busy(繁忙). (them)

14. You are a pupil(儿童). Is_______brother a pupil , too ? (you)

15. I ate(eat的过去分词) all______sandwiches yesterday. (I) Can I have one of_______.(they)

16. Jack(男人名) has a dog and so have I(我也有一只). ______(he)dog and_____(I) had a fight(打架).

17. George(男人名)has lost(丢失了)_______(his) pen. Ask Mary(女人名) if (是否)she will lend(借)


18. The teacher wants you to return that book of________.(he)

19. Mr and Mrs. Green(男人名)and a friend of________are coming to see us. (they)

20. We are going to Paris(巴黎) to stay with a French(法国) friend of________(we).


1._______(她)is a student. _______(她)sister is a student too.

2.________(我)want_______(你) to do it today.

3.________(他)brother is a worker(工人). ________are twins(他们).

4.________(你们)are English. ________(我们)are Chinese.

5.All of(所有)________(我们)love______(我们)teacher.

6.This is______(我)book. That is_______(你).

7.These pens are_______(他们).______(你们)are over there(在那边).

8.Can_____(你)read it for_______(我们).

V. 补全对话

1.----Whose bike is it ? Is it______(your/yours)?

----No,it’s not______.(my/mine) _______is red. But this bike is blue .

----Is it Jane’s ?

----Sorry, I don’t know. Maybe it’s_______.

----Jane,is this______bike ?

----No,it’s not______.You can ask Bill(男人名). Maybe it’s________.

----Bill,is this bike_______ ?

----Oh,yes,it’s_______bike.Thank you very mnch!

2. ----Whose classroom is it ? Is it_______(our/ours)classroom ?

----No,it’s not________. It’s_________(their/theirs)

----__________(their/theirs) classroom is big.

----Yes ,you are right.

----But_______is small.


1. Mary works in a bookstore(书店). ______likes_____work very mnch.

2. Jone and I are in the same(相同的) school. ______go to school together(一起).

3. 彼此、互相) two years ago.

4. Her sister makes all______own(自己的) dresses.

5. I have many friends. ______are all good at(擅长于) English.

6. ----May I use(使用)_______bike ?

----_______is broken(故障、坏的).



1. This is_______father. 这是我的爸爸。

2. Is that bike _______? Yes,it’s_______. 那辆自行车是你的吗?是,它是我的。

3. ______like_______car. 我喜欢他们的小汽车。

4. Our school is here, and_______is there. 我们的学校在这儿,他们的在哪儿。

5. Whose bike is this ?It’s______(=It’s____ ____). 这是谁的自行车?是她的吗?

6. Is that car_______? Yes,it’s________. 那辆车是你的吗?是的,它是我的 VIII.选择

1. This is my book. __ are over there.

A. Your B. Yours C. You D. Mine

2. Whose pen is it? It’s __.

A. her B. hers C. she D. his

3. __ bag is new and __ is new, too.

A. Our, he B. Ours, his C. My, his D. My, her

4. This room is ours, and that one is __.

A. they B. them C. theirs D. their

5. Whose pencils are there? They’re __.

A. my B. me C. mine D. our

6. Is the new watch __? Yes, it’s __.

A. you, me B. yours, mine C. your, my D. your, mine

7. Whose shoes are these? They are __.

A. me B. mine C. my D. I

8. She is a student , __ name is Han Mei.

A. its B. her C. hers D. his

9. It’s a dog. I don’t know __ name.

A. its’ B. its C. it D. it’s

10. This ruler isn’t mine. I think it is __.

A. he B. him C. his D. her

11.__ schoolbag is beautiful. But __ is more beautiful.

A. Jims, my B. Jim’s, mine

C. Jim’s, me D. Jims’, I

12. __ am a boy and __ is a girl.

A. My, she B. I, her C. I, she D. Mine, she

13.I like __ new dress.

A. She B. her C. hers D. his

14.I often help __ mother do __ housework(家务活)。

A. me, she B. mine, her C. my, her D. I, hers

15.Is that __ hat? No, it’s not __. It’s __.

A. your, my, Toms B. you, mine, Tom’s

C. yours, mine, Tom D. your, mine, Tom’s


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