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1. Judy used to be ____. Now she’s very shy. A. quiet B. outgoing C. smart 2. Our country _____ a lot in the last few years.

A. Changed B. has changed C. will change

3. My brother is interested in ______ basketball. A. play B. playing C. to play 4. He is good at swimming. He is ____ the swim team. A. on B. at C. for 5. I like sleeping ___ the windows ____ in summer. A. with, open B. keep, open C. with, opening

6. Many girls are afraid of ____ alone at night. A. walking B. to walk C. walk 7. His voice _____ a girl’s. A. sounds B. sound like C. sounds like 8. When I was young, I used to spend much time ____ story books. A. read B. reading C. looking

9. Tina used to ___ a good time at school. A. have B. be C. has 10. He used to ____ a good teacher. A. is B. have C. be

11. The teacher said that ____ the English club was a great way to study English. A. join B. joining C. take part in 12. ___________ work in Microsoft?

A. Did you use to B. Did you used to C. Do you used to

13. He is too lazy. No one will like him _____. A. anymore B. still C. never 14. Don’t ___________ the trouble. We all can help you. A. be afraid of

B. be afraid to

C. terrified of

15. The little boy used to eat candy, _____? A.did he B. didn’t he C. used he 16. He used to _____ football, but now he is used to _____ in summer. A. playing, swimming B. play, swim C. play, swimming 17. My English is poor. Some of my classmates may laugh ____me. A. in B. with C. at

18. Many students thought snakes are terrifying, but John felt _____. A. different B. difference C. differently

the window open. A. in B. with C. have D. let 20. Tom used to be short ,________?

A. doesn’t B. didn’t he C. did he D. does he

21.—What do you think of Mr. Green? –Oh, he is really _____, because he never smiles. A. friendly B. funny

C. serious

D. outgoing

22. _______ took me seven days to finish the work.

A. That B. This

C. It

D. The

23. Jack plays __________ soccer , but he doesn’t play _______ piano.

A. / , the

B. the, the

C. the, /

D. /, /

24. That old man lives _________, but he never feels ___________. A. alone , alone

B. alone, lonely

C. lonely, alone D. lonely, lonely

25.___________ work in Microsoft?

A. Did you used to B. Did you use to C. Do you used to D. Do you use to 26. –Why couldn’t you really enjoy your holiday? --Because I was sick _____ I was there. A. all the same

B. all time

C. all the time

D. anyway

27. —What ________ the forest of the USA in the last 350 years?

A. has happened to B. is happened to C. has happened at D. is happening 28.Go _______ to the end of this street and then turn left. A. rightly

B. right

C. wrong

D. wrongly 29. It’s getting late, I ____________ go home.

A. must B. have to C. must have to D. need

30.I often _________ an hour in the morning reading English.

A. take B. spend

C. cost

D. pay

31. Time lost will never return ___________.

A. no more B. some more C. any more D. no longer

32.My father often __________ me to the concert on Sunday nights.

A. brings

B. carries

C. gets

D. takes

33. My life has changed a lot during the ____________ years. A. past a few B. past few

C. a few past D. few past

34._______ seems that Jane knows the bad news.

A. That B. This C. It

D. She

35. --Why are you so tired these days? --Well, I have _________ work to do.

A. so much

B. so many

C. so few

D. so little

36. Mrs. Wang was so ________ that she couldn’t stop _________. A. excited; cry B. excited; crying C. exciting; crying D. exciting; to cry 37. He is afraid of ___________ strangers.

A. see B. seeing C. saw D. seen 38.Would you mind my ________ the window? A. open

B. opens

C. opened

D. opening

39. It ___________ that he has been ill for a long time.

A. seems B. looks C. looks as if D. seems as if

Ⅱ.根据句意,写出各句中所缺单词的完全与正确形式。(10分) 1. After that, he became more __________ (interest) in history. 2. I used to be __________ (terrify) of snakes. 3. I spent much time ________ (chat) on the Internet. 4. He was very sorry for his father’s ________ (die).

5. Tom is not a child any more. He can take care of ________ (he). 6. The boy has made his _________ (decide) to study hard.

7. If you want to be a good teacher, you must be more________(有耐心的). 8. His actions has _______(引起)lots of trouble.

9. It’s __________(必要)to give him a call and say ―thanks‖ to him. 10. It _______(似乎)that he has never been to Beijing. Ⅲ.据句意及首字母提示,将所空单词补充完整。 1. 1. It is ________ (必要) that you attend the meeting today.

2. His careless driving ________ (引起) the car accident. 3. My biggest ________ (问题) is that I can’t sleep at night. 4. Just now I saw the teacher ________(聊天) with my mother. 5. He's too difficult, so helping with him is a ________ (浪费)of time 6 . I’m s_____ (打扰)you, but can I talk to you for a moment? 7 You must __________ (嚼)your food well before you swallow it. 8 A fly is a kind of ______ (昆虫)

9.You must pay _________ (注意)to your health. 10. I was shocked at the news of his ________(死亡) Ⅳ. 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空:

1. The woman was ____________(worry) because her son was trapped between two walls. 4. She made a ________ (decide) to go on vacation.

__(important) of learning English. 6. When I was a child , I was _________(interest) in music.

7. The little boy is quite shy . He is ________(terrify) of speaking in public. 8. Jane has got a warm and__________(outgo) personality. 9. I heard such a _________(fun) joke last night. 10. The local people there are very _________. (friend)

11. Her _______(big) problem is that she can’t sleep well at night. 12. My father always spends too much time________ (watch) TV.

13. We hope you can give up 14. I______ (real) miss my friend Joan. She moved to another city. 15. My partner used to be afraid of _______ (be) alone. 16 He ___________(buy) a new dictionary two weeks ago. 17His words kept me____________(think) for a long time.

18 I ___________(not finish) the story-book yet. I _________(just begin) to read it. Ⅴ.句型转换。(10分)

1.I’m afraid of the dark.(改为同义句)I’m _________ _________ the dark. 2.Don’t you remember me,_________ _________?(完成反意疑问句) 3. He was a teacher in the past, but now he isn’t. (同义句)

He ________ _________ ________ a teacher.

4. It seemed that she has changed a lot子(同义句)She _____ ______ ______ ______ a lot. 5.就划线部分提问) did you spend doing your homework last night ? 提问) _____ ______ he _______ to ______? 7.The girl used to like math.(疑问)______ the girl _____ to like math? 8.It seems that he is very tired.(同义) He seems _____ ______tired. 9.The old man used to have black hair.(反义疑问) The old man used to have black hair, _____ ____? 10.He spent a lot of time studying English.(同义). It ______ him a lot of time ____ study English. Ⅵ.根据汉语意思翻译句子(10分) 1.她现在仍然害怕在众人面前说话。

She is still _________ _________ _________ in front of a group. 2.你过去常常留长发吗?

_________ you _________ _________ _________ long hair? 3.她妈妈无法支付Mario上学的费用。

Her mother couldn’t _________ to _________ _________ Mario’s education. 4.他一直在观望着我,并且会为我作好的每一件事而感到自豪。

He was watching me ,and would always _____ _____ ______ everything good I did . 5.请你安静点。她很害羞。

1. Don’t speak loud. Please _____________ your teacher.

2. Though I didn’t do well in my lesssons, I never _________. 3. He does his homework _________ his sister. 4. In the past, she __________ her children’s success. 5. ___________, all of them passed the exam. 6. He __________ be late for school, didn’t? 7. With many choices, it’s hard to _____________.

8. He tried many different jobs. _________ he became a teacher. 9. Miss Tang ___________ flying on an airplane for the first time. 10. Who were you ______________ at nine last night? Ⅷ.阅读短文,然后完成文后的题目。(10分)

Why do you remember Hello Kitty, Snoopy and the other playful animals? What makes you love them? Well, maybe because they’re like the people around you. Think about it! You just may find a 喜欢交朋友. She asks friends to her tea parties. She is warm and sunny and will always help you. As clever(聪明) as Snoopy: He went to school when he was nine. He learned to use a typewriter

As sarcastic(讽刺的) as Garfield: He sits happily in the seat and says sharp words to you. Sometimes he is not nice. He doesn’t really like you? He thinks you’re a fool? No, in his heart, he

As naughty(顽皮的) as Mashimaro(流氓兔): He doesn’t look like a good boy. He has sleepy eyes and looks naughty. He always plays tricks(恶作剧 him and don’t like him He tries to be big and catch your eye. But he’s still a child.

1. 将画线部分A译成英语:. 2. 将画线部分B译成英语:. 3. 将画线部分C改写成:He is a friend hard words and warm heart. 4. 在D的空白处填入一个适当的词: .

5. 将画线部分E译成汉语:.

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