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新版7BUnit6 一、重点词汇 单词

outdoor hurry complain then cycling riding skating hole rabbit pass by dear fall hit alone herself low locked notice into side through tent wood period dynasty province picnic while decide forget fail 词组

1、hurry up 2、be tired

3、be very heavy 4、carry sth for sb 5、complain too much 6、that heavy

7、outdoor activity 8、go riding 9、go camping 10、too big

11、on a sunny day 12、sit by a river 13、hear a sound 14、look up

15、a white rabbit 16、take sth out of 17、look at the time 18、stand up

19、run across the field 20、jump down 21、get away

22、for a long while 23、find herself alone in 24、all around

25、on the other side 26、go through 27、visit the park 28、go out 29、put up

30、go camping

century excited enter reach Italian become toward climb

31、row a boat

32、positive sentence

33、negative sentence

34、last weekend

35、complete her article

36、Western people

37、find a new way to make paper

38、use bamboo to make kites

39、make a bird out of wood

40、have a long history

41、in the Warring States period

42、in history

43、in the East Han dynasty

44、become famous for

45、from then on

46、a great day

47、fly kites

48、go swimming

49、mobile phone

50、the history of kites

51、in alphabetical order

52、start with

53、look up

54、in the top corner

55、know what to do

56、feel a little ill

57、look down

58、become smaller and smaller

59、small enough



1、Hurry up, Eddie.

拓展:(1) hurry to 意为“赶往某地”

(2) in a hurry :匆忙地,仓促地

谚语:Nothing is ever done in a hurry.

(3)hurry away :匆匆离去

2、I want to go riding.

== go for a ride

拓展:其他含有带go 的常用短语

go swimming go skating go boating go camping go skiing go climbing go running

go shopping go fishing go jogging go traveling go hunting go hiking

3、She looked up and saw a white rabbit in a coat passing by.

see sb doing sth 看见某人正在干某事

I saw a man crossing the street.

4、It took a watch out of its pocket and looked at the time.

take ----out of---- 从-----里拿出

He took some money put of his pocket and passed it to the cashier.

5、Alice stood up and ran across the field after the rabbit.

(1)stand up 站立,站起身

Some people still think it is impolite for men to stand up when a woman comes into the room.

(2)run across 跑过,偶然遇见

Can you run across the playground in five minutes?

6、Alice did not want to let the rabbit get away ,so she jumped down the hole too. get away :逃脱,离开

If I can get away from my work, I’ll go to the Great Wall with you next Sunday.

7、Alice fell for a long time, and then she hit the ground.

(1)fall ,动词,意为倒下,跌下,落下,其过去式为fell

Jack fell into the water and got wet.


fall down 倒下,落下

fall over 摔倒,跌

fall off------ 从------落下

fall behind 落后,落在----的后面

(2)hit 作动词,意为“打,敲,撞击,击中”

The truck hit a rock.


hit sb in the face /on the head 打某人的脸/头

Simon hit Jack in the face.

8、She found herself alone in a long ,low hall.

(1) alone ,形容词,只作表语

Robinson was alone on the island.


The old woman lived alone in the mountain village.


all alone ,独自一人

He did it all alone.

9、Alice tried to go through the door, but she was too big.

through ,介词,意为“通过,穿过”。多指立体空间(内部)穿越,可和forest,city,window等搭配。

We’re looking through the window.


across 指从表面穿过,可和street, bridge等搭配。

Look! The old man is walking across the street.

10、He practised playing volleyball with his friends.

(1)practice 作动词,意为练习,实践,后接名词,代词;后接动词时,须接动词的ing形式。

Practice these dialogues.

We should practice speaking English every day.

(2)practice 作名词,意为练习,训练。在美式英语中,practice本身也是动词形式。

谚语 Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。

11、We put up a tent near a lake.


Please put your shoes under the bed.

(2)put up 意为“举起,建起,住宿”

Those who want to see the film put up your hands.

12、Weifang, a city in Shandong Province ,has become famous for making kites from then on .

(1)from then on 意为从那时起

From then on he refused to talk about it.

(2)become 动词,意为变得;成为

Even before he was ten, he became very interested in science.

13、She looked down and saw that her body become smaller and smaller .

smaller and smaller 意为越来越少。“比较级+and+比较级”相当于汉语中的“越来越-------”

The train moved away faster and faster.

14、After a while, Alice turned small to go through the door ,so she decided to enter the garden .

(1)while 名词,意为“一会儿,一段时间”,after a while 意为“一会儿后” It took a long while to do the work.

Don’t worry, your brother will come back after a while .


for a while 一会儿

in a short while 不久

Once in a while 有时,偶尔

(2)enter 动词,意为进入,把------放入

Enter a key in the door

Please do not enter before knocking on the door .

15、When she walked towards the door, she forgot about the key.

forget 动词,意为“忘记”

He never forgets her.

She forgot to turn off the lights.


误:He forgot his key at home.

正:He left his key at home.

16、Alice had to go back to the table, but she was too small to reach the key. too----to---意为“太------而不能-----”

This story is too difficult for me to understand.

He walked too slowly to catch up with me.

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