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( )1. After ________, we started to do some reading.

A. practice to listen B. practice listening

C. practicing to listen D. practicing listening

( )2. Do you mind if I _________ the door?

A. close B. closing C. to close D. closed

( )3. I've just bought five stamps. One is a German stamp, ___are American stamps.

A the other B the others C other

D others

( )4. I want to watch the soccer match. Can you ________ the TV?

A. turn off B. turn on C. turn down D. turn up

( )5. Tomorrow is your mother’s birthday. Why not ________ a party for her?

A. have B. to have C. having D. to having

( )6. Would you mind ________ basketball here?

A. not play B. not to play C. not playing D. don’t play

( )7. What do we have to practice _________ our English?

A. improve B. to improve C. improving D. to improving

( )8. Study hard, ________ you can’t catch up with others.

A. if B. so C. or D. and

( )9. If you are busy, I don’t mind your ___________.

A. come late B. to come late C. coming late D. will come late

( )10. Your left hand is really dirty. Can you show me __________ one?

A. another B. other C. the other D. others

( )11. –How far is it from your home to school? --It’s about ________ walk.

A. twenty minute B. twenty minute’s C. twenty minutes D. twenty minutes’

( )12. .Don't worry, Mum! ___ news is good news. I'm sure daddy will come back soon.

A No B Many C Those D Two

( )13. My sister hates ________ the dishes at home.

A. do B. to do C. to doing D. does

( )14. –Would you please __________ on the wall? --Sorry, I won’t.

A. not draw B. draw C. don’t draw D. drawing

( )15. –Would you mind my taking this seat? --___________.

A. Yes, sit down please B. No, of course not C. Yes, take it please D. No, you can’t take it

( )16. The teacher was angry with the little girl because she looked out ______ the window again in class. A. from B. of C. to D. for ( )17. Mother told her son ____________ in the street.

A. not play B. to not play C. doesn’t play D. not to play ( )18. I want to know ______________.

A. what is his name B. what his name is C. what’s his name D. that his name is ( )19. The computer was cheap I spent only two _________ yuan on it.

A. thousands B. thousand C. thousands of D. thousand of

( )20. Quite ______ students knew _______ English, so the class had to begin with ABC. A. few; little B. a few; few C. a few; little D. few; a little ( )21. –______ did you start watching the movie? – Two hours ago .

A.How long B. when C. How soon D. While ( )22. When __________ your first pair of skates?

A. have you got B. did you get C. do you get D. have you been getting ( )23. My father bought a new bike ___________ me.

A. to B. for C. with D. on ( )24. This house is too expensive for me _____________.

A. buy B. to buy C. buying D. to buying ( )25.–Do you have any pen pals? --Yes, I have _________.

A. little B. few C. several D. lot

( )26. ________ buy the ticket for the football match, he has been waiting for two hours. A. To B. In C. For D. With ( )27. You’d better ________ to catch up with other students.

A. try B. tries C. trying D. to try ( )28. ________ he said he wasn’t hungry, he ate the big cake.

A. Because B. Since C. Unless D. Although

( )29. The boy was walking down the street_________the UFO landed着落. A.when B.while C.that D. as soon as ( )30. I’m alone, so I always have no friends ___________.

A. talk B. talk C. to talk D. to talk with

( )31. My sister doesn’t want to be a bank clerk. She wants to be a teacher, _________. A. yes B. but C. instead D. instead of ( )32. Some people eat ___________, so they get ___________ fat. A. too much, too much B. too many, much too C. too much, much too D. too many, too many ( )33. The boy is ________ after his grandfather.

A. name B. names C. to name D. named

( )34. I’d like to stay at home rather than _________ in the summer vacation. A. go out B. to go out C. going out D. went out ( )35. What is the best way __________ a foreign language?

A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. to learning ( )36. The shop is __________. Let’s come here next time.

A. open B. opened C. close D. closed ( )37. Dogs are _________ difficult _______ take care of.

A. so, that B. very, to C. to, too D. too, to ( )38. A _________ boy can answer this easy question.

A. 7-year-old B. 7-years-old C. 7-year-olds D. 7-years old ( )39. How long ______ you _______ yesterday?

A. do, study B. did, study C. have, been studying D. have, studied ( )40. Each of the students in our class ___________ very hard.

A. study B. studies C. to study D. studying ( )41. –Where’s your father? --Oh, he _________ Shanghai for vacation. A. goes to B. is going to C. has been to D, has gone to ( )42. –I haven’t finished my math project yet. --__________.

A. Me, too B. I, too C. Me, neither. D. Neither did I ( )43. –The movie is very nice, isn’t it? –Yes, _______ it isn’t boring. A. at most B. at last C. at first D. at least ( )44. John ________ there since three years ago.

A. works B. worked C. has worked D. had worked ( )45. –Where _______ Bill _______? –To the park. He ______ there an hour ago. A. did, go, has gone B. has, gone, went C. has, been, went D. did, go, has been ( )46. Have you ever heard _______ Mark Twain?

A. of B. in C. with D. on

( )47. The Black family ________ China for 5 years,but now they are living in America . A.have been to B. have gone to C. have lived in D. lived in ( )48. –Jack likes going shopping. --_________.

A. So does Tom B. So Tom does C. Also does Tom D. Tom also does ( )49. It is five years _______ he came to our school.

A. when B. since C. before D. after ( )50. Listening to tapes ______ very important for English learners. A. is B. are C. was D. were ( )51. They ________ school for 3 years.

A. leave B. left C. have left D. have been away from ( )52. –Can I _____ your bike? --Of course, but you can’t ____ it to others. A. borrow, lend B. borrow, borrow C. lend, borrow D. lend, lend ( )53. The dictionary _______ me ¥ 50.

A. spends B. takes C. pays D. costs ( )54. What did you do ______ the morning of last Sunday? A. on B. in C. at D. for ( )55. --_______ in this city? --About 500,000.

A. How much population are there B. How many populations are there C. What’s the population D. What are the populations ( )56. Sometimes we have difficulty _______ with each other.

A. communicate B. to communicate C. communicating D. communicated ( )57. Is _______ possible to finish the work in two hours?

A. now B. man C. that D. it

( )58. I’ve lived in the city for two years. I’ll live here for _______ two years. A. more B. other C. another D. the other

( )59. –That place is not interesting at all. --_______ of A. Neither B. Both C. All D. Some ( )60. Hurry up! We are running ________.

A. out time B. out the time C. out of time D. out of the time ( )61. I want to buy a computer, but I’ve __________ money.

A. ran out B. run out C. ran out of D. run out of ( )62. There are _________ books in our school library.

A. thousand of B. thousands of C. five thousands D. five thousands of ( )63. There is little time left, __________?

A. isn’t B. is it C. isn’t there D. is there ( )64. My classmates dislike talking to me, _______ they?

A. do B. don’t C. are D. aren’t ( )65. A _________ boy can answer this easy question.

A. 7-year-old B. 7-years-old C. 7-year-olds D. 7-years old ( )66. — When shall we meet, this evening or tomorrow evening?

— I don't mind. ___time is OK.

A Some B Neither C Either D Both 句型1.Help oneself to... 别客气。 Help yourself to some fish.


3.No matter +疑问词 No matter when you come,you are welcomed.无论你何时来,都受欢迎。 4....as...as possible/...as...as sb.can

.我希望能尽快见到他。. 5.:keep sb./sth.+adj./V-ing/介词补语/adv.

You must keep your classroom clean. /Sorry to have kept you waiting.对不起,让你久等

6. 某物+ be+数词.+metres/kilometres/years...+形容词long/wide/deep/high/old...The Great Green Wall is 7,000 kilometres long. /The river is about 2 metres deep. 7.prefer to do...rather than do

They prefer to buy a new one rather than repair it.他们更喜欢买一辆新车,而不愿去修理它。 8.seem to do/seem +adj./(介词短语)

He seems to be angry.他似乎生气了。/The house seems too noisy.这房子似乎太吵了。 9. find +形式宾语+宾补

to travel around the big city .他发现要环游这个大城市是很难的。 10.be confident of… 确信 I'm confident of success.我确信会成功。

11.seem to do/seem +adj./(介词短语) He seems to be angry.他似乎生气了。 The house seems too noisy.这房子似乎太吵了。

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