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1. 必记单词 2. 常考短语

3. 经典句型

sweet soft honest search shame regard century especially memory consider hold

甜的,含糖的 软的,柔软的 诚实的;老实的 搜查;搜索 羞耻;羞愧;惭愧 将……认为 百年,世纪 尤其;特别;格外 记忆;回忆 注视;仔细考虑 拥有;抓住

1. how long 多久,多长时间 2. have a yard sale 举行庭院拍卖会 3. give away 捐赠;赠送 4. not … any more 不再…… 5. welcome to … 欢迎到…… 6. a bit 一点儿,稍微 7. board game 棋类游戏 8. check out 察看;观察 9. a bread maker 面包机

10. grow up 长大 11. clear out 收拾,整理 12. a lot of 许多 13. no longer 不再;不复 14. at first 起初 15. for example 例如 16. a rain and railway set 一套轨道火车 17. as for… 至于…… 18. give up 放弃 19. to be honest 说实在的 20. at least 至少

21. on weekends 在周末 22. once or twice a year 一年一两次 23. millions of 数百万的 24. search for 寻找 25. according to 依据;按照 26. across from 在……的对面 27. in one’s opinion 依……看 28. in order to 为了

Make new sentences according to the structures.
1. It is +adj. (+for sb.) +to do sth. (对某人来说)做某事是…… 2. want to do sth. 想要做某事 3. love doing sth. 喜欢做某事 4. decide to do sth. 决定做某事 5. have been in + 地点 在某处待了多久

6. hope to do sth. 希望做某事 7. one of + the + 形容词最高级+ 可数名词复数 最……之一

8. used to do sth. 过去常做某事
9. need to do sth. 需要做某事

Think about your favorite thing from childhood which you still have. For example, it can be a toy or a book. Then take notes using the questions.

1. How long have you had it? 2. How did you get it? Did someone give it to you? Who? 3. Why do you like it so much? Why is it special? 4. Can you say anything more about it?

Write three paragraphs about your favorite thing. Use your notes in 3a to help you. In the first paragraph, introduce your favorite thing. In the second paragraph, talk about why it is special. In the third paragraph, write about a story or memories.

写作指导 useful sentences My favorite thing from childhood is _____. I’ve had it for/since _____. ____ gave it to me. I like _____ so much because _____. It’s special to me because ____. I think _____. _____ has given me many memories. I remember when ______.

参考范文 My favorite thing from childhood is a toy car. I have had it for 6 years. My father gave it to me when I was five years old. I like it so much because I played with it every day until I went to school. It’s special to me because it was my fifth birthday gift that my father bought.

The toy car has given me many memories. I remember when I was seven I still played with it. I would never go to bed without it. One day I couldn’t find it after I returned home from school. I asked my parents to help me find it. We looked for it everywhere until my mother found it under my bed.

1. Complete the sentences using for or since.

1. I haven’t been to a museum ____________________________. for two years/since two years ago 2. I haven’t written a letter ______________________. since I was ten years ago 3. I haven’t ridden a bike ____________. for five years 4. I haven’t seen a movie __________. since 2010 5. I haven’t played computer games ___________. for one year

2. Complete the conversation.

A: Hey Eric, _____ have you enjoyed your time in Beijing so far? B: Yes, it has ___ been great! Everyone is so friendly. A: How long _____ have you been in China now? B: Oh, I __________ have been here ___ for about two years now.

A: Wow, that means you haven’t ______ been back to the US for two years. B: No, I ____ have been back twice_____ after moving to China. Have ____ you been to the US before, Li Juan? A: Yes, I went there once when I _____ was 10 years old, but I _____ have not been back _____ since then.

1. — Jackie Chan has donated ___ D dollars to charity. — He is an example to us all. A. thousand B. thousands C. thousand of D. thousands of 2. — Can you give me some information about vacation trips? — Why not ___ A going to Hainan Island? A. consider B. mind C. keep D. think

3. — Did you go to Kenli during the Peach Blossom Festival (桃花节)? — Yes. The flowers were beautiful. Bees were flying ____ B them. A. in B. among C. between D. through 4. Nowadays millions of Chinese leave the countryside to ___ B for the work in cities. A. looked B. search C. find D. see

5. Mr. Jack ______ China for several C years. A. has been to B. has come to C. has been in D. came to

1. Write a short passage about your favorite thing, use the useful sentences in 3b. 2. Remember the words, phrases and sentences in this unit.

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